The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/22/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/22/01

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By Linda C


Deacon demands they choose. He either leaves with Amber and his son or Bridget. It is a no brainer, isn’t it?


The reverend comes in as Megan is feeding the baby. He would like a cup of coffee and wonders who Mr. Sharp is. She explains that he is the biological father of little Eric. The reverend thinks he now has a thing for Bridget. Megan assures him that Deacon is just using her.


Bridget paces outside the room waiting for Deacon. Stephanie comes over. Bridget tells her they are all wrong. Taylor can’t believe she believes that. Bridget is sure it was an accident that she and Deacon met, but Throne doesn’t think that is possible. He notes the Deacon didn’t bother with her until he knew who she was and now he is all over her. She says, he wasn’t all over her, if anything she came on to him. 

Ridge feels he should have pushed her away. She is only 18 and he is in his mid thirties. She claims he tried to push her away. Ridge thinks this guy is clever. He is brainwashing her and she doesn’t even know it.


Eric blasts Deacon for using Bridget to blackmail this family. Deacon says he is just trying to save his family. Brooke wants everyone to calm down. She tells them all that she warned them about this. She was sure something like this was bound to happen. They are stuck and there is nothing they can do about it. Except one thing they have been trying to avoid. She suggests Amber not be so selfish and think about her son and Bridget. Rick can’t believe what she is suggesting. 

Amber jumps in, this is not just about Bridget, it is about her too. She isn’t some pawn in their chess game. She isn’t going to walk out of there because Brooke dictates it. She has made her decision and there is nothing anyone, including Deacon can do about it. She gets up in Deacon’s face.


Bridget thinks Ridge and the rest of the family are the ones who are brainwashed. They have an obsession with Deacon. Ridge can’t believe his ears; they have the obsession with Deacon? Yes, blasts Bridget, they will do anything to destroy him. They already took his son. Thorne says he gave his son for a fat paycheck. She throws in, one he never received. Nonetheless, it doesn’t deny the point, does it? She knows all about that. It was before he lived with his son and realized he made a mistake. Ridge thinks Deacon coached her well. She wants him to stop being so arrogant. He thinks she is way off base now. She thinks they are. She brings her boyfriend to the wedding and they treat him like this? It is so unacceptable. Taylor can’t understand why Bridget doesn’t see that she has a family who cares deeply about her and doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Bridget says they are hurting her, more than she has ever been hurt in her life. She isn’t going to forget it either. She walks off.


Deacon tells Amber that he knows she is upset, but there is a time to give up and this is it. She says the only thing she is giving up is him. She can’t believe he would come there and ruin the most important day of her live. He claims he did it for them. She says there is no “them”. It is over. He doesn’t believe it. She claims if he messes up her life one more time, she will stop him from coming over there again. He won’t be able to visit little Eric. He can’t believe she is saying this. He knows she doesn’t mean it. She has been pushed way beyond the limit and wants him to just go. She opens the door. Rick gets up in his face and tells him not to leave with his sister either. She is only a teenage girl. He is pathetic.  Deacon is arrogant. He tells Rick to say good-bye to his sister because she won’t be hanging around for the wedding vows. 

Thorne and Ridge step inside, wrong, Deacon won’t be around for the wedding vows.


Thorne and Ridge throw him out of the house. He falls to the ground. Eric tells him good riddance. HE says he isn’t going anywhere without Bridget.


Bridget looks for Deacon. Brooke says he is outside with her brothers. She wants to know what they are doing to him. Brooke assures her they are just talking to him. Now, Brooke wants to talk to her. About what, how horrible he is? Believe her, she has heard it all. Brooke says not from her she hasn’t. Did she really think she would permit this? Bridget thought she wanted her to be happy. She does, but now with Deacon Sharp. Oh, now Brooke wants to pick her boyfriends? Stephanie steps in to defend Brooke. That is not what her mother is saying and she knows it. Taylor says it is not what they think of him; it is just that he is using her. Bridget quips, because she is so na´ve. Rick says, yes, she is. Amber says she and Rick would really like to finish their wedding and would like Bridget to be a part of it, but no Deacon. Bridget wonders what they talked about in there. Amber says it is not important. Bridget hopes Amber isn’t jealous about his feelings for her. Jealous? Rick hops in, get it straight, he has no feelings for her. He wants Amber but he is not going to have her. Bridget runs off to find Deacon.


Eric approaches Deacon and tells him that if he lays eyes on his daughter one more time, he will kill him. Deacon tells him to take his best shot because he owns her. Eric lashes out but Ridge and Thorne hold him back. Deacon laughs at him. Ridge tells Eric not to stoop to Deacon’s level. Deacon tells him he better listen to his sons. He has no cause with these two boys; this is with Eric. He brought a son to him and then took him away. He then brought him back with Amber and then took them both away. How much of this is he supposed to take? Thorne says they aren’t going to argue this. The fact is, he gave the kid away. Then he forced Amber to live with him. That is where it started and this is where it ends unless he wants to take it a bit further. And personally, he wouldn’t mind that one bit. Ridge says that isn’t how it is going to happen, is it? He suggests Deacon get in his car, start it up, and drive down the hill. Deacon thinks they just want to send him down the hill into his little hole while they are up there sucking down caviar and laughing. Well, that isn’t going to happen. He has an ace in the hole and plans on using it. Eric asks if he means Bridget because there is not a chance in hell he will allow him to leave there with her.


Bridget walks into the den expecting to find Deacon. She goes back out into the main room and asks where Deacon is. Stephanie reminds her he is outside talking with her brothers.


The reverend comes out. He is ready when they are. Rick and Amber are ready.


Bridget heads toward the door. Stephanie tries to stop her. Bridget watches from the doorway as the four of them argue outside. Stephanie grabs her arm and holds her there, insisting she let them talk.


Deacon has news for them. They may not let Bridget leave with him, but she will follow him. She is in love with him. Ridge assures him that will change after they tell her what he said in the den. He has deceived her for the last time. She is through with him. Thorne assures him this family has survived a lot worse than him. Deacon spots Bridget looking on and decides to play his card. Deacon tells them the reason they were late for the wedding was because that little strawberry blonde gave him everything, front ways, side ways. Eric slams him in the stomach. Ridge and Thorne punch him.


Bridget tries to break lose from Stephanie. Thorne holds Deacon as Eric and Ridge take turns belting him. Bridget screams for them to stop it. Finally Deacon tells them to stop and admits he never slept with her. But, he swears he will if they don’t give Amber back to him. Eric tells him to get out. He leaves. Bridget breaks loose from Stephanie and runs toward Deacon. Eric grabs her. He asks if she slept with Deacon. No, she screams, no. She tries to get away. Ridge tells her Deacon is gone. Bridget gets away. Stephanie tells them to let her go. She needs some time. His son would like to get married. Do they think they could come back inside? She heads for the house as Eric looks toward Bridget with anger in his eyes.


Inside, Rick proclaims his love to Amber at the altar. He places the ring on her finger. She proclaims her love to him, in joy and in sorrow, and so on and so on. She puts the ring on his finger. They are pronounced husband and wife. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mr. And Mrs. Rick Forrester. Everyone applauds.


Bridget catches up to Deacon in his car bleeding. She wants to take him back inside. No, he doesn’t want to go back inside. She is so sorry. It is all her fault. She should never have brought him to the wedding. She can’t believe her family treated him like this. She doesn’t know how she will make it up to her. He says she is so good to him. He doesn’t want to be without her. He asks her to marry him, tonight, please? She stares at him in shock as tears run down her face.