The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/21/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/21/01

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By Linda C    


The show starts off with the end of Fridayís show. Eric is asking why Deacon is there and what he is doing there. Bridget announces that Deacon is her date. Ridge come forward and tells Deacon he is out of there.

Amber comes over to see what is going on. Deacon tells her that she is in love with Rick and he has fallen for Bridget. Brooke approaches. She canít believe he is in love with Bridget. Deacon says he is and they have something special together. He kisses Bridget on the cheek.

Eric grabs hold of him and pulls him out of his seat. Bridget screams for her daddy to leave him alone. Behind Bridget, Deacon shows a glimmer of satisfaction.


At the Lair, Sally and Darla arrive looking for Deacon. Alexandria lets them know that he isnít there. Darla assumes he is at the wedding and wonders how he expects to get in. Alex doesnít think that is any of her business. Sally apologizes for Darlaís forwardness and explains why they are really there.

She pulls the picture from the newspaper out of her purse. She thought she and Deacon have something in common since the Forresters have hurt her also. She thought they could offer him some kind of sympathy and perhaps come up with a plan to make them pay for all they have done. Alex offers, Deacon has come up with his own plan. Sally asks if she minds telling them what it is. He is going to the wedding with Bridget Forrester. Darlaís jaw drops, you have to be kidding? Sally didnít know they knew each other. Alex says Bridget has a crush on him. They met a couple of months ago but Deacon just found out who she is. Sally knows what is going on now. Deacon is playing Bridget, which is easy to do because he is an older, experienced man. It is easy to take in a naÔve girl like Bridget. Alex says that is what Deacon has planned on. The Forresters seeing them together will seal his plan. Darla asks what plan? Sally concludes, he will offer to trade Bridget for what he wants. They can have Bridget if he can have Amber and his son back.


Rick blasts Bridget for being with him. She is sorry they disrupted the wedding and offers to leave. Eric tells her she isnít going anywhere with Deacon. She canít believe she brings a date to her brotherís wedding and this is the way he is treated? Eric says he is being treated the way he deserves to be treated. She would like to know what he did to deserve being treated like this? Deacon tells her it is okay, he knew they wouldnít understand. Eric asks, understand what? See what he means? Brooke is sure he is using her; he is in love with Amber. Bridget knows all about his feelings about Amber. Deacon has told her everything. Deacon is sorry he disrupted the wedding. What more do they want? He already gave them his son. He loves him more than anyone they know and they still wonít let him see him.

He sees Megan holding him and goes over. Come see daddy. Eric reaches out for him and he takes hold of him. He wonders when they are going to stop torturing him. They took the baby and Amber away from him, now they are trying to take Bridget. Bridget goes over to him and holds his arm and glares at her family. Brooke looks on in disbelief.


Back at the Lair, Sally thinks it is unscrupulous for him to do that to Bridget. Darla thinks it is the money. Alex assures her it is not the money. He wants Amber and the baby and is hoping to walk out of there with them. Sally bets Bridget doesnít know that. No, she doesnít but will by the end of the day. Sally feels Amber wonít leave the Forrester money.


Bridget begs Deacon to leave with her. Eric isnít letting her go anywhere with him. Is it the money he wants? No, he wouldnít take that now if they offered it to him. That is not what he wants. Amber knows what he wants and asks to talk to him alone. Bridget doesnít want her to. Brooke insists she let Amber and Deacon talk in the den alone.


Outside Rick tries to convince Bridget that Deacon doesnít care about her. He is obsessed with Amber. She says that is what he told her they would say. He says that was a part of his plan to get Amber back. She is sure if he really wanted Amber, he wouldnít have let her leave in the first place. Eric admits he had to or he wouldnít be able to see his son. Bridget canít believe it. They would do that. Keep Deacon from seeing his child? Rick doesnít see that as the point. The point is, that is the only reason he let Amber go. And now he is there to bring them both back and is using her. She doesnít want to believe it. Brooke wonders how this happened. She accuses Deacon for coming on to her. Bridget assures her that is not what happened. They ran into each other months ago and never knew each otherís names. Thorne asks if that is the man she has been telling them about? That is her mystery man. Brooke remembers her saying he was dangerous. She says they didnít know each otherís name. One night she was waiting outside of the Insomnia for Betsy when she ran into Deacon. That is when she learned his name. Eric wonders when she found out his. A couple of days ago, she admits. Eric says that is when he found out she was a Forrester and set his plan.


In the den, Amber blasts Deacon. She knows what he is doing and it better stop right now. Amber says he has gone too far. Deacon wonders if she knows who pushed him this far. She promised him he could see his son after the wedding. He didnít have to do all this. He canít believe she thinks he did this for his son. He needs both of them. She begs him not to do this. He hopes they could become a family. He feels she is only marrying a Forrester for the comfort of money. He doesnít want that for his son or for her. They are stronger and smarter and survivors and they can do it on their own. He wants her to walk out with him tonight. Count on their love. Together, they can do anything. He kisses her passionately.


Sally feels the family is not going to give up Bridget without a fight, which means Deacon has put himself in the middle of a firestorm. Alex worries they will hurt him. Sally is sure they would kill him if he threatens to hurt little Bridget in any way. And from the look of things, that is exactly what he has been doing.


Brooke knows it is cruel, but Deacon is using her. Bridget knows Amber is in love with Rick and so does Deacon. They just think she is stupid. Eric assures his daughter that she is just a young girl who is being manipulated. Rick agrees with their father, Deacon has loved Amber for a very long time. Bridget knows that, Deacon has already told her about Amber and his feelings. She is not stupid, okay? She thinks she knows when a guy has feelings. And Deacon has true feelings for her. They would see that if they werenít so worried about losing Amber. Taylor thinks she should listen to her father. She is through listening to all of them. Rick is through waiting. He wants Deacon out of the house right now. He is going in to get Amber.


Inside, Amber tells Deacon to just go. This wonít work. He is expecting way too much of her. He thinks she is expecting way too much of herself. They can be a family, her, him and little D. He knows she can do this. Rick, Brook and Eric burst in. Rick grabs Amberís hand. Come on, letís go. Deacon wants them to hold on a minute. He grabs hold of Ambers arm. Rick is sick of him. Deacon wants them all to listen to him. He told them not to mess with him. He told Brooke not to force his hand. They took his son and the woman he loved and ripped them from his life. Then took the money and left him with nothing. He canít take their arrogance or the way they treat people like him. Now, they have a choice. They lose big or they lose small. Losing big, Bridget has a major crush on him. He is the first thing she thinks about in the morning and the last thing she thinks about at night. There is nothing she wonít do for him. Now, losing small, they get rid of a problem and free their son to go on and have a happy life. He either leaves with Bridget or he leaves there with Amber and his son, but he wonít leave alone. So the decision is theirs, they choose. Amber or Bridget, which will it be?