The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/18/01



The Bold and The Beautiful Update Friday 5/18/01

By Linda

Amber comes down the stairs to the music of Here Comes the Bride. Rick waits patiently at the altar. She thinks about how long she has waited to be a part of this family to give Beckyís son a wonderful life, because today, she becomes a Forrester. The Minister starts off with the dearly beloved quote. Dear God give them your special blessing on this, their wedding day, so forth and so on.  

Sally canít believe it, another chance to celebrate. They donít know how blessed they are. Ever since Macyís death, they have had nothing but good fortune. Clark doesnít consider this marriage a good fortune. Sally is sure Rickís family will stand by them through anything. Darla is sure there is someone who isnít going to be happy. Sally says if she is referring to Deacon Sharp, she is sure he is held up somewhere feeling very wounded. Clark feels he will do anything. Sally asks what can a cheap drifter like Deacon Sharp do? What could he do to fight the Forrester war machine? They have to face it, that family seems absolutely invincible these days. Clark canít believe Brooke is giving in to this wedding. Sally says she will do anything not to lose her precious son. Darla canít believe she would go this far if she is against the wedding. Clark knows one person who wonít take it so kindly, Deacon Sharp. Like Sally said before, with a fight with the Forresters, he canít win. Look, he already caved in. He gave the Forresters everything and they didnít even give him the money they promised. Clark wonders if she thinks he will stand for that. Sally thinks only time will tell. 

Bridget tells Deacon to take it easy. They are almost there. She wasnít sure she wanted to do this but is happy she did not. He is too. It is about time her family found out. She says it is like love is in the air. She thinks about that comment. He tells her she is right. Love is in the air. He thinks how he is doing this for Amber and little D. Letís see how the Forresters react when he walks in there with sweet Bridget on his arm. The wedding will come to a screeching halt. Bridget comments on his nervousness. He admits, he is kind of squeamish. She thinks it is kind of cute. He wants to make a good impression on her family. She is sure he will because one look at her and they will be able to see how happy he makes her. She tells him not to worry; he will get the reaction he wants. He sure hopes so. He is counting on it. 


Everyone watches on throughout the ceremony as the Minister has them pledge their love to one another. Rick looks at Brooke. Mom, you can open your eyes. She does. Rick tells Amber this is the last time he is going to say these vows to anyone.  

Clark doesnít think Deacon is going to let the Forresters get away with this. Darla asks what he can do? They could be married already. Sally says that is the million-dollar question. What can he do to get revenge on the mighty Forresters? 


Deacon and Bridget arrive. "Letís see go show them what we got, hey, babe?". She likes that.

Rick tells Amber how devoted he is to her. He wants her to know that nothing can come between them. Each night, they will look at one another as they are now and anything that happened through the day will not be looked upon. From this day forward, he is hers forever. As Rick and Amber continue their vows, Deacon and Bridget walk in. She says it will be all right. He is sure it will be fine. Deacon hears Amber say her vows to Rick. She prides in all the good Rick and his family has shown her. She is so proud of all of the Forrester women. She admires them so deeply. She commits herself to be as worthy a wife as each of them are. She commits herself to help him make all his dreams come true. She will always be there for him. His happiness is her happiness and joy. She will make him proud to stand by her all the rest of her life and she will be proud to stand by him.


The Minister asks if anyone has any reason to think this couple should not be married. Speak now or forever hold their peace. The camera goes around the room. No one says a word. He has them get the rings. Amber reaches out to Brooke for the ring. She is reluctant. Amber says, the ring mother Forrester. Brooke hands it to her and she turns back to Rick. 


Deacon tells Bridget that no matter what any of them say, she is the only one he cares about. He means that from the bottom of his heart. They sit down.


The Minister asks Rick if he takes her for his wedded wife. He says I do and places the ring on her finger as he says his vows. Megan turns around to see Bridget and smiles. She then notices Deacon and nudges Eric. Eric looks back and Deacon winks at him. Eric jumps up and tells the minister to stop the wedding. Rick canít believe it. Eric goes back to Deacon and asks what he is doing there and orders him out. Bridget tells her father to stop. Deacon is her date. Eric flips out. Her date? Ridge comes over and orders him out. Amber comes over wondering what is going on. She sees Deacon and questions him on coming with Bridget. Deacon tells her that she is in love with Rick and he has fallen in love with Bridget. He thought they would be happy for him. He doesnít want to make anyone uncomfortable there. This is Amberís day. Canít they just get on with the ceremony?