The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/14/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/14/01

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By Linda C  

Deacon reaches out for his son, who is sitting on Amberís lap in his apartment. Come to Daddy, he says, but as he reaches for him, he and Amber fade away. He jumps out of his sleep on the sofa and realizes he was dreaming. He decides he has to do something before he loses them for good after seeing the wedding announcement in the paper. He will go to the wedding on Bridgetís arm. He calls her and plays her by acting like he shouldnít have called, but misses her and asks her to come over. After he hangs up he says whatever it takes to stop that wedding, whatever it takes although he really doesnít want to hurt Bridget. He has to go to the wedding with her on his arm. Either he walks out of the wedding with Amber and his son, or he walks out with their precious Bridget. Sorry little lady, but that is how it has to be. She comes over and he tells her that she swept him off his feet. He kisses her passionately. He stops. He doesnít want anything to screw up this relationship. He wants her family to know about them. He wonders if she wants them to. She asks what he wants her to do. He mentions that he wants to go to the wedding with her. Rick and Amber are starting a new life and he wants to do the same with her. Going to the wedding would only prove to her parents that he has changed and accepted the marriage. He wants to show them that she helped him change. She is a little leery but agrees to take him as her guest.

Rick and Amber sit with the baby having breakfast. She made pancakes for all of them from scratch. One ingredient is missing, the eggs. Rick takes one bite and she realizes it. She thought she was missing something. She jokes that he wonít marry her now because of her cooking. He isnít marrying her for her culinary skills, he thinks she is beautiful and a great mom and she is famous. He holds up the wedding announcement in the paper. He has decided to spend the night at the main house because he wants to be traditional. The bride and groom shouldnít see one another before the wedding. She thinks he is such a romantic. They discuss best man and matron of honor. Neither of them has chosen anyone yet and the wedding is tomorrow. Rick has an idea and drags her along.

Eric, Brooke, Thorne and Stephanie discuss the how heroic Eric was in saving Stephanieís life. Eric plays it off; he was just at the right place at the right time. Thorne feels they can now get on with their lives now that psycho Morgan is locked up in jail. Stephanie has a nicer, happier thought, like the wedding tomorrow. Brooke quips, that is a nicer, happier thought? Stephanie thinks it will be a wonderful day. She looks at Eric. He isnít having second thoughts, is he? He is more worried about Deacon. He is trouble they donít need. Brooke comments that she did agree not to stop the wedding, she doesnít have to like it. It isnít easy for her to support them. Eric thinks she better learn to accept it. Brooke doesnít think he is ready for this. How is he going to raise this son, who isnít even his? She canít believe Amber is going to be her daughter in law. Stephanie quips that she canít believe Brooke is hers. Brooke doesnít think Stephanie would have ever let someone like Amber marry her son. And besides, Amber and Deacon have such chemistry. That isnít going to change just because she is wearing a wedding ring. Stephanie thinks it is wishful thinking on her part. Brooke doesnít think so. Deacon wants Amber and wonít give up until he has her. She is entitled to her opinion. Stephanie says and she is entitled to not have to listen to it. Stephanie and Eric leave. Thorne wants to Brooke up and kisses her as Rick and Amber come in hoping they arenít interrupting anything. Rick says he looks up to Thorne and respects him for always standing behind him no matter what. He asks him to be his best man. Thorne will be happy to do it. Rick then plays on Brooke and Amber whose faces are totally against the idea of Brooke being the matron of honor. Thorne wants him to spill it out, what does he want? Rick points out the end of the bitter rivalry when Stephanie walked his mother down the aisle. That is what he wants. He wants to start this life off with a clean slate. Amber wants to discuss this. There is nothing to discuss, he says. He wants her and Brooke on one side and he and Thorne on the other. He wants Brooke to be Amberís matron of honor.