The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/4/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/11/01

By Linda


Morgan charges at Stephanie. Well, she doesnít seem happy to see her, but she didnít want to leave without thanking her and her family for their hospitality. She couldnít help leaving them something to remember her by.



Brooke finds Rick in her office. She wonders what is keeping him so late? He had some catching up to do. Speaking of catching up, he would like to talk to her about the wedding. He needs to know she will support him in this marriage.  He knows Stephanie has been helping him with it, but he would like his mother involved. She thinks this is a mistake. She is afraid he will tie himself to Amber and Deacon for the rest of his life. They go back and forth about Brookeís life and troubles and how her family stood by her. He wishes she would do the same for him and Amber. They will need the familyís help to get through it all. He will let them help as long as she is trying to help them stay together, not break them apart. All he wants is a chance to have a family of his own to take care of. She finally agrees to stand by him. They hug.




Amber and the baby sit by the fireplace and she chats about the wedding. Everyone he loves will be there except Deacon. He better stay away. She notices the baby playing with something. What are these? He says poker chips. She thinks only Deacon would give him something like that. She thinks back of the good times she had with Deacon and thinks they should never have happened. Then he could have let go. Now she knows he is going to try something.



Deacon and Bridget dance as he thinks about using her. He doesnít like the idea but he canít let his son go. She asks if he is okay. He wishes she wasnít a Forrester. She suggests he think of her as Janet, the one on her fake ID. He wishes she were. That way they could be together. But they are together. For the last time, he tells her. Her father thinks he is despicable. She doesnít think that way. He wants her to go. She doesnít want to. He tries to make her want him all the more by rejecting her. She wonít go. He accuses her of having a fling. Why would she want someone like him? She isnít using him, she swears. Sometimes she says things that are stupid, but she hasnít done this before. She is falling. He stops her. Donít say it. She canít help herself. That is how she feels. He says some day she will meet someone special at the yacht club and her family will fall in love with him. She wonders if she has a say in this. It is her life. He doesnít think she knows what her family is capable of. They took his son. She thinks he gave up his rights. He asks if that is what they told her. He thought he would get the money and give his son a good life. He would put some away for a college fund and take him on trips and everything. He would give him all the things he never had as a kid. They took that all away. Amber had him sign papers to have visitation or he would never see him again. She said nothing about the money. Someone else was behind that. She canít believe it. Does he mean her father? He would never do something like that. The phone rings. It is Brooke wanting her to come home right away. They have a lot to do to plan this wedding. She tells him Deacon she has to go. They arenít done talking about this. He thinks after she leaves. She shouldnít be dragged into this. Brooke, she doesnít want this wedding any more than he does. Maybe she is the answer.



Ridge grabs Tim and asks where Morgan is. Taylor runs up. Stephanie isnít answering the phone. Tim says he is sorry. Ridge and Taylor rush off to Stephanieís house. Stephanie still isnít answering the phone. Ridge is worried they may be too late.



Stephanie warns Morgan to stay away from her as she approaches with a monkey wrench. Morgan claims Stephanie told everyone that she was crazy and one of these days she is going to kill somebody. Well, it turns out Stephanie was right. Sirens are heard in the background. Stephanie tells her that there is time. She can still get away. Where would she go and what would she have left. Stephanie stole her life and she is there to return the favor. She takes a swing at Stephanie and loses the wrench. They struggle and Morgan plunges Stephanieís head into the full tub of water. Eric comes in and pulls her off of Stephanie. He checks on Stephanie as Morgan tries to get away. Stephanie tells him to get her. He holds her down as she struggles.



Brooke is surprised to see Deacon show up at her office. How did he get in? He told the guard he had a surprise for the bride and groom and they let him right in. And he does have a surprise. She reaches for the phone. He hangs it up. He has something to say and then she can throw him out. More threats, she says. She understands how he feels. He knows, that is why she has to stop this wedding. She thinks he was bluffing. No, he doesnít think so. She thought he had a plan to stop the wedding? Yes, he does and it is fool proof. She wonders why he has to see her then? His plan could be messy. Look, he knows she doesnít want the wedding to go on or to get her nose dirty and is willing to let him do the dirty work. She says he is wrong. She told her son she wouldnít sabotage the wedding. That is right, he says, because it would be her kid that will pay the price. She doesnít know what he means. He better not touch one hair on Rickís head. He says that would be too easy. Besides, she would have him thrown in jail and he wouldnít be able to see his son. The plan he has is legal and she canít stop him. She wonders what this plan is. He prays she wonít have to find out. It isnít his style, but she isnít leaving him too many options. What should she do? She already promised her son she would support him. He doesnít think that should be a problem since her family goes back on their word all the time. She will wish to God she took the advice. He promises her that if she doesnít take his advice, she will regret it forever. Rick comes to the doorway. What the hell is Deacon doing there? He thought they made themselves pretty clear. He is to stay away from them, all of them until after the wedding. Deacon thinks Amber didnít get the memo because she stopped by to see him. Rick says she is afraid of him. No, Deacon doesnít believe that. He thinks she is afraid of her feelings. Rick thinks he needs to get a clue. Amber doesnít want him. Doesnít he have any pride? Deacon doesnít think pride will get his family back, but he knows something that will. Rick gets cocky. Oh, yeah, the plan! Deacon says they either call of the wedding, or he will. Rick would like to see him try it. Brooke tries to stop Rickís blabbing, but he thinks Deacon is bluffing and orders Deacon out. Deacon tells Brooke that this is her last chance and she should think about it.



The police come in and handcuff Morgan as Taylor and Ridge arrive. Eric explains what happened. As they take Morgan away, she tells them to wait. She goes to Ridge and tells him she only wanted him to love her. They take her out. Eric assures them that she is gone now and they will never have to see her again.



Daddy, daddy, a voice is heard. Deacon turns to see Amber and the baby coming toward him as he stands outside Brookeís office. He takes the baby and kisses him and tells him that he misses him.  He She wonders what he is doing there. He was visiting the mother in law to be. Brooke? She thinks that is whom he was with at the Lair and they are teaming up against her. He says whether she believes it or not, what he is doing, he is doing for her. He is the white knight there. She asks him to leave her alone and takes the baby and heads into Brookeís office.  He canít do that. He canít lose her to them.



He calls Bridget on the phone. She is at home and happy to hear from him. He knows he shouldnít have called, but he canít stop thinking about her. She knows he is worried about her familyís reaction. He knows they will lose their minds. She thinks they can be a bit over protective. But they love her and would do anything for her. That is what he is counting on. Someone knocks on her door. She tells them to hang on. She says she has to go. Sweet dreams, he tells her.



He then heads over to listen in on the conversation between Rick, Brooke and Amber. Brooke says she doesnít know who was at the Lair tonight but it wasnít her. She told her she was against this wedding, but she also told Rick she would support it and that is exactly what she is going to do. Rick says it doesnít matter. Deacon isnít going to crash the wedding. Deacon thinks to himself, he wonít have to because he will be there as Bridgetís date. When the Forresters have to decide between Amber and their baby girl, there is no way they are going to let this wedding go on. And thatís when those two come home to him. Amber is worried but Rick assures her everything will be okay.