The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/3/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/10/01

By Linda C



Tim worries about Morgan.


Amber comes home and Rick is right there to ask where she has been. When she doesnít respond, he surmises she was with Deacon. What is it about that guy? Yes, she went to see Deacon. He doesnít think she should encourage him. She went to apologize to him for his family. He feels his family is just trying to protect them. She feels they are just protecting their money. They promised him that money. If he didnít care about the money, what is the big deal? He doesnít trust them now. He only signed the document because he could see the baby. He says he can see him after the wedding. She says Deacon doesnít believe them now. He has lost trust. How can he trust them when he canít even trust her enough to tell her the truth? He says he didnít know they changed the agreement. He thought Deacon was going to get the money. She doesnít think he feels sorry that Deacon didnít. What does she want him to say? He had no right trying to sell his son and he got what he deserved. Look, after the wedding, they will sit down with Deacon and set up visitation. She says he doesnít want that now. He wants his son back and claims he has a plan that will work. She wishes they didnít do this to Deacon. Everything would have been fine. He thinks everything will be fine. Deacon canít hurt them even if he gets a lawyer. Amber has sole custody now. She is worried. He doesnít want her to worry. He kisses her on the cheek. Donít forget. They have a wedding in a couple of days. She didnít forget. He wonders with all this going on with Deacon. She worries because Deacon doesnít make empty threats. He wonders if he is violent. No, not violent. He is opposed to that. He is not a bad guy. This whole thing could have been handled differently. He promises they will work on that after the wedding. She hopes it is not too late.


Deacon and Bridgett continue dinner. He thinks to himself that he needs to act nervous. She wants to know his name. He says it is probably one he has heard before. She thinks he is the guy her mother warned her about. She starts naming all kinds of weird names. She thinks he comes off as tough, but that isnít whom he really is. He canít believe it. She is so amazing. She doesnít even know his name and when he is with her, the mask comes off. Is she like that with everybody? She can look inside their head? No. He must be special. Very. He leans in for a kiss then stops. He canít do this to her. She will never look at him the same after this. She doesnít think so. He says her family will. Her family? What do they have to do with this? They donít like him too much. They never met him. Yes, they have. He doesnít just happen to be there. He lives in an apartment upstairs and until a couple of days ago, he was with his son. His son? Yes, he was with his mother and she and her fiancť are getting married in a couple of days. His family owns an estate in Beverly Hills. She is nearly in tears when she realizes what he is saying. It is impossible. He wishes it were. She says he canít possibly be. Yes, he is. He is Deacon Sharp. No, he canít be Deacon. Everybody has told her what a terrible person he is. She starts to leave. He holds her hand. Please donít go. She wonders what he is up to. He tries to make her understand. He didnít know who she was until she gave him her name and number at the Insomnia. Does she remember? The day he told her about his girlfriend who went back to her ex. He was talking about Amber. She says he is in love with Amber. No, he thought he was, but it is his son. He found out he had a kid. Does she know what that does to your head? It is like all these emotions one never knew they had raining down on him all at once. He didnít know what was going on and Amber got involved in all of that. Now that Bridget came into his life. She changed all that. He has never felt like that about anyone, not even Amber. He realizes this isnít going to work. Her family thinks he has horns coming out of his head. No they donít, she says. They are just upset about him taking little Eric. Yeah, she is right, it is. He guesses this is over too. He gets up to leave. She calls out for him to wait. Please donít go. She just doesnít understand. If he thought it couldnít work. Why did he call her? He had to make sure she was real. She is so sweet and gentle and sexy. He had to see her again. That is a powerful combination. She asks if that is why he came to her party. He wasnít going to let her see him, but then decided just one little kiss. That was a little kiss? He didnít think he would ever see her again. He would never do anything to get between her and her family. She has such a great future ahead of her. He canít be a part of it. He just wanted one more night. One he could look back on for the rest of his life. He knows she must be ticked off and he has no right to ask her for anything. What does he want? Dance with him. He holds out his hand and she takes it. They walk out on the floor and dance. Slow and close. How could he ever possibly let her go? Donít worry, she says, everything will be all right. He thinks to himself. It will be more than all right. They will do anything to protect their little girl. They will do anything, anything he says.


Stephanie looks at Morgan in the pool. She does a double take when she hears noise in the water, then looks away. She pauses then walks into the house. Ridge and Taylor rush in to let her know that the clown was Morgan. She informs them that she knows already. Where is she? She is dead, Ridge. She is in the pool. They had a fight and she fell into the pool. Did she pull her out? No, she would never have left them alone. She couldnít do it.

The Lieutenant comes in. Is she there? Ridge says there was an accident. His mother was cleaning up outside and found Morgan face down in the pool. What? How did that happen? He doesnít know, maybe she slipped and fell in the pool. He asks if she dialed 9-1-1. No, she was so in shock. Ridge is sure if this didnít happen, Morgan would have hurt his mother. The Lieutenant goes to take a look. He comes back. There is nobody down there. Stephanie, Ridge and Taylor are shocked.


Tim is dragging Morgan. He tells her she would have died if he didnít pull her out of the pool. She is gasping.

Stephanie runs out to take a look for herself. Ridge and Taylor follow. She realizes someone must have pulled her out. They all yell Tim! Stephanie sees them and yells, go get them. Ridge and Taylor run out. Stephanie tries to come too but Taylor stops her. Stay here and she will call her from her cell phone. They call as they are driving. The police are chasing them. They have pulled them off the road. They have got them. She will call her back. Steph breaks down and cries. She is sorry for what she did, but they are safe now.


They rush the van. No one is in the front. They go to the back and find Tim. Ridge calls out for Morgan. No answer. Tim cries out, donít shoot. Ridge wants to know where Morgan is.

Stephanie sips on some tea in the bathroom as she waits for Ridge and Taylor to call back. She is so tired. The phone rings. She opens the door to go get the phone and finds Morgan standing there. Stephanie is scared. Morgan glares at her with an evil stare.