The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/2/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/9/01

By Linda    

Taylor and Ridge are kissing passionately on the sofa. She thinks the kids are still up. He sees nothing wrong with them seeing their parents affectionate. He thinks Thomas may learn something. She doesnít think he will learn from Ridge. He asks if she doesnít like his style. She thinks he is a bit too young to learn right now. The kids come in and giggle. Taylor says all right and sits up. Thomas comes in holding the girlsí hands. Ridge thought they already said good night. One more time, asks Thomas? She says daddy got a little excited and forgot the routine. Wasnít that party fun? Ridge mentions the clown. Thomas says two clowns. Ridge wonders where that second one came from. His favorite part was watching them splash around in the pool. Taylor asks Thomas what his favorite part was. Pizza. She thought he would say ice cream. They know the girls liked the clowns. How about the boy clown? Steffy says, Tim. Ridge asks what she said. She repeats, boy clown, Tim, Tim. Ridge and Taylor look at one another. He asks if she knows a clown named Tim? The only Tim Taylor knows is Tim Reid, Morganís friend. She asks if that was the Tim Steffy was talking about? She giggles and nods her head. Taylor asks if she thinks the clown was Tim Reid. Again, she nods. Ridge wonders if it could really be. Taylor says the other clown was a woman. Could it be, Morgan and Tim? Taylor calls out for Kathryn to watch the kids, they have something to take care of.

Tim sits in the van wondering how long he should wait. Until the police come? What is Morgan doing to Stephanie or Stephanie doing to her? Five minutes and he is out of there. Steffy recognized him. If she tells her parents, he is dead. Come on Morgan, do the deed and letís scram.

Morgan screams at Stephanie for trying to call the police. She tries to lie about it, but Morgan tells her not to, she heard her. She left there having trusted her, they embraced and Stephanie cried. She thinks that was all an act. Stephanie denies it, but thinks Morgan has to pay for what she did. She canít walk away from what she has done. Morgan asks if Steph paid for what she did to her? Stephanie didnít kidnap anyone or hold her at gunpoint. No, but she forced her into having an abortion and killing an innocent child. But that doesnít count in her book, does it? Why did she betray her? Doesnít she see what she has driven her to? She ruined everything. Why did she do that, they had closure? They had good feelings; this is another one of her lies. Stephanie asks if she hears herself. She kidnapped her grand child and made her parents think she was dead. That is sick. Morgan claims she apologized. She gave Steph her heart. Steph wonders if that is supposed to be enough? Morgan knows she put them through hell, but Stephanie did the same thing to her. Kidnapping and attempted murder are capitol offenses. Does she understand that? Morgan nods, so there is no way to pursued her, she is going to call the police? Stephanie says she has to. She orders Morgan to give her the phone. They struggle and the phone goes into the water. Morgan slugs Stephanie and she goes to the ground. She goes into her duffle bag and pulls out a bowling pin. As Stephanie tries to get up, Morgan approaches. She swings at Stephanie and misses. She swings again and again. Steph gets hold of her and the pin falls to the ground. She holds her by the pool. Morgan tries to strike her again and Stephanie belts her one and she goes face down into the pool. Stephanie goes to jump in after but stops and looks at a motionless Morgan.

Amber sees the silhouette of Bridgett on the wall. She realizes he is having dinner with someone and asks if it is a woman. He claims she is just a friend. She knows he doesnít owe her any explanations. He wonders if that is really how she feels. He tells her to wait here and goes over to Bridgett and says he has to talk to someone for a few minutes. She tells him to take as long as he wants. He has her order for the both of them and goes back to Amber. She thinks the woman must be someone special. He thinks there is only one person who is special to him. She is sure he will find someone some day. Maybe he already has. He wonders if that is what she wants, him to find someone else. She is getting married in a couple of days. He knows. So, she wanted to talk to him? She doesnít think it matters anymore. He wonders what that means. She says he seems to be getting along all right. He asks if she is blind. He has been falling apart since the day she left. He phones her just to hear her voice, just to hear his sonís voice. He is beginning to think this was a big mistake. He played right into their hands. He has to wait for the Forresters to tell him when he can see his son. He doesnít want her to sit there and tell him he is doing okay, because he isnít. She doesnít think they are that bad. Well, she didnít see the way they tormented him. He should have taken the money. She told them they acted badly and should have given the money to him. He would have gladly given up all that money to get her and little D back. She knows he missed the baby. He misses her too. She says he will be able to come over after the wedding. He thinks that is something to look forward to. She thought this was going to be the best thing for him. He wants his son back permanently. He also wants her back too. She says he knows that will never happen. He realized when they were in his living room making him suffer, they donít deserve her and he sure doesnít want them raising his son. She doesnít want him to think that way. Could she? Has she ever lost a son? Yes, she has. He thinks it is different. She lost her child at birth, his is alive and he canít see him. He could see if he was a bad father, but he lives for that little boy and the thought they could be together again. The only thing she can promise him is that he will have quality time with his son. How about a little quality time with her? She tells him not to do this to her. He warns her not to marry Rick. She is committed to this. He wonders what that means. Either she wants to get married or she doesnít. She says she wants to. He knows she is doing this only because she wants to give their son a better life, but she doesnít love him. There is no passion there and he wants her to admit it. He could see that the minute she walked in there. It is right in her eyes and he feels the same way. She claims to have gone over there to apologize for the Forresters. He doesnít believe that for one minute. He is sure she came to see him and wonders why she is fighting it. Once she marries Rick, it will only be harder because she will be locked into that family. She will turn out to be just like them, taking advantage of people and not caring about it. He doesnít want that for her. They will suck her spirit right out from under her. They will turn her into something plastic just like they are. She isnít going to change her mind about this. He loves her stubbornness, but is afraid this time it is going to turn around and hit her in the head. She gets emotional and says she has to go. He asks until the next time she misses him and canít stay away? Here is something to hold her over. He kisses her. He knows it is still there. He wants her to tell their son he wants him back and is working on it. She tells him, donít. He says it is a done deal. She leaves as he looks on, then turns his eyes toward Bridgett and says it is a done deal all right. He thinks to himself, he is sorry little girl, but he has to use her. She is his ticket to getting Amber and his son back. The Forresterís daughter, Rickís little sister, wait until they see her hanging on his arm. It is going to be heart attack time. This should stop that idiotic wedding. All thanks to little Ms Forrester. He heads over to talk to her.

 Bridgett calls one of her girlfriends and tells her where she is and how the mystery man invited her to dinner. She thinks he is so hot and really likes her. Does she know his name? Not yet. The girl asks if she is sure he isnít leading her on. He is older and may want more than she is willing to give. Bridgett doesnít think he is like that. He is gently yet strong. She feels safe with him. Wow, she says, he really has Bridgett. Bridgett thinks she really has him. The girl thinks she should come over. Bridget thinks this is better than she ever hoped. It is just she and her mystery man. He is going to tell her everyth8ing. He is going to open up to her tonight. She has to go, he wants her to order for them. She hangs up and looks at the menu. She wonders if it is true what they say about oysters. Deacon comes in and asks if she is still hungry. She doesnít know. He has good feelings about this. He has a strange look. She wonders what is wrong. He wants her to know him, really know him. She is looking forward to it. He thinks she may not like what she is about to hear. She thinks she will take her chances. He hopes so because it is important to him. She is important to him. She asks if they can start out by him telling her his name. He thinks that is a good idea.