The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/1/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/8/01

By Linda C

Morgan says it is hard to believe she could bring so much joy to Stephanieís grandchildren, but she did that right here today. Stephanie wants to know what she is doing there. Maybe she is there to see her. Maybe she is there to see the family and the children. Maybe she came for a lot of reasons. Steph wants to know how she got in. They were expecting a clown, so they let her in. What does she want? She wanted Stephanie alone in the house and that is what sheís got. Steph wants to know what she has in mind? She is standing there with a club in her hand. Does she intend on using it on her? She doesnít want to hurt Stephanie. That is not why she came back. Steph tells her to put it down then. Morgan asks if she wants her to trust her. She trusted her once, when she was having Ridgeís baby. Even after she betrayed her, she still wanted to trust her. Isnít it strange that it was so important to her? Yes, Steph thinks it is strange. Even though Stephanie hated her, she wanted her respect and her approval. Does Steph want to know why? It was because she loved Stephanie almost as much as she loved Ridge. From the very first time she met her she looked up to her and wanted her to like her. Remember when she was a model and came into her office to ask her to check her dress or some silly little questions? It was because she wanted to be around her and she didnít get much attention until she got pregnant. Then she used to ask her to come in the office and talk. She thought Stephanie liked her but it was because she wanted her to have an abortion. She wants to know if Stephanie felt good about gaining her trust and then driving her to the clinic to have an abortion she didnít want to have? Honestly, did she feel good about that? Is there no remorse? Stephanie thinks about it as tears swell up in her eyes and Morgan realizes there is remorse. Stephanie says she has a deep sense of remorse. Morgan wonders why she never told her. Steph thought it was inevitable. Ridge wasnít ready to get married and she wasnít ready to be a mother. It was a tragic no matter how you look at it. Morgan thinks she blames her for getting pregnant. No, she blames Ridge. Morgan hasnít ever heard her speak like this. It isnít a moment Steph is proud of. She doesnít usually speak about it. Morgan thinks she is a constant reminder. Maybe if Morgan could remind her of something positive. Wouldnít that be the perfect answer for Stephanieís guilt and Morganís need for acceptance? Please let her help her get over he guilt and she will help her get over hers. Please, they can do this. They can end this torment of pain they have brought to each other. Steph reaches for the club. Morgan tosses it. She is sorry. She just wasnít sure if Stephanie would call the police and turn her in. Steph asks where Tim is. Morgan says that isnít important. What is important is they are pouring their hearts out. They can build from there. She bets Steph is wondering what happened to Taylor and Steffy. She knows she shouldnít have done it, but she wants Stephanie to understand. That was a low point in her life, just like when Stephanie brought her to the abortion clinic. She hates herself for what she did to Taylor just like Stephanie hates herself for what she did to her. She wants to know if Stephanie wants to make up for that right there, right now? Stephanie pets Morganís hair and tells her she is sorry. So sorry for everything she did to cause Morgan to be who she is. She is so right. Morgan having that abortion was the low point in her life, but does it justify what she did to Taylor. No, Morgan says, it was just a part of her obsession for Ridge and the babyís she lost. It wasnít the real her. Please believe that. Steph believes that. They hug. Morgan thanks her so much. Steph has tears in her eyes. Morgan says she has no other reason to be there and trusts her like she did when she was a teenager. She hugs her again and runs off. Stephanie picks up the phone and calls the police. Morgan comes up from behind her and snatches the phone and glares at her.

Eric enters Rick and Amberís home. He asks where the little guy is. Rick says Amber put him down for a nap. He was pretty wiped out, so was she. She is napping too. The party was a blast. Eric tells him to thank Megan for that. He confirms that Amber is asleep too, and then has something he has to tell Rick. He tells him how they went over to Deaconís to tell him to stay away from him and Amber. Rick hopes he got the message. Amber wakes up and heads out of the room. She overhears Rick saying he canít believe they didnít pay Deacon the money. Eric says he wanted it too, but when he signed over his rights with Amber; he gave up his rights to the money. He didnít realize it at the time, but he did. Rick figures Deacon must have gone ballistic. Oh, yeah, the very idea of selling a child, Eric adds. When he pitted them against Sally, he promised himself he would make Deacon pay. Rick thinks he must feel proud of himself for beating Deacon at his own game. Eric agrees, there is a modicum of satisfaction in it. What really bugs him about this is that he convinced Amber that he cared about the baby when all her really cared about was the money. That is clear. Amber steps out, not to her it isnít. None of them know Deacon like she does. Eric doesnít want to. She says he has changed. That doesnít matter to Eric. Deacon was willing to take a million dollars for his son. She thinks he should have the money for what he is giving up. He wouldnít have signed the papers otherwise. His son is important to him. Rick thinks she is too. She says if he only cared about her, he wouldnít have signed the papers and made her stay. She is sure the baby is very important to him. Eric says he will see him once in a while. She thinks he should see him more than that. It would be so wrong not to let little Eric see him. Eric wants him to stay away until after the wedding. Amber wonders why. Then she thinks about it. They donít trust her. Rick tries to defend his father, but she is sure that is why they went over there the other night. She is not going to run away with Deacon. She wishes they would stop trying to protect her from everything. On the way out the door, she says Deacon has changed, but he still has a lot of anger built up inside. She hopes they didnít touch on that because there is no telling what they would do.

Bridgett meets Deacon at the Lair. He seats her at a nicely decorated table. She asks how he is. He is okay. It was a rough couple of days, but things are better now. She asks why. He thinks she doesnít have a clue. She asks about what. He takes her hand but then pulls back. She wonders what he is trying to tell her. He is afraid she will freak out. She promises not to. Okay, what if he told her that ever since the last time he saw her, he hasnít been able to get her off his mind. He takes her hand. He shouldnít talk like that. She says it is okay, she feels the same way about him. He asks if she really feels that way about him. She thinks so. He doesnít. She wonders why heíd say that. He thinks he has said too much already. She wants to hear it. He doesnít want her to think she is just getting attention from someone older. He looks at her as though she is a woman, a beautiful woman he has fallen for. She asks if he is falling for her. He says yes, is that a problem. No, but she doesnít even know his name. Ever since she met him it is like she is walking on a cloud. She canít understand why a guy like him would care about a girl like her. He says he does. That is probably why she hung in there. She picked up on that. She says it is so unreal. It is for him too, more than she knows. She wonders why he would say that. He thinks there are things about him that if she knew, she would walk away and he really doesnít want her to do that. He really doesnít want her to do that. She wonders if there is something about him he doesnít want to tell her. He says it is not that bad. She can handle anything. He thinks she may feel differently after he tells her. She doesnít thinks so. She canít believe she is sitting there like this. Can she tell him something? Sure, go ahead. She thinks about the first time he kissed her. Then her brother walked in and spoiled the moment. He says, Rick. She asks how he knew. She mentioned it in a conversation once. She canít believe it. He doesnít forget anything, does he? Especially these lips, he says and kisses her. He spots Amber walking in. He tells her to take a look at the menu. He will be right back. He goes over to see Amber and offers her a drink. She asks how he is doing. He is sure she knows the answer to that. She wants to talk. Is he busy? No. She notices he is looking across the room. She looks too. She says there is someone at his table, isnít there? Who is it?