The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/30/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/7/01

By Linda C  

Carnival music plays in the background as everyone cheers and applauds as Morgan makes balloon shapes for the kids. Morgan thinks about how much she wanted to be a part of the Forrester family, but Stephanie wouldnít let her. If they only knew she was the one entertaining their grandchildren. They will know soon enough. This will be their final confrontation.

Tim wonders what Morgan is up to. Dressing up as a clown? Playing with the Forrester children? He knows it involves Stephanie, but what? What is she going to do to her?





Alex mentions it is going to be a small wedding. Deacon doesnít think there should even be a wedding. She thinks he should be happy that he has visitation rights. He doesnít want visitation rights. He wants his son. He should be living with Amber him. She says he didnít have to let them leave. He knows, but otherwise, he would have had them for a month and then heíd never see them again. She says that isnít the case, he will be able to go see the baby. He wonders when. She is sure he will see him after the wedding. He thinks the Forresters will think of a way to shut him out. They are never going to stick to that agreement. They have to, she says. He reminds her that they donít have to do anything. She saw the way they bailed on giving him the money. It is going to the same story with his son. Arrogant bastards. They took the kid and ripped him off. They came to his place and rubbed his nose in it. He thinks he must be slipping or something. A couple of months ago, he would have taken them apart for this. She says he isnít like that anymore. He knows, he isnít like that anymore, but where did it get him? She was his. She was really starting to fall in love with him. He has never been that close to anyone. She says he has to let it go. No, he doesnít think so. What, the two most important people in his life? No way. He isnít going to take this lying down. He is fighting back. He has a weapon that will bring them to their knees.





Back at the party, everyone is cheering and clapping. Thorne says he has to make a call and snatches Bridgettís phone from her hand. Bridgett say no. He wants to know what is the big deal? She tells him to use the house phone. No, he wants to use her phone. Well, he canít, the battery is almost dead. Ridge offers to charge it for her. She tells them to cut it out. Ridge guesses she doesnít want to give up the phone. Thorne wonders why. Ridge thinks she may be expecting a call. She admits she is. He teases, is it from the mystery man? She admits it is and lets it out that he told her this at her party. Thorne wants to know how he showed up at the party but no one saw him? She says he didnít come in. Thorne thinks he may be invisible. Ridge says like Casper the friendly ghost? She says they are so funny and they all laugh. Thorne wants the phone so he can call the mystery man. Ridge says it is probably on redial and urges him to try it.





Thomas offers the clown ice cream and tells her they love her. She thinks to herself, they love her. That is all she ever wanted from them is to be loved and accepted. She wonders why Stephanie had to poison them against her. Well, her moment is close at hand.

Tim thinks Morgan has been in there too long. He is sure they will discover who she is. He wants to get out of there. He has to do something. He looks through her box in the van and finds some costume pieces.

They all make sundaes. Megan thanks the clown saying she is doing great. She says the kids love her. She thanks her for everything.





 Brooke thinks is it amazing how well Steffy is doing after all she has been through. Kids are resilient. Brooke agrees, but to be kidnapped and then taken away from your family, your parents? Eric thinks it would have been worse if Taylor werenít there. Taylor thanks God she found her when she did. Eric wonders if they have any idea where Morgan is? Stephanie doesnít know where she is but believes she belongs in prison. Eric feels the police will catch up to her. She canít hide forever. Brooke comments that she really turned out to be a beast. Taylor canít decide if she is just absolutely evil or mentally ill. Stephanie says he tried to kill her. Ridge comes over asking if they are talking about Morgan? Yes, Stephanie says, Taylor is trying to figure out if she is redeemable, which she does not. She thinks she is dangerous. Eric agrees. Ridge says the Morgan he knew, as a teenager would never have done something like that. Stephanie thinks she was always self-absorbed. Ridge agrees, she was a bit vain. Hell, she was a model. But she still had a good heart. Stephanie wonders what happened to the good heart. It certainly turned icy cold. Taylor says she doesnít know. Eric thinks Stephanie is right.




Morgan canít believe they are talking about her that way. Yes, she turned cold after Stephanie forced her to have an abortion. She was pregnant with Ridgeís child. She wanted to marry him. She wanted to be her daughter in law. She had so much respect for Stephanie. She really trusted her.

Bridgett knows Deacon will call. She canít stop thinking about him or that incredible kiss. Rick tells her she has it bad. She canít believe he sneaked up on her. He says he could have set off a cherry bomb and she wouldnít have noticed. He just has to meet this guy. She has a feeling he will very soon. All of them will.





 Alex wonders if he is going to do something to the Forresters. He doesnít think they left him much of a choice. She wants to know his plan. He is going to take them down a peg or two. She wants to know how. Whatever he does, they deserve it, he says. They are living up in that big flashy mansion of theirs, taking his son as though he is theirs. Well, he isnít theirs. They donít care about that because they have money. Thatís great because they donít think there is anything he can do to hurt them. They are wrong. Now he has a big bad hurt waiting for them. Best of all, they will never know it is coming. He is going to burn those people. He will be the nightmare they will never wake up from.






 The guard offers to follow Taylor back to her place whenever she is ready. Taylor says they will be a bit longer. They want to wait until the clown is finished. He says just give him the word. Ridge says thanks, they will.





 Megan asks Morgan if she wants to do a few more tricks before everybody leaves? Great. You know what? One of the twins, little phoebe, she's actually afraid of clowns. So she was thinking maybe Morgan could take her makeup off when she is through, just so she can see that sheís a real person. Okay? She goes off to get the kids together. Morgan spots Tim. What is he doing there? She asks him what he is doing there. He came to get her. She wants him to go back to the van. He is sure they are going to figure her out. They will call the police. He canít let her do this. She wants him to let her worry about it. He wants to know what she is planning. He thinks she is going to kill Stephanie.

Megan calls out that the clown is there. Wow, there are two of them. They are so lucky. Now they will have twice as much fun. Isnít it great?



Bridgettís cell phone rings. It is Deacon. They exchange hellos. He says he bets she thought he wouldnít call her back. She knew he would. She hoped. He asks what is going on. She explains the family is having a party. He asks if it is a birthday party. No, actually, this one is for her brother, Ridge and his family. All the kids are there. He asks, all the kids, her cousins? She says her nieces and nephews. Two beautiful little twin girls and their brother and little Eric. He asks, Eric? She says yes, it is her brotherís son. Well, kind of. It is a long story. Hey, she is happy he called. He doesnít say anything. She wonders if he is still there. Yes, he is there. He wants to see her. She asks when? Right now, he says. She canít believe it, now? He says he has been thinking of her a lot and wonders if she could meet him at the lair. She agrees to meet him. He will be waiting.





 Stephanie didnít know she ordered two clowns. Morgan didnít either. Stephanie thinks they really work well together. Morgan agrees. Taylor tells Steffy to come on. It is almost time to go. Tim rides Steffy on his back. She says giddy-up, Tim. He is shocked that she mentioned his name. Ridge steps in telling Steffy to give the clown a break. Come on.




Tim tells Morgan that Steffy recognized him. She called him by name. She thinks he imagined it. No, he is sure she said his name. She doesnít know what he expects her to do about it. He wants her to leave right now. No, that wasnít part of the plan; she says and orders him to go back to the van. He canít let her go through with this. She says, fine, if he wonít go back to the van, she is going to expose them both. Which way does he want it to be? She wonít be long. She wants him to be ready to go fast when she is done. She sends him off.





Stephanie says good night to Rick. He says he will see her tomorrow. Eric says he is going over to the guesthouse for a minute. Taylor offers to help Stephanie to clean up. Stephanie says thank you, but everything is taken care of. Taylor doesnít mind. She can stay. Stephanie says the security guard is waiting for her, isnít he? She offers to walk Taylor to her car. Megan asks Stephanie if she knows where the clowns went. Stephanie thought she saw one of them leaving. Megan says she didnít fix up with them. Maybe they will send the bill. She thinks it was the best party. Stephanie thinks the clown was a brilliant stroke.





Alex wonders if he would like to set a table. No, he wants her to do it. The wants the works, flowers, candles and linens. She asks who this girl is. He says she is just a little lady who is going to help him get his life back. Not the one who has a crush on him? She is a baby. He says she is 18;it is legal. She says he doesnít even care about her. No, not until he found out her name, Bridgett Forrester. She is little Rickyís sister. Alex exclaims, Eric Forresterís daughter? Deacon says she is the apple of the old manís eye. Give him a couple of days with her and he is going to have that girl eating out of the palm of his hand. They took his son, now he is going to take their little girl. Letís see how mouthy they are when he has sweet little Bridgett hanging all over his arm. She canít believe he is going to use her. Damn right he is. She is all he has left. They took everything else. They think they can come into his house, take his son, his girl, his money and then treat him like trash. This is going to be righteous. She wants to know exactly what he has in mind. He tells her to go set the table. He will tell her later. Bridgett shows up. He thinks it is time they get better acquainted, a lot better acquainted.





Stephanie sees the clown. She tells her she was marvelous with the children. She thanks her so much and asks if Megan paid her. She can take care of it right now if she tells her how much. Morgan says she doesnít want her money. Stephanie asks, Morgan? Morgan says hello Stephanie.