The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/27/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/27/01

By Linda

  Deacon pleads with Amber to stay. He thinks she is afraid that if she stays she won't want to leave. He feels they could have it all. She admits she does care. He wants to know why she is going to leave then and make him sign that ridiculous document? He tells her to look at her feelings, what do they say? She says they tell her to get out of there tonight. He is driving her crazy. He wants to know what is so crazy about it, has she felt this way with Rick. She claims that is different. He doesn't want her putting up any more roadblocks. After a month, she may still want Rick, but if she doesn't stay, she will never know what she is walking out on. He knows she feels something too and can't understand why she wants to turn her back on it. He has never felt this way about anyone and he knows she is a scared as he is. She finally admits that it is probably because he cares so much about him. He wonders why she wants to leave then. She says if she stays another month then leaves, it will destroy him, and she doesn't' want to do that. He wants her to let him worry about that. If she wants to leave at the end of the months.

She reminds him that he signed a document with the Forresters and if she stays the month, he will not be able to see his son again, does he want that? He picks up the baby and say he knows now that when he signed that paper, he never thought he would feel like this. She knows, he fell in love with the baby not just with her and that is why she brought the document over. And that is why she convinced the Forresters to go along with it, to save him from losing his son forever. She pleads with him to sign the document. It is the only way he can preserve his rights. The other agreement was that she live with him for four months and they get to keep the baby. He claims he will go to court, he is not the same guy anymore. She doesn't think he can beat the Forresters, they have enough money to hire good lawyers. He thinks she could just stay the month and maybe not want to go. She doesn't want him to gamble with his son, this is his future. If he loses him, he will lose everything, plus, he will be abandoning him just the way his father abandoned him. He says that is why she came up with this, so he would have the visitation rights. She says she had to come up with something. He says she is amazing to do that for him. He has to ask himself if maybe there is another reason. She doesn't understand what he means. He says this keeps him in her life. She says it does, doesn't it. He thinks she isn't so sure about him but isn't so sure about Rick either.

She claims this is not about her, this is about him and his son. This document is the only thing that will keep him connected to his son, sign it and everything else is a crap shoot. He will be gambling with lives, not just his own, there is no messing around with a baby involved. He asks if she is ready to be a Beverly Hills housewife, with all the country clubs visits and drinks after golf, is that what she wants? He tells her that he loves her. He loves everything about her. When she gets mad and gets those little gray flecks in her eyes and tries to hide that smile from him. He doesn't see her as Mrs. Rick Forrester. He pleads again for her not to leave. She wants to know if it is worth one month with her to never seeing his son again. They hug, he asks that she is going to leave with his son tonight. She says if she doesn't, he won't see him again. He says he has to give him up just to keep him. She says he is giving him to her, she will make sure he always remembers him. He can't see how he can let him out of his life, and let her out of his life. She says it isn't like he won't see her again. He says she will be there when he comes to see his son and will want to take her in his arms. It is going to kill him to see her in the arms of another man. He pleads with her not to marry Rick. She says he can't have her and little Eric, he can't have both of them. She has to go, please sign the paper, she can't live with herself if he ever lost him.

He picks up the baby as tears roll down his face and he explains to Eric he will be going back to that big house with the pool he loves so much and he wants him to listen to mommy and he will come visit him as often as he can. He hands the baby to Amber and kisses him. He is letting her go tonight, but he is not giving up on them, the three of them will be a family, she has his word on that. He kisses her on the forehead, then sits down and signs the document. Amber looks sad as she leaves with the baby. At the door, she turns back to look at him, then goes out. Once she is gone, he goes to the door and cries.

Stephanie and Thorne are talking when Eric comes in to see if Amber is back yet. Thorne wonders why Deacon is giving up Amber for the last month. Steph explains, in exchange for visitation rights, he has become very fond of the little boy. Thorne heard he is fond of Amber. Eric isn't convince this is a good arrangement. Steph thinks the baby should be there with them, not living over some bar, this is best for the baby. She wonders where Brooke is. Over at Rick's she is told. She can't believe it, why won't Brooke leave him alone, he isn't going to change his mind. Eric explains, she is his mother and disagrees with the decision her son has made, surely she can relate to that. She wonders if he is taking Brooke's side in this. Eric admits, he never wanted them to get married. Steph insists they are young, but in love and both understand what commitment means. He wonders if she is absolutely sure Amber wants this as much as Rick does. Thorne says his wife doesn't want him to get married, and he has to agree with her. Steph thinks his wife better watch her step because she has had her say, this is what Rick wants. She knows Brooke is over there pressuring him and if she finds out that's the truth, there is going to be hell to pay. Thorne thinks she should stay out of it, Rick is Brooke's son, not hers. Steph claims Rick has lived with her since moving out of his mothers and she is closer to Amber and Rick than anyone. She is planning the wedding, but not pushing it, it is what they want. She excuses herself. He asks where she is going. For a walk, does she need his permission? He is sure she is headed to Rick's.

When Brooke arrives, Rick tells her to go because they have nothing to talk about. She tells him he doesn't have to talk, but he has to listen. Some day when he is a parent he will understand where she is coming from. He claims he already is a parent. No, that is Deacon's son, she can't believe he is so obsessed with this. He claims it is not an obsession. She thinks he is depending on Amber and the baby. He wonders if she thinks being in love is a dependency? She thinks he is ignoring the obvious, there is something going on between Amber and Deacon. He isn't going to listen to this, but she insists he is. She is sure that Amber and Deacon have very strong feelings and are falling in love, and if he trusts Amber, he is going to get burned. She is sure he has reservations. If he does, it is only because she planted them there. She tells him that she has spoken to Amber since she got back and there is definitely something different about her, Deacon has become very important to her, she is attracted to him. He wonders why she is feeding his insecurities? She points out that they will never be rid of Deacon, he will be there every week. He will be free to put the moves on Amber. Is that what he wants, someone coming on to his wife, and is he sure she won't give in to his advances? Yes, he can. She wants him to give this some thought before acting on this. Deacon is not about to let his child go, he is relentless. Rick is sure he can protect his family and there is no way they will have to worry about Deacon again. Next week, they are getting married. She can't believe he is pushing the wedding up from a month. That is what Amber wants. No, she says, it is what he wants. She thinks he should wait until Amber is there and see how the visitation goes before he decides. He can't believe her, what does she think, Amber is going to hit on Deacon every time he is there to see his child, that is insulting to both of them. She says she is making a simple request and asks that he honors it. Steph comes to the door, which was left wide open, and calls out to Brooke, enough. She wants to know what it will take to get Brooke to leave them alone. Brooke tells her that she and her son are having a discussion and asks her to leave. Steph says it is not a discussion, she is just trying to make Rick feel guilty. Brooke insists it is none of Steph's business. Steph says everything that happens in this house is her business. Brooke threatens to take the discussion somewhere else. Rick isn't going anywhere, he is waiting for Amber. Brooke feels he will be waiting all night because Deacon isn't going to let Amber and his son out of his sight.