The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/25/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/25/01

By Linda  

Rick wonders how long it would take to put the wedding together. Amber says, with Stephanie in charge, tomorrow if he wants. He says he wants and they kiss. She then thinks about it, they are dreaming, Deacon has her for another month and he won't let her go early. He tells her that Jon is going over the contract now. She is sure that won't matter. He isn't going to let her go over there, she will be in danger. She doesn't think so, Deacon is not a bad guy. Rick doesn't see it that way, he forced them to put off the wedding for months and practically kidnapped her and Eric. She accounts that to the way Deacon grew up, he couldn't even trust his own mother. Oh, Rick's heart bleeds. She says she is trying to make a point here. What point? They are going about this all wrong. If they try to get around the contract and Jonathan finds a loop home, that will just tick Deacon off. He has been bullied and pushed around his entire life. He isn't going to take it anymore, especially from them, so if they want to get anywhere with him, they need to negotiate. How about they give him something he wants. Rick steps in, he isn't getting what he wants because what Deacon wants is Amber. No, that isn't all he wants, she says, hear her out. Rick's cell phone rings, Hi, Ricky, guess who? Rick asks why Deacon is calling. He wants to talk to Amber, is she around. Yes, right there with Rick. Be a good kid, Rick and put her on the phone. Amber wants to talk to him and takes the phone from Rick. He asks her if she is coming home. She wonders if he is going to hold her to that deal. Well, she can stay with Rick and drop them a line once in a while. She asks, them? Well, he figures little D may want to hear from his mama from time to time. She realizes he isn't going to let the baby go. No, they have an agreement, and he has every intention of sticking to it. Fine, she will be there. He says, see her soon, bye. They hang up. Rick flips out, he doesn't want her going there. She assures him, Deacon doesn't know it yet, but she and the baby will be coming home to Rick, tonight.

Jonathan fills Eric, Brooke and Stephanie in on the news. There is no way out of the contract without Amber losing custody of the baby. Brooke is glad. The sooner Amber gets out the sooner they get married and they certainly don't want that. Erick and Stephanie give her a look. Stephanie says, we? Brooke retorts, yes, his parents, the only people who should be involved in this. Steph says his father approves. Eric says he doesn't like the idea of his 20 year old son getting married, but it is his decision. He is only worried about the baby. Brooke thinks Amber is only worried about her own feelings and how she is going to resist Deacon. Jon asks, Amber has feelings for Deacon? Steph and Brooke at the same time, Steph says no and Brooke says yes. Brooke looks over the contract. They explain to Jon about the trip and the pictures interfering with Rick and Amber's relationship. Brooke insists Deacon has feeling for Amber and she does for him also and she is sure Amber would admit to those feelings if she stayed one more month. Steph thinks this whole situation is putting a strain on their relationship and on the baby and they should do everything they can to get them out of it. Brooke thinks they should handle this themselves. Amber and Rick walks in. Amber agrees with Brooke about them handling this themselves. She appreciates what they are trying to do, but she doesn't need them to get her out of the contract. She says Deacon is going to let her and the baby go. Eric wonders if Deacon told her that. No, but she is going to make him an offer he won't be able to refuse.

Deacon runs around trying to clean up his apartment before Amber gets there. Alex comes in with the baby. He thought it was Amber. She is excited for him, Amber is coming back? Yes, but he knows she won't want to give up a mansion for that pig sty. Alex puts her bottle down on the coffee table and he yells at her to use a coaster. She laughs, he has it bad. He is sorry, just a little spun out. He just wants everything to be perfect. He takes the baby, want to see mommy? Alex realizes this means a lot to him. Yes, it does, he has one month and she can take the baby and he will be out in the cold. She says with a million bucks to keep him warm. He says money can't replace what they have. He asks the baby how Amber could resists two handsome guys like them? He hugs little D and kisses his forehead. He plays on the floor with the baby, holding a bucket for him to toss a ball into. He tosses it and it goes right in. Deacon cheers with the roar of a crowd. Alex thinks he has changed so much. He thinks he grew up and it was about time. She thinks he just wasn't happy. He thought he was, he had women, a car, and all that. He can't believe that when he first heard about the baby, he almost ran away, and he turned out to be the best thing in his life. That is exactly what Amber is doing, she thinks she has everything lined up and everything she needs. She won't consider him because she doesn't think he fits into the plan. Alex says things change. Deacon smiles, yeah they do.

Brooke wonders what Amber is talking about. Rick isn't sure. Amber says she knows Deacon better than they do and has been trying to figure out where he is coming from and he took a huge risk when he signed that contract. If he couldn't break up Rick and her, he would lose his son forever, right? Jon confirms. Rick doesn't think that matters to Deacon, the baby is just a bargaining chip to him. Amber thinks that was before, but not now. Eric asks what she is getting at? Deacon is in love with his son and would probably do anything to be a part of his life, including letting her go. Steph asks if she means giving Deacon visitation rights? Yes, this way she can leave tonight. Maybe they can offer him a deal of visitation twice a month if he lets her go tonight. Rick doesn't like the idea one bit, they would be chaining themselves to Deacon for life. Brooke says, of course Amber realizes it, that is why she is doing it. It is not about coming home to Rick, she is in love with Deacon Sharp and doesn't want to let him go. She wants to have her cake and eat it too. Amber suggest Brooke come up with a better idea to get her out of the apartment. Brooke wonders why she doesn't just stay the next month. Amber says Rick doesn't want her to. Amber pleads with Rick to back her up. Rick doesn't want to do this. Amber thinks this is the right thing to do. She never knew her father and always wondered why he didn't love her or even want to know her. She wants the baby to know his father, he deserves that. She asks him to say yes, and he can have his family home tonight.

Jon draws up the papers, and once Deacon signs it, she will be free to leave with her son. Rick can't believe they are doing this. Jon points out that Deacon may be able to go to court even though he signed the other contract for visitation rights and might just win. Eric says this way Deacon is making some concessions too. Rick says provided he signs it. Amber is sure he will. Brooke tells Amber she is an expert at getting what she wants. Rick tells Amber to get this over with before he changes his mind. She says she will be home to stay. They kiss, Brooke grimaces. Steph wishes Amber luck. Amber leaves and Brooke glares at Stephanie. Stephanie offers Brooke some advice, Rick is going to marry Amber whether she likes it or not. Brooke thinks Amber is a con artists, just like that boyfriend of hers, trying to sell his son for a million dollars, that's extortion. If Deacon signs that paper, Rick will be throwing away any chance at happiness. If this happens, she is holding Stephanie personally responsible.

Alex takes the baby in for a bath. Deacon thanks her for her help. Deacon stares out the window and thinks about how to impress Amber with what they have and what they could have. He has the flashback about Amber and him in the park chasing each other around and picnicking with the baby. He comes to, Rick wants her, but Deacon needs her. She'll see that, she's got to. Amber comes in and picks up the baby, did he miss his mommy? He smells so good, did he take a bath? Deacon is watching her, smiling. She looks up, didn't see him there. He sits by her. She says a lot happened when they are in Vegas. He is sorry about that. She wonders what he means. It was a rough couple of days, but she is going to be there a month now and he is sure after the month is over, she isn't going to want to leave. This comment strikes Amber hard.