The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/24/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/24/01

By Linda C

Amber wants to know how it is going to be, is Brooke going to be part of their lives or not? Brooke, quips, now you listen to me, little girl. Amber claims that is what she means, she doesn't get any respect. Brooke wonders why she would think she even deserves respect. Amber says because her son loves her, isn't that enough? Brooke feels if Rick was ready to make a commitment, it would be another story, but as things stand. Amber interrupts, as things stand, Rick isn't even talking to Brooke and if that is what she wants, because that is what she is going to get if she keeps attacking her. Brooke accuses Amber of trying to cut Rick out of her life. Amber quips it is Brooke who is doing that. Amber wants Brooke to just give them a chance. Brooke doesn't take chances with her son's happiness. Amber claims she doesn't either. Brooke wonders if Amber is doing this to make a home for her son and to hide her true feelings for Deacon. Amber denies having feelings for him. Brooke doesn't believe it, she feels Deacon wants to be more than a friend to Amber and he won't give up. She admits she and Amber do have something in common, they both know what it is like to be in love with two men, one who is safe and secure and could provide a good home for her family and the other who is passionate and exciting. Amber tells her to give her a break. Brooke claims to be trying to get Amber to understand. No, Amber quips, she is trying to get rid of her. Okay, Brooke wants to know, what if they do this Amber's way, and she backs off completely. Amber says they will get married. What about Deacon? Is she going to see him again? Of course, he is Eric's father. But he won't be Deacon's son legally, and she doesn't think Rick is going to want her hanging around Deacon after what happened in Las Vegas. Amber walks away. Brooke reminds her, if she marries Rick, it is good-bye to Deacon forever, is that what she wants? She wonders if Amber has thought about this.

Amber claims that marrying Rick is all she ever thinks about. She accuses Amber of pushing her feelings for Deacon down when they began to surface. She tells about herself, marrying because she had a child with a man, while her bad boy was off in the wind and every time she saw him her breath was stuck in her throat. Amber denies it, she and Deacon are just friends no matter what Brooke thinks. Brooke thinks Amber owes it to herself to see where it would lead, she owes it to her child. Amber quips, her child, like Brooke gives a damn. Brooke is thinking about little Eric and thinks it is a shame Amber is trying to tear him away from his real father just so she can marry a Forrester. She thinks the one month Amber has left with him, she can use to find out what she really wants. Amber tells her that if Rick could hear her right now. Stephanie, at the door, finishes her sentence, he would be furious and he would have every right to be. She looks at Amber, hi honey. Amber all smiles and goes to Stephanie with a big hug, she heard about Steffy, Steph must be so happy. Stephanie wants to know how Amber is. She is fine, been a rough couple of days but she and Rick are back together and stronger than ever. Steph heard and is very happy about it. She wonders what is going on there. Brooke wants her to stay out of it. Amber speaks right up, Brooke wants her to admit she is passionately in love with Deacon. Steph asks Brooke if she hasn't learned her lesson yet. They both think the other should stay out of it. Brooke wonders if Steph has ever seen Amber and Deacon together? No, she hasn't. Brooke says there is a flare there and no one wants to admit it. Steph points out that if Brooke hadn't interfered, this wouldn't have happened, and if she continues to interfere, she will risk ruining her relationship with Rick and her as well.

Deacon is sitting on his sofa when Alex brings in little Eric. Look, guess what daddy has for him, poker chips, all the way from Las Vegas. He sits him down on the floor and shows him all the colors and tells him he is going to show him how to use them. He goes over to Alex and asks if there was any trouble getting the baby. No, the only one there was Stephanie and look what she had him dressed in, a little sailor suit. Deacon thinks is looks like something from the Village People. She loved the house though, it was gorgeous, no wonder Amber was bummed about getting dumped. He tells her it's not about the house. She grew up like he did, fending for himself, and along comes prince charming and he has a whole army looking out for him. She wants that big family for her son. He can't blame her, that is the one thing he can't give little Eric. Alex says he doesn't have to worry about that anymore, Rick and Amber are over. She sees the look on his face, aren't they? He says, yes, soon, very soon. Alex can't believe she took Rick back after seeing those pictures. He says the kid was smart, he fesses up to it and she took him back. Alex is sorry, she knows how much Amber meant to him. He thinks if she knows him well enough, she knows he doesn't give up without a fight, and this is one fight he can win. He goes over to the baby, who could think that someone 3 and 1/2 feet tall could turn your life upside down and inside out? When this whole things started it was a challenge, but this has turned out to be much more than that, he loves him and his mother. She reminds him Amber is getting married. He knows that is all she has ever wanted, but that could change.

Alex wonders if something happened she should know about. Deacon blushes, hey, not in front of the kid. He admits they didn't do it, but something else happened, she let him in. All this time she was staying there marking off the days she had to stay there, but in Vegas, she saw into him and there was something that thawed something that was frozen inside of him. He is sure Amber is in awe over Rick, but they could never stir up the heat he and Amber shared. He doubts Amber can ever get that out of her mind. Alex doesn't understand, why is she with Rick if things were so right between Amber and him. He thinks Amber is scared. Her son could have everything she didn't have, marrying Rick is a sure thing. Rick's family can give little Eric so much, the right school, the right friends, heck, what can Deacon give him, a life over a bar? She thinks he could move, but he isn't in to that, what get a nine to five job, that isn't for him. He blames destiny for he and Amber meeting, it is supposed to be. He has one month to make her see that. She doesn't think that is much time. He says 30 days and 30 nights, the gloves are coming off, no more Mr. Nice Guy. That boy and Amber brought him back from the dead and there is no way he is going to lose them.

Rick thinks back of Amber in Vegas crying and asking him to hold her and him asking if something happened between her and Deacon and she says Deacon isn't the evil person they thought, he changed. She tells him that he is the one she loves and it always will be him. Eric comes in and asks about Las Vegas. What happened between Amber and Deacon. Rick doesn't know the details, but he thinks that Deacon thinks every woman is in love with him and if he had the time, he could get Amber to love him. Eric asks if Rick is trying to get Amber away from Deacon. He isn't worried about her falling for Deacon's act, if that is what Eric is thinking. Everything would have been fine if Brooke didn't get involved in it. Eric doesn't want him being so hard on her. Rick doesn't want to hear it, he is sick of his meddling mother. He wants to get Amber home and Deacon out of their lives forever. Jonathan comes by, Rick is glad to see him and asks if there is a way he can bring Amber home tonight? Jon wonders if something is wrong, is Amber in danger? Is Deacon abusing her or the baby? No, just the opposite. but Rick wants him to do whatever he can, he wants his family back. He shows Rick the contract, there is only a month to go. Rick doesn't want to wait another night let alone a month. Jon thinks it is the best bet to follow the contract. Rick feels the longer they put off the wedding, the more problems are caused in the family. Eric wonders if there is a loop hole in the contract. Jon doesn't know, but he will go over it.

Rick wants to go let Amber know what is going on. Eric asks if she is going to Deacon's. No, he told Amber to meet him in Stephanie's office. Eric warns him, that is where Brooke went, Amber is in there with his mother. Rick, heads out the door, oh no! Eric fills Jon in about Amber and Brooke not getting along lately. Jon wonders if that is why Rick wants to hurry along with the wedding, before Brooke could put a stop to it? No, it is not Brooke he is worried about, it is Deacon. . Brooke pleads with Stephanie not to use their friendship in order to make her accept this marriage when she knows it is wrong. Amber asks them to stop fighting. She wants her wedding to be something that brought everyone together like Brookes did. Steph feels that is what should be happening. Brooke asks Steph if she would have walked her down the aisle to marry Thorne if she thought she were in love with someone else. Amber shouts, she is not in love with Deacon. Brooke badgers her, something happened in Vegas, did she sleep with him? Amber says no. Steph tells Brooke to leave Amber alone. Brooke grabs Amber by the shoulders, she wants the truth. Rick hollers, mother! He can't believe her. Brooke tells him that Amber is not being honest with him or herself. He says she should look who's talking. He goes to Amber to see if she is okay. Yes, and she wants to get out of there. He has news for everyone. Jon is going over the contract and will have her out of there in no time. Another thing, he knows they have been working hard on the wedding plans, how about pushing the wedding date up. Although she seems so excited about the idea, Amber tells him he doesn't have to do that. He knows he doesn't have to, but he loves her and he wants to marry her as soon as possible if that is what she really wants. She looks at Brooke with a great big smile and tells Rick that is definitely what she wants. They kiss passionately as Brooke looks on with a snicker.