The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/23/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/23/01

By Linda C  

Brooke and Eric fill Bridget in on what happened to Steffy and Taylor. She is so happy to find out that Steffy is alive and Morgan hadn't hurt her. They don't have all the details to what happened, but they know that Morgan had someone on the ship who helped her. Eric explains that Morgan is a sick person and blames this on her loss of her two children. Bridget is upset to find out that Morgan is on the loose and fears she may try something. Eric says Morgan and Tim are being tracked down. She wants to go see them but Eric suggests they give them some time alone. Brooke decides to visit Steph and plan a party for Taylor and Ridge. Eric suggests he give it a rest and stay away from Steph for a while. Brooke wishes Steph didn't interfere with Rick and Amber and heads down to her office to talk to her even though Bridget and Eric try to stop her.

Ridge serves Taylor breakfast in bed. He is going to pamper her as no other woman has been pampered. She will never leave him again. She claims she was always coming back, when she stopped at Morgan's, she told her to back off while she was away, but once there, she knew she was making a big mistake and was going to go back home, but Morgan stopped her. He isn't letting her go anywhere. She asks if she is his prisoner now. He says he is going to make it difficult for her to leave that bed. They kiss, promises, promises. As they eat, Taylor tells him how she could see their house from Morgan's and she used to tell Steffy they will be there soon. He couldn't believe she was so close and Morgan kept telling him where her head was. She adds, and her body. She wonders if he was tempted by the way Morgan dressed and came on to him. Not in the least. She wonders why he invited her to the Cafe Rouse. He wanted to get her to talk. He was sure she knew something about where they were when she reacted to the picture from Steffy. He still didn't know she was alive, but the picture and the two dogs, after his visit to her house, is what gave him the idea they were there. She doesn't want to discuss Morgan anymore, she is home with her children, and the man she loves more than anything in the world. Yesterday she was so sure she would never see him again and her she is lying next to him. With all of their children sleeping safely down the hall, Ridge adds. Everything she wants in the world is right there, although she knows it isn't over yet. He asks what they should do to help Steffy. She has a friend and they will have all the children treated because the other two probably went through more trauma. Steffy probably didn't know they were in any danger and she is thankful for that. He wants to let her get some rest, but she can't sleep, she is too happy, like a kid at Christmas time, she has everything she could ever want. She is the luckiest woman alive and is going to remind herself every day that when you have your family and they are all healthy and all together, that is a miracle and she wants him to promise they will never lose sight of that. He wants her to promise he will never lose sight of her ever again. He is stuck with her, she says.

Rick promises Amber he put a stop to his mother's interfering, but Amber is furious. He claim she was just trying to protect him. She thinks he is now protecting Brooke, and she almost ruined the life of little Eric. Rick is happy that nothing happened. She says something did happen. He looks at her, she explains, nothing like that, it is just that Deacon was about to give up until Brooke showed up with those pictures, not she is going to have a harder time getting him to back off and she still has another month to live over there. Rick assures her that she isn't going back to Deacon's. What does he mean? If she doesn't go back, the deal is off and she won't get custody of little Eric. He is sure there is a way out of it, he will talk to Jon and see what he can do to get her out of this deal and still have Eric. Hey, if Ridge can drive his car through a wall for h is family, there has to be a way. They kiss and he leaves to discuss the deal with Jon.

When Brooke gets to Stephanie's office, she starts babbling to the back of the chair, sure Stephanie is sitting there, she says she knows she is avoiding her, they are family now and friends, at least that is where she thought they were headed until she let that lying little tramp, Amber, pull the wool over her eyes. Amber slowly turns in the chair to a surprised Brooke, who refuses to apologize for the cold remark. Amber doesn't expect an apology, she already knows how Brooke feels about her. Brooke is glad she understands. No, what she doesn't understand is why Brooke went after little Eric, trying to take his family away from her. Brooke claims to be protecting her son. Amber is sure he appreciates that. There is only one good thing that came out of this and that is that Brooke's plan backfired and Rick got to see her for who she really is. Brooke claims he got to see the real Amber, hanging out in Vegas in the bars and tattoo parlors. Amber asks if this is where she is supposed to defend herself, well that isn't going to happen, because she is so sick of sucking up to her and it is making her sick. She claims Brooke is a bigger liar than she has ever been and at least she isn't a hypocrite and she isn't going to back off, Brooke really crossed the line this time. Brooke doesn't want to listen to this and tries to leave, but Amber grabs her by the arm and tells her that she is going to hear her out. Because she loves Rick and does value family, she is going to give Brooke a second chance. Brooke thinks that is humorous, Amber giving her a second chance? Amber pushes her down on a chair and has her say. She can either be nice and act like a decent human being or she can get out of her and Rick's life. There is no middle ground, she is either in or out, so what is it going to be Brooke, huh?

Eric tries to prepare Rick for the worst, Amber signed a contract and can be held to it, Jon may not be able to get her out of it. Rick doesn't want her to spend another night over there. Eric wonders if he feels threatened by Deacon and Amber's relationship. He is quick to let his father know, there is no relationship, what was he talking to Brooke? Yes, but he doesn't agree with her tactics but does agree there is no reason for Rick to rush into marriage, he has plenty of time ahead of him for that. Rick loves Amber and wants to marry her, that is enough reason for him. He wants to provide his son with a family and home and isn't going to give his mother a choice. Eric warns Rick not to push it, Brooke will come around some day. Rick thinks Amber needs to cool off too. Eric suggests he keep the two of them as far away as possible.