The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/20/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/20/01

By Linda

Clarke watches on as Sally and Brooke talk. Brooke tells Sally that she has
nothing but respect for Macy, she would never come there to mock her memory.
Sally wants to know where was her respect when she seduced her daughters
husband and drove her to her death, and where was her respect when she walked
in there with her daughter. Brooke says she is sorry, but Sally canít keep
blaming her for the death. Sally blames her because she is the one who drove
up to the mountain and waved divorce papers in front of Macyís face, she is
the one who was in the care that drove her down the mountain to her death,
where was she, and why didnít she help Macy. Why didnít she leave Thorne
alone and give Macy something to live for, all she wanted was for her to
leave her husband alone, why couldnít she do that? Was that too much to ask?
Brooke tells how she tried to help her, she tried to stop Macy, she even
tried to get the keys, and she doesnít expect Sally to understand. Understand
what? There is no great mystery here, Brooke, she had a daughter and she is
dead and she wouldnít be if Brooke had left her and her husband alone.
Macyís blood is on her hands and if there is any justice in this world,
Brooke will pay dearly for it. She canít believe Brooke could steal Macyís
husband, dignity and then destroy her life and never be accounted for it. And
someday Brooke will pay that price, she hopes that day will be as painful for
her as it has been for all of them who loved Macy. Clarke comes over and
tells Brooke he thinks it best she leaves. Brooke stands up to go and Sally
takes her hand, she thinks it best she goes too, and on the way out put a
call in to the devil for a lone on an immortal  soul because she is
definitely going to need one. Clarke brings Sally coffee to settle her down.
She canít hold it together, she always felt it should have been Brooke, not
Macy. He asks if she wants revenge, there is one way to get it, bring
Forrester Creations to its knees.

Bridget runs into Deacon while waiting for a friend. She admits to him that
her name is Bridget. He excuses himself, but he isnít in the mood for
conversation right now and turns to walk away. She asks what happened,
girlfriend dump him? He turns back and looks at her. She is sorry, didnít
mean to upset him, does he want to talk about it. He asks why, so he can let
some school kid give him advice. She starts to walk away. He apologizes. She
realizes he is hurting and accepts his apology and asks if he wants to talk
about it. His experience tells him that talking doesnít seem to solve
anything, he will see her around. He walks away. She tells him that there has
to be a reason they keep running into one another, maybe todayís reason is,
he needs a friend. He asks if she is going to be his friend. She wants to
know when he and his girlfriend broke up. Recently. How long together? Not
very long, just one of those things, they just connected. They took a
phenomenal trip to Vegas, partied and gambled, won a lot of money. It just
didnít last, her ex-boyfriend showed up. She went back to him? Yeah, they had
a lot of history. She thinks he must be a stalker. He says it gets better, he
actually hired a private detective to follow them. This is how these people
are. They think that their money gives them to right to step all over
everybody. He doesnít know which is worse, losing her or losing her to that
moron and his family. Theyíre all crazy. Bridget says not only does his
ex-girlfriend have to put up with a crazy ex, but a whole houseful of crazy
people. He thinks that is one way to put it. She thinks he should just give
himself time to heal. Her friends arrives so she jots down her name and
number telling him to give her a call if she needs a friend. He looks at the
paper and notices she is Bridget Forrester. Yes, she admits, and the offer
still stands, call if he needs to talk to a friend. She leaves. He looks at
the paper, Bridget Forrester, this is going to be good.

Ridge, Taylor and Steffy return home. Taylor wants to go in first, Ridge
gives her two minutes. She enters and sees Kathryn. She tells Kathryn that
they found Steffy, alive. Kathryn is skeptical until Ridge walks in, two
minutes are up! Kathryn takes her and hugs her and then goes to get the kids.
Taylor explains to Thomas that the angels protected Steffy until they brought
her back, does he understand. Yes, he does. She asks if he wants to see her.
Yes, he does and runs to hug her and tells her he missed her. Ridge asks for
a family hug. No Phoebe yet. Steph shows up, so happy to see Taylor. Eric is
right behind her, in line for a hug. Taylor has something to show them. Steph
sees Steffy, thinking she is Phoebe, she asks what she has done to her hair,
it is all red and so amazing. She picks her up. Ridge tells them it isnít
Phoebe. Taylor adds, it is true, Morgan had her the whole time. Steffy smiles
at Stephanie, and Stephanie kisses and hugs her. Kathryn comes down with
Phoebe. Taylor takes her and hugs her telling her how much she missed her.
She wants to show Phoebe somebody, remember when they thought their sister
went away, well, here she is. Phoebe touches Steffyís face and giggles.
Stephanie says it is Steffy with funny red hair. The whole family is happily
Tim and Morgan on the run. She thinks she was so close, all she needed was a
little more time. Time? Time? How about 15 to 20, Tim quips. He canít believe
she just handed Ridge the gun, what was she thinking?  She thinks she almost
had him, they were connecting, she felt it. He says, yeah, right, that is why
he is home with his wife. Face it, he played her like a fiddle. He wasnít
playing her, what they had was real, she says. He would like to know where
they are going. She tells him to trust her, she will tell him. He thinks this
is how he got here in the first place, he trusted her. Look at him, he is a
fugitive, Americaís most wanted, they are on the run, there houses, their
lives, everything gone. She promises him they will get it all back. There is
this guy he knows who has a private air strip, they could be in Mexico by the
morning. She isnít going anywhere, she isnít running from the Forrester's
anymore. It is not over yet, not by a long shot.

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