The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/17/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/17/01

By Linda C

Rick wonders what is taking Amber and Deacon so long. Inside the room, Deacon reminds Amber of something she once told him, life is made of defining moments. She was right, this is one of those moments and he wants the decision to be him. The past few days have shown her what they can have, a new start, he has broken the cycle of violence and she broke the cycle of abuse. Isn't that invigorating to her? Not being under someone like Brooke Forrester's thumb, groveling and begging for some kind of approval that she knows isn't going to come. She claims Brooke isn't the issue anymore. He agrees, but the two of them are. He wants her to admit, they are so good together, Vegas has shown them that. He always wondered if he would find that special person he could connect with, that he could have a child and a life with. It is her, she is that woman. She has done so much for him, he was never good at talking about love. He thinks of ways of showing her how much he loves her. The attitude he had is gone, she has helped him and he knows he could do the same for her. She begs him to stop. There is no them. She doesn't want it. Deacon is obviously crushed. She is honest, she wants Rick, she didn't want to hurt him, but he has to face the truth. The past few days have been wonderful, but they didn't stop her from loving Rick. Nothing could do that. He turns away. She asks him to forgive her, she has to get back to Rick. He pulls her close and they kiss.

She leaves the room and goes back to talk to Rick. He asks if she is all right, and wants to go. She wants him to hold her first. They hug. He asks if something happened between them in Vegas. She tells him that Deacon isn't the evil person they thought he was, he changed. Nothing happened, it is Rick and always will be. Deacon looks on as they hug and kiss.

Rick tells Deacon he doesn't know what to say to him. Deacon comes back with, of course, he doesn't know the first thing about him. Rick thinks he is a better person than he had thought. Deacon considers that a relief. He tells Amber the difference between her and him is that he doesn't need Rick's validation and doesn't want it. All the Forrester money doesn't mean a damn thing to him. Rick says that isn't what this is all about. Deacon agrees, this is about real people and their struggles to survive. What goes on between a man and a woman has nothing to do with the size of their house or bank account. It has to do with what is inside. He looks at Amber, is sure she always knew what was going on inside him. He could be in the next room or the next city and she knew how he felt and he knew how she felt and there is nothing that could change that. He wants her to ask herself if she has any chance of having that with Rick. Rick says she has made up her mind, he has to let it go. Deacon says it won't last, it can't and Amber knows that. Sooner or later, he is going to want someone else. Rick says that is enough. And when he does, Deacon continues, it is going to haunt her when she thinks back of the time they had there and what they could have had and it is going to rip her heart out. The way it is ripping his out right now. Two hearts, Amber, broken, yours and mine. Rick pulls her to the door. Deacon tells her, don't. She says, I don't love you, Deacon, I love Rick and they leave. Deacon sits on the sofa and thinks.

Morgan tells the dogs to get back. Ridge heads toward the house. Morgan stops him, admitting her boyfriend is living with her. Ridge is sure he didn't want the statue that just went through the window. Inside, Tim is tying up and gags Taylor. He tells her what she did is bad, very bad, then sits and wonders what he is going to do. Morgan continues to plead with him not to go in. Tim comes out acting real tough and tells Ridge to get lost, Morgan is his, get the picture, she is his. He better get out of there before it is time for him to feed his dogs. Ridge says, whatever, and leaves. Inside, Morgan removed the gag from Taylor and tells her to scream all she wants. Taylor asks where Ridge is. Morgan says he didn't suspect a thing, why would he. They have come to an understanding tonight and Ridge is starting to look at her the way he used to. The way he used to look at her when they were lovers. Tim looks on a bit confused. He realizes Taylor may be right. She then unties Taylor and credits Tim for ruining Taylor's attempt at alerting Ridge. She sits by Tim on the sofa and tells him he is a genius, darling, and then kisses him. He looks at her oddly. She wonders why. He says she said it was happening for her and Ridge. But, he thought. She cuts him off, they have to talk about that, but not there. Yes, there, he says, right now. He saved them. Yes, she agrees, and it was very clever, Ridge really went for that jealous lover routine. He can't believe she thinks of it as a routine, he does think of her as his woman. She tells him he is a wonderful and sweet man and she is sure there is someone out there that will make him happy. He wants her. No, honey, she says, they have different paths to walk, it is sad but necessary. Tears running down his face, he tells her how all this time, he thought she cared. She cares deeply about him, but she has problems, and obsessions, she has loved Ridge all her adult life and finally she can have him.

Taylor yells out that Ridge thinks Morgan is a piece of trash. Morgan tells her to open her eyes, Ridge and she had a fabulous night, they went to the Cafe Rouse, and danced, they had champagne and candles. It was terribly romantic. Taylor calls her a liar. Does it look like she is lying, she is on top of the world, it is what she has always dreamed of, even more. And he came over there to make love to her. Tim is in the background, puts hand over his mouth as Morgan goes on to say it was Ridge's idea. Tim takes her by the arm, he knows this isn‘t healthy. She says it isn't healthy if she can't have him, but she can. He is starting to respond. He is starting to love her and she thought he would be happy for her. She used to talk about Ridge at all her sessions. He should be happy for her as a friend and as a doctor. He should be wishing her the best, that is what she needs from him. He is kicking himself for ever getting involved. She tells him not to regret it, he is a very important part of her recovery. Taylor laughs, recovery? Does she look like she is recovered, she is as sick as she has ever been. Morgan tells him not to listen to Taylor, Ridge was her first love and they would have been married if Stephanie hadn't intervened. Now, the cycle is complete, Ridge is hers like he was all those years ago. Taylor says that isn't rational. Morgan asks him if she looks irrational, for the first time in her whole life, she feels like she is in control. He wants to know what they are going to do now. Certainly can't stay there any longer. What about Taylor and Steffy? Morgan say she is right, they have to do something about Taylor, she represents a life behind bars for both of them. He asks what they are going to do. Morgan says that answer is obvious, they have to get rid of her. He asks, let her go? No, she doesn't mean let her go, she means get rid of her.

At home, Ridge has poured himself a drink and sits on the sofa. He was certain Morgan knew something about Taylor, where she went, where she could be. He guesses he was wrong. He looks again at the picture Steffy drew. He can't believe what his life has become. His wife is gone and his daughter is dead. He wonders what Steffy was thinking when she drew that. A child and a mother, a couple of cows. Wait, they look more like dogs. He thinks about Morgan's dogs and it his him, these are guard dogs, just like Morgan‘s guard dogs. . Sally and Clarke work on some fashion sketches. She thinks he did a wonderful job as usual. There is a knock at the door. It is Stephanie wanting to talk to Clarke. Sally thinks she looks worried. She is. She has some questions for Clarke about Morgan.