The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/16/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/16/01

By Linda C  

Deacon pleads with Amber not to listen to Rick and tell him to leave. Rick says he isnít leaving without her. Rick tells her he wants her back and still loves her. Deacon wants to know where that love was when he dumped her. Rick promises Amber the kiss was stupid and he learned from it and will never do anything like that to her again. Amber wants to believe him but she doesnít think he should think he could walk right in and it will all be okay. He knows, he was just  devastated seeing her kiss Deacon. Just like she was seeing those pictures, Deacon points out, and Amber gave him the benefit of the doubt, but Rick gave her the boot. Rick promises Amber they can work this out, but not here, back home. She wonders if that is what he really wants. Of course it is. She points out that his mother and the pictures are not the only problems they have. Rick blames Deacon for having her move in with him. Deacon and Amber both shoot that idea down quickly. She says she isnít like his friends and never will be. Rick doesnít care about that. She thinks he gets embarrassed about that. He assures her that is not so, he could never be ashamed of her, he loves her. Deacon asks to see her in the other room. Deacon tries to get her to take some time and think about this. She knows Rickís mother is the one that set this all up now and that does make a difference. He points out that Brooke will never stop. She says it is her and Rickís decision, not Brookeís if they get married. Deacon knows that, and she is right, it is her decision, her future and her heart, the same heart that has been broken over and over by Rick. She defends Rick, it was all a misunderstanding. He agrees, but what does that say about his commitment? Heís not going to sit there and take pot shots at Rick, he is just a kid and his family has done nothing but take shots at her. She blames Brooke. He promises her that if she stays with him, Brooke Forrester will never hurt her again. Wouldnít her life be so much easier without all this B S? If not hers, what about the babyís. Amber says Brooke may hate her guts, but she would never take it out on little Eric. He wants to leave them all out of it except her and him, he wants to talk about them. What does she feel about them? Rick stands impatient outside the door wondering what is taking them so long and what Deacon is saying to Amber. Inside, Deacon tells Amber he has never felt this close to anyone in his life. She says it has been very special. He wonders why she wants to put the brakes on. She thought she lost Rick, but now he wants her back. Deacon can understand that she is overwhelmed and feels she needs some time to think it through and he should give it to her, but he canít, he just canít do that, he needs to be selfish right now and tell her what this trip has meant to him. He feels this weight he carried around his whole life has been lifted from him. He has always been this angry, miserable guy, full of hostility. He didnít even know why, but then, she and little D came along and somehow helped him pick up the pieces of his life and start to rebuild himself. But, he isnít whole yet, and that is why he canít let her go. He begs her not to leave him, not yet.

Taylor tells Tim it is a matter of life and death. He thinks she is just
playing on his insecurities, and trying to turn him against Morgan, it is the oldest trick in the book. She assures him that Morgan only wants to be with Ridge, she wants to be with him, and he is the only reason she came to LA. He quips, Morgan came to face her past, while Taylor rebuts, she came to recreate it. This date is like Morganís beginning of life with him, not a plot to squash any suspicions. He thinks she is lying, Morgan has feelings for only him. Taylor points out, if she only had feelings for him, why is she out with Ridge? He thinks this dinner could be the end of it and Morgan will realize there is no future for her and Ridge and she will let Taylor go. What if Ridge doesnít reject her, he did have feelings for her at one time. What if she succeeds at getting Ridge to fall in love with her again? Tim squirms, Morgan isnít going to seduce Ridge. Taylor is amazed, he is willing to be his life on that because he is putting all of their lives at stake. He thinks that is absurd. She asks if it is as absurd as Morgan following her and her family down to St. Thomas and stealing one of her children? He admits her actions have been erratic, but she hasnít actually hurt anyone. She is sure Morgan wonít hesitate if she thinks there is the slightest chance she can have Ridge. She is afraid Morgan will kill them and urges Tim to get them out of there before she gets back. He canít save Morgan right now, he has to save himself. He asks, by letting her go. She wants him to end this ordeal before it goes too far, Morgan goes to far.

At dinner, Ridge thinks to himself, Morgan canít hide anything from him, if she knows something about Taylor, he is going to find out what it is. Morgan wonders why he is staring at her like that. He says it is because she is so beautiful tonight. She thanks him. He should be thanking her for coming there and listening to him. It is nice to have someone to talk to. She wonders why he canít talk to his family. He says they donít believe Taylor would run off  on him. He feels he can be completely honest with her and hopes she feels the same about him. She does. He asks if she would be totally honest even if she knew it would hurt him? She wouldnít do anything to hurt him, she sips her wine. He asks why she is holding back about the last time she saw Taylor. He has a feeling there is so much more going on. She asks if he really wants to ruin such a lovely night. He agrees, and they dance. He thinks about how uncomfortable Morgan gets at the mention of Taylorís name, what is she hiding. Morgan breaks his thoughts, she forgot what a great dancer he is and thinks he is doing wonderfully under the circumstances. He gives her the credit for that, being his confidant, he really appreciates her. She has waited so long for him to say that. He wants to make a fresh start, no more secrets, just completely truthful with one another, completely honest. She agrees, that is exactly what she wants too. He thought she may be a little uncomfortable around him. She says she isnít. He wonders why she hasnít shown him her new house or introduce him to her friends. Every time he asks her about her life, she acts like he is giving her the third degree. They used to tell each other everything, there wasnít anything they couldnít talk about. She didnít know it was so important to him. He says it is, just being there and talking, dancing, just like all times. He asks if she thinks about the first time they came there after the fashion show. They danced until the lights went out, she says. He asks if she remembers what they did after that. Yes, she does. He whispers in her ear, letís get out of here. She smiles. As they drive along, she wonders where they are going. He tells her they are going home. She wonders about the kids and Kathryn. He says they arenít going to his house, they are going to hers. A panicked look comes over her face.

 Taylor pleads with Tim, he is the only one who can stop this. The dogs start barking. Tim peeks out the curtain. Oh, no, somebodyís here. The care pulls up in front of the gate. She wants to go to a hotel instead. He wonders why, since they are already there. He tells her to open the gate. She wants to go anywhere but there. He asks what the problem is. She says nothing. He grabs her remote and opens it himself, and says the gate is open, they can go up to the house and see what happens from there. Taylor asks Tim if it is Morgan. No, it isnít her car. It is a silver Mercedes S U V. Taylor, cries out, it is Ridge, he has come to get them. Tim looks at her with a shocked expression. The car pulls up to the front of the house. Ridge thinks to himself, this is it, the last place Taylor was before she disappeared. The dogs come out barking at the car and Ridge looks intimidated. Morgan calls out for them to stop. Ridge asks if they are hers. No, she says, Timís, she is watching them. Ridge notes they arenít too friendly. Morgan wants to call it a night, it is moving too fast for her. He will go after they go in the house and have some coffee and he gets the dime tour. She claims the place is a mess due to remodeling. He doesnít mind. He says come on and goes to get out of the car. She pulls him back. Tim tells Taylor it is Ridge and Morgan and he wonders why she brought him there. Taylor grabs a statue and throws it through the front window. Ridge asks what is going on in her house. She pleads with him not to go in there.

When Tim comes out yelling at Ridge to leave, Ridge thinks this is why Morgan didnít want him to go in, the jealous boyfriend. He goes home. The more he thinks about it, he still feels there is something wrong. The picture Steffy drew had her mother and her with two animals and he realizes these could be the dogs at Morganís. He heads back to Morganís house.

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