The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/13/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 4/13/01

By Linda

Deacon wants to know why Rick is there. Rick is sure he knows why, he wants to talk to Amber. Deacon doesnít think there is anything for Rick to say, he broke up with her, itís over. Rick says it is not, not by a long shot. Amber calls out for Deacon and wonders what is taking him so long. Rick says again that he wants to see Amber, but Deacon tells him it is not going to happen. Deacon says Rick gave her up, and he knows what she needs. Rick says she need him. Deacon says she doesnít because she has run off and found herself a real man now. Rick turns like he is going to walk away and turns back and punches Deacon in the face and gets by calling out to Amber. She comes out, oh my God, Rick. She looks at Deacon and back at Rick and asks what he is doing there. He wants to talk, he knows his mother showed her those photographs that Charlie took in San Francisco and wonders why she didnít say anything. She wonders the same about him. He says he didnít know, and he needs her to know, that kiss didnít mean anything to him. They were playing truth or dare, it is just a stupid game. Amber concludes that nothing else happened. He says no, they are just friends. Deacon tells him he is full of bull, they were in bed making out. Rick quips, he knows that is what it looked like but thatís not what happened. He was depressed about her being out with Deacon and he
had too much to drink and things got out of hand. She canít believe it, he did this because she had dinner with Deacon? He just wanted to cheer himself up because he was depressed, they didnít do anything. She says except kiss. He claims that was a mistake. She says they were engaged. He knows, he doesnít know what he was thinking, he just wasnít thinking. He was set up, his mother had Charlie take those pictures, that is why she was in San Francisco, if she could pull this off, they would break up, and it almost worked. She wonders what he means by almost worked, what is he saying? Deaconís feelings are being crushed as he looks on in the background. Heís saying he made a mistake and he thinks she is making one too. Deacon quips,
the only mistake Amber is making is not booting Rickís skinny little ass out of the room. Rick tells her he knows why she came down there and turned to Deacon and he doesnít blame her. Amber asks what he is talking about. Deacon tells him he has a hell of a nerve busting into his room with a bunch of BS excuse trying to gloss things over. Rick says this is between he and Amber. Deacon asks why he isnít getting it, there is no more him and Amber, it is over. Rick quips that is what Deacon has been telling her. Amber points out that Deacon has been very supportive. Rick doesnít want her to hide it, he knows, when they were at the Lair, he saw her kiss Deacon. She denies ever kissing Deacon, then catches herself, when Brooke showed her the pictures.
Rick adds, she had every right to be angry. She says she wasnít angry, she was hurt and Deacon was comforting her. He says comforting her? He turns and glares at Deacon. She asks Rick what he thought was going on and realizes that is why he broke up with her, he thought she was cheating on him. He tells her that his mother orchestrated the whole thing. She saw him kissing Amanda and he saw her kissing Deacon and they both reacted the way his mother wanted them to. She asks if he called off the engagement because he thought she was having an affair with Deacon. He didnít know what to think. Deacon
throws in, Rick just assumed. Rick says it was a misunderstanding. Deacon says that means neither he or his mother trust Amber, he canít believe when Rick saw them kissing, he didnít stop to ask what was going on, but instead, just dumped her. Is that what he does when things donít go his way, he just bails? Amber tells Deacon to stop, it isnít fair. No, he knows that, it isnít fair to her and itís not fair to their son. He says Rick is not ready to be a father or a husband, how many times has he dumped her and whatís to keep him from doing it again? If he doesnít trust her, how can she trust him? Rick pulls Amber to look at him, and tells her he made a mistake, he should have knows she would never betray him and he should never have kissed that girl. But, he is glad he did, he learned and incredible lesson, he realized he belongs with her, her and their son. Deacon tells him to hang on, it is
his son. Rick quips that he is only Deaconís son as long as he holds Amber to this ridiculous agreement. Deacon says Rick canít think that is why Amber came with him? Rick doesnít care why she came, he just wants her back. He tells Amber he loves her and never stopped loving her, and nothing has changed, pretty soon they will have Eric back and if she will forgive him, they will have the biggest wedding LA has ever seen. He begs her to forgive him. Deacon pulls her aside and tells her not to give in to him and send him away, please, this is not what she wants anymore. She looks at Rick and then back at Deacon.

Taylor tries to figure out what Ridge is doing by taking Morgan out to
dinner. Tim comes home carrying a bag of groceries and Taylor jumps at the chance to talk to him. She tells him that Morgan is upstairs changing. Morgan comes down dressed in a sleek black dress and interrupts them. Tim thinks her dress is amazing. She is flattered, she designed it herself. The back and front are low cut and she spins herself around to show it off. He asks what is the occasion. Taylor puts in, she is going out. Morgan says she was going to tell him, but she knew he was coming home early. He apologizes because his last client ran a little late. She cuddles up to him, thatís all right, heís home now. She pets his cheeks and walks away. Taylor asks if she is going to
tell Tim where she is off to. Morgan mentions the Cafe Rouse. Tim is pleased, give him a minute, honey and he will be ready. He turns back, who is going to watch Taylor and Steffy? Taylor tells him that he is. He is going to stay home while Morgan goes out with her husband. Morgan makes an excuse, Ridge is her boss, he asked her out to dinner, what else was she supposed to do? Tim wants her to tell Ridge she has a boyfriend. Taylor quips, surprise, it isnít Tim. Morgan tells her to stay out of it. Tim says he doesnít think he likes this, her going out dressed like that. Morgan pulls him outside to talk. If she doesnít go, it will make Ridge suspicious and they donít want that do they? She doesnít like it any more than he does, but they canít let Ridge think something is wrong. She tells him not to worry, she will be home soon, she knows what she is doing. She kisses him and walks away. Tim goes back
into the house and looks at Taylor who is obviously flustered that Tim canít see what is going on. Taylor canít believe he let Morgan go. He is sure Ridge just wants to talk about work. She says that isnít what Morgan had in mind and he knows it, but he believes she just didnít want to make Ridge suspicious. She knows he could tell by the dress what Morgan had in mind, she knows Tim doesnít want to believe it, but Morgan is obsessed with Ridge and now that she thinks she has a chance with him, she isnít going to let anyone get in her way. Tim says Morgan is not obsessed with Ridge. She asks if that is his professional opinion or wishful thinking. He admits Morgan is very troubled, but he is trying to help her. Taylor says no, he is enabling her by playing her game by her rules. He asks what she wants him to do. She wants him to wake up and listen to her, Morgan is already taking over her life, she
has already kidnapped her child and is now after her husband. He points out that Taylor said Ridge isnít interested in Morgan. Sure, she says, as long as he thinks she is coming back. Morgan hasnít realized that yet, but when she does, what does he think will happen? The only way Morgan can have what she wants is to get rid of them, all of them, her, Steffy and him.

At the Cafe Rouse, Ridge arrives and has to wait for a table. He talks to himself, Taylor, wishes she was there, is sure she will be home soon if he can get Morgan to open up. Ridge is seated as Morgan comes in, sorry she is late. He gets up and pushes her chair in and tells her the dress she is wearing is definitely worth the wait. She thanks him, fully flattered. He hopes she doesnít mind, he ordered champagne. She wonders what they are celebrating. He says the first time he has gone out in a long time. Hers too. He asks about the guy she has been seeing. She doesnít want to talk about that. He is sorry, wonders if they had a falling out. She wonders why he is so interested. Just curious, he says, what has been going on in her life. Why? He thought maybe they can do this again sometime. He knows things have been tense because of Steffyís drawing. She thought they werenít going to talk about that. He knows, but he wanted to apologize. She realizes seeing
her drawing must have been heartbreaking, on need to apologize. He is glad he has it, it is like a little message from her. It is peaceful, a little girl and her mom with some animals, cows, he thinks. She asks, cows? He wonders what she thought they were. She claims not to have looked at it that closely. He wonders, she had the drawing all that time and never looked at it. She felt guilty and wanted to forget about it. He asks why she felt guilty, she didnít take the drawing, Taylor left it behind. She says Taylor wasnít herself when she stopped by and she thinks they probably could have avoided this mess if she had told Taylor to go home. He asks what she did tell her. She says she canít remember. It was a stupid little argument, she had just lost her child and she knows exactly what Taylor is going through. He remarks, she knows what is going on with Taylor? She has been though it, the loss of a child can be one of the most dramatic things a woman can go through. One can become desperate and angry. He concludes Taylor was angry when she last saw her. Morgan says, yes, at the whole world. He says she
wasnít the only one, Steffy was his daughter too, he lost her as well, but he isnít going to take it out on his family. He canít understand how Taylor could leave them when they needed her the most. Now he is afraid she isnít coming back at all. She says she wasnít going to bring it up and hurt him. He asks if Taylor told her she wasnít coming back. No, it was just a feeling she got. Did she mention where she was going? No, she didnít. He thinks to himself, keep talking Morgan, if she has anything to do with Taylorís disappearance, he is going to find out tonight.

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