The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/12/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 4/12/01

By Linda C

After the plane has landed, there is a delay due to a problem with a wing. Rick is stuck on the plane.

Deacon and Amber lie on the bed. He turns on the mirror ball on the ceiling and it flashes around the room. Only in Vegas, she says. He tells her she has everything. Yeah, as if, she says. He tells her she is young, beautiful and rich. She doesnít think she is rich. Maybe not by the Forrester standards but $25,000 is nothing to sneeze at. She reminds him that she already told him, she isnít into the money. He asks her to tell him something she is into, something nobody knows. Okay, she tells him she really likes Las Vegas. He kind of had that feeling. He tells her it is all right to have fun. She says her fiancť just called off their wedding. He knows and thinks the sooner she gets over it, the better off she will be. She is trying. He wants her to know he is there for her and always will be. She isnít afraid of being alone, she has for most of her life. He has too, but doesnít want to do that anymore, he wants to take care of her and his son. She smiles.

Taylor paces the floor. Morgan brings her in something to eat. Taylor asks about Steffy. She is upstairs. Taylor wants her there. No, Morgan says, she has to work and sits at the table. Taylor asks if she hates being around her so much, why doesnít she go into another room? Morgan doesnít want to leave her alone. Taylor surmises the Ridge found Steffyís picture and is on to her and that is why Morgan is so jumpy. She admits Ridge saw the picture, but her little plan failed because he doesnít suspect anything. Taylor doesnít believe that, how could Morgan have explained that picture? Morgan tells her to never underestimate her, she has no idea what she is capable of. Taylor
thinks she is bluffing, she is scared to death. Morgan comes back, Taylor is the on who is scared and if she ever pulls a stunt like that again, she will not be so forgiving. Taylor is sure she wonít have to pull anymore stunts, if Ridge saw Steffyís picture, he already knows something is wrong. Morgan retorts, if Ridge was suspicious and so in love with Taylor, why isnít her there looking for her. Taylor is sure Ridge is piecing this together right now and wonít Morgan be surprised with he shows up with the police force and knocks her door down.

Ridge gets his memos off his secretaryís desk, none from Taylor. Why hasnít she called back? He flashes back to her saying if the police are looking for her, tell them to stop, she doesnít want to be found. Something is wrong, it has been too long. Taylor should have come home by now.

Stephanie tells Eric about Rick hiring the private investigator and finding out Amber and Deacon are in Las Vegas. There is a knock at the door. It is Ridge, he needs to talk to both of them. He thinks it might sound crazy, but he thinks Morgan might know where Taylor is. He asks if Morgan has mentioned Taylor at all to them. No, she hasnít. He tells them that she has been spending a lot of time at his place because they are working and last night, Morgan came on to him. Stephanie just knew Morgan was still after him. Ridge thinks Taylor knew it too because she stopped at Morganís on the way out of town and told her to stay away from him and then was gone. Eric confirms, Morgan told him this? He goes on to say Morgan wasnít going to say anything, but he found one of Steffyís drawings in her purse. She said Taylor left it behind. Stephanie is sure she is lying. Ridge agrees. Stephanie reminds him that Morgan is unstable and if he thinks she is any way involved with Taylor being gone, he better do something about it right now. He should go to Morganís house right now and confront her. And say what? She wonít tell him anything. Eric wonders if he thinks she has anything to do with Taylorís disappearance. Ridge isnít saying she is involved but thinks she knows something. He doesnít know what it is but he is determined to find out. Eric asks how he is going to do that. Ridge is going to open up to her and gain her trust. Taylor has been gone too long, it is like she has disappeared and if there is any way Morgan knows anything, he is going to get to the bottom of it anyway he can. He phones MorganĎs cell phone.  She gets it out of her purse and goes outside to talk. He wants to apologize for lashing out at her.
She tells him to forget about it. He wants to get together to talk about it.
She wants him to let it go. He just wants to see her. He knows it is a little late, but he hasnĎt eaten yet, how about the Cafe Rouse? He is tired of being a hermit. She asks if he is asking her to dinner. He is taking her advice. She is right, he canít just stay there cooped up feeling sorry for himself. He has to get on with his life. How about it, some good food and a bottle of wine. She says he has no idea how long she has been waiting to hear him say that. Great, he will see her there. They hang up and Morgan goes back inside to Taylor with a smile and asks where they were at. Taylor tells her that Ridge is on to her and has her figured out. Morgan says that is so funny because he was just so pleasant on the phone. He is taking her to dinner at
Cafe Rouse. Taylor doesnít believe her. Morgan asks why Taylorís husband would be asking her out if he was so worried about Taylor. And, taking her to the most romantic restaurant in town.

Rick arrives at the casino and shows a picture of Amber to the bartender. He has seen her, she won the jackpot. He asks if Rick is from the IRS. No, it is his fiancť. The bartender surmises she left with all the cash, but is sure she will be back after she blows it, not to worry, it happens all the time. No, Rick wants to find her tonight, asks what room she is in. The bartender says he could look it up on the computer but the hotel is firm about privacy. Rick offers to make it worth his while and pulls out a roll of bills.

Amber questions whether Deacon thinks she can take care of herself. He is sure she can, but she doesnít have to. He wants to be a part of her and the babyís life. She says he is a part of their lives and she knows he cares about her. He says she cares about him too. Amber grimaces, yeah, she does. He realizes she is still hung up on Rick but she isnít engaged to him anymore and has to let go. He just wants a chance to show her how he feels and to prove he is sincere. She says he has already done that. Obviously not enough or they wouldnít still be talking about it. She asks if he is hitting on her. He claims to be telling her how he feels. She should know, he has been hitting on her for months. He knows she had it for Rick and she stuck it out
to the end and he respects her integrity. He knows it sounds kind of funny coming from a guy who thinks promises are for suckers and cons, but she has changed all that for him. Since he saw her with the baby at the Insomnia. He was so blown away by her dedication and commitment. He didnít know it then but she was inspiring him, she was teaching him how to be a better person. How to be committed and now he is ready to give her everything, all she has to do is tell him what she wants. He knows he can make her happy, as happy as
she has made him. She thanks him. He claims not to have done anything yet. She laughs, oh, yes he has, she used to think he was nothing but a selfish jerk. They both laugh. But, in these past few weeks, he has shown her something else. She has seen a totally different side of him. He asks if she likes what she sees. Yes, she does. He does too. He thinks she is an extraordinary woman, smart, independent and tough. She doesnít think she is as tough as she used to be. He is sure that is because she doesnít have to be, before, she was looking out for herself and did what was necessary to survive. There is more to life than survival and he is sure that is what attracted her to Rick. He promised her a fairy tale. He was going to make her a princess. It was just a dream, but she has something real now, someone who will stand by her, a man who respects her and a real man who will never let
anyone take advantage of her again. She asks if she means that. Yes, he does, it is going to happen for them, he can feel it, and he thinks she feels it too. She smiles. He tells her he wants to be close to her, as close as two people can be. He kisses her and she reciprocates. Rick arrives outside the door. Room 1402, Amberís room. He hopes she is there alone. Amber and Deacon are getting into it heavy on the bed, kissing passionately. When the knocking doesnít stop, Deacon tells her to stay right there and goes to the door. He opens it to see Rick and asks what the hell he is doing there.

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