The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/11/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 4/11/01

By Linda

Rick, Brooke, Stephanie and the private investigator (Ted) are still at
Deaconís waiting for more news of Deaconís credit card spending. They only have a lead to Nevada, but Ted points out that could have been something Deacon ordered on line. Rick is sure he must be right because Amber would go to someplace more peaceful. Steph points out that Lake Tahoe is beautiful and peaceful. Rick hadnít thought of that. Brooke thinks they are both in denial, the minute he turned his back, she was off with someone else and she is sure Amber would betray him in a heartbeat and that is what she is probably doing
right now. They find that the card was used at a casino bar at the hotel.
Brooke is right there with negative comments, Amber is out drinking and partying. Rick doesnít blame her after what he put her through. He asks Ted if there is a number to reach the hotel. Ted gives him the number and Rick calls and asks if there is an Amber Moore there, a Deacon Sharpe? He is connected to the room but there is no answer. He doesnít leave a message because he is afraid if Deacon gets it first, he will whisk Amber off to somewhere else. He grabs his coat to go to Vegas. Steph asks what about the baby. Brooke offers to watch him. Rick canít believe she is going to help him out in this. Oh, yes, she wants him to find Amber in her natural habitat and he will see her for what she is. Steph tells him not to argue, just get to the airport and she will get him a reservation and asks him to give Amber her
love. He says he will. He thanks her and leaves. Stephanie thinks Brooke is relentless. Brooke doesnít believe she wants her to have feelings for Amber, she has ruined her sonís life. Steph points out that loves Rick and just wants to make him happy. Brooke is sure her feelings for Rick were nothing but skin deep and Amber is about to prove it. She canít believe Steph is sticking up for Amber, she is usually the one who can tell when someone is trying to use the family. Steph doesnít perceive Amber the way Brooke does. She believes everyone makes mistakes and Amber has a big heart and her feelings for Rick are sincere. The phone rings. Steph goes on to say that all
Brooke sees is a tough street smart kid but underneath it all is a very
sensitive girl. Ted tells them there was another charge on Deaconís card at the Ink Bug. Stephanie asks what that is. He informs her it is a tattoo parlor. She canít believe it, has a shocked look on her face as Brooke quips, ooh. Stephanie thanks Ted for all his help and he leaves. She turns to Brooke and tells her not to start, she wants to have a quiet moment. Brooke holds the note from Ted and reads, Ink Bug, poor sensitive Amber. Steph wants her to give Amber a break, she has been through a rough time. Brooke quips that Stephanie has too but where is her tattoo? She thinks if Steph wants to feel sorry for someone, it should be Rick. He is about to find out just how wrong
he is about Amber.

Deacon reminds Amber of their bet. She doesnít think that includes her body. Why not, he quips, is she afraid Rick will find out. She says Rick is not an issue. That is right, and never will be. She asks him not to rub it in. He says she is free to do anything she wants to do. Ah, she says, anything he wants her to do. Yeah, that too. He knows she is going to love it. She thinks he is so far off. He wants to bet. No, no more bets. Will he promise not to tell anyone? He promises, letís go. They enter a tattoo parlor. After looking through a book and then some displays on a wall, Amber doesnít feel there is anything there for her. He tells her she isnít getting out of this. How about a tribal band like he has on his arm. No, she doesnít want this where anyone can see it. How about a gecko crawling up her leg. No, she squirms. Amber sees one that means double happiness. Thatís out. Deacon asks if the owner
has the Chinese caricature for a river of tears because that is where Amber has been lately. Amber says, yeah, does he have that? No, but he has a broken heart. She asks to see it. Deacon protests. Amber looks at it, yes, that is it. He thought the whole trip was to get away from Rick. She says this or nothing. He agrees. The owner wants to be paid in advance. Deacon uses his credit card.

Rick calls the hotel from the plane but still no answer. He looks at a
picture on them with the baby and says for her not to give up, he is on his way.

Amber goes in for her tattoo and to her surprise, Deacon is in there to get one too. She asks what he is getting. It is a surprise. The tattoo artist starts in on his hip and he jumps, ouch, that hurt. Amber laughs, poor little Deacon got a boo boo. He asks if she wants to come over and kiss it. No, thanks, she says. She canít believe it, Eric is tougher than he is. Now, it is her turn, she bares her hip as the artist tells her to relax. She is calm, not a problem, she has a really  high pain threshold. He asks if she is ready. Hit me she quips. He does and she jumps, ouch. She asks what that was. He says a needle. She wants to know if he used a super jumbo size. Deacon laughs, puts his voice up high to mimic her. "Oh, I have a very high pain threshold." She tells him to shut up. She tells him to just do it, but she keeps yelling ouch. Deacon takes her hand and tells her to look at him. He tells her she can do it and asks if she is with him. Yes, she is. The film goes to a fantasy of Deacon, Amber and the baby playing in the park. They are having a great time. The baby plays in the sand as Deacon chases Amber. She goes down a slide and he catches her. They kiss as the baby claps his hands.
They then picnic. The baby falls asleep on the blanket. Amber bends down to kiss him and then runs into Deaconís arms and they kiss passionately. Deacon opens his eyes and hears the tattoo artist says, "you are almost there" to Amber and Deacon replies, "I know I am". Later, Amber shows Deacon her broken heart tattoo. He thinks it came out great. She says it hurts like hell. He says broken hearts usually do. She wants to see his. He laughs, maybe, later.  She let him see hers. Itís not his fault she is easy. Deacon thanks the guys for a great job. Amber asks if they can go back to LA now. He tells her they
just paid for the room. She misses her son. He does too and is surprised by those feelings. He has never missed anyone like this before. This is a new feeling for him, it is nice having someone to miss. She thinks it is one way to look at it. She looks at her tattoo. He says it isnít going to hurt forever. She knows, she will just put some ice on it and it will be fine, not like her real heart. He says it will be whole before she knows it. Sheíll see. He promises her. The phone rings in their hotel room, Rick calling again, but they donít arrive until he hangs up. Amber is beat, she flops onto the bed. She asks when she is going to see his tattoo. He snickers, if he didnít know any better, he would think she is just trying to get in his pants. She throws a pillow at him. He chuckles, donít get violent, he will show her. He gets up off the chair to show her but she hides her face, she plays, she doesnít want to see it now. He opens his pants to show it off. She is surprised to find it is the same as hers. He tells her it is actually the other half of hers and he proves it to her. They stand side by side as he tells her, see, he told her it would be whole before she knew it. She say he shouldnít have done that. He asks why not, she has hers, he has his and little D has the heart shaped one on his butt. It runs in the family, right? But, she quips, they arenít family. It is the closest family he has ever had. She feels close to the Forresters. He doesnít want to hear about them. She reminds him that she is still in love with Rick. He says Rick isnít coming
back. He knows she has had reasons to push him away and he has respected that, but those reasons donít exist anymore. She canít just start over. He says that is what she has been doing. In the last 24 hours she has lived more than most people have in a lifetime. She thanks him for that. He is tired of seeing her turning herself into a pretzel trying to make other people happy. There are a lot of Cathy co-eds out there, but only one Amber Moore and that is something to be proud of. Rick doesnít seem to thinks so. He says Rick is an idiot. She needs time. He doesnít thinks so. She wonders how he knows what she needs. Because he knows her. She is just like him, she has been looking
for the other half of her broken heart and now she has found it. Donít push him away, let him in. They kiss passionately.

Rick asks the flight attendant how much longer. She says they are in final decent now. He prays Amber doesnít do anything crazy, he is almost there.

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