The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/10/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 4/10/01

By Linda C

Brooke stops by Stephanieís to bash her for telling Rick. Steph thinks if
Brooke didnít interfere, they would have been married. Rick is mature enough to make this decision himself. Brooke throws up Ridge and Thorne not being able to make a mature decision. Steph isnít going to go there, she doesnít want to ruin what Brooke and she have built over the last few weeks. She does understand Brookeís feelings on the matter, though but doesnít agree with her. She add that Rick is probably with Amber now working on their wedding plans. Steph points out that Amber and Rick had plans on marrying long before either of them stepped in. Brooke points out that no one forced Rick to kiss
Amanda and he jumped at the chance to end his engagement with Amber and he only went back to her because of Brooke. Stephanie points out that Amber does not have a thing for Deacon. The phone rings, it is Rick telling Stephanie what is going on. The private investigator has set it up so if Deacon uses his credit card, they will know where they are. He is afraid Amber may feel desperate and do desperate things. Steph agrees. Brooke sneaks out while she is still on the phone. Stephanie figures right where she headed and heads over to Deaconís too.
Over at Deaconís, Rick speaks with the private investigator. He didnít know Amber was out of town until he got there. He explains how they broke up and he came to apologizes but the sitter said she left with Deacon and he worries because she isnít thinking right, she may get into trouble with Deacon. There is knock on the door, Rick thinks it might be Amber, but it is dear old mom. He wants to know why she is there. She explains that she was at Stephanieís when he called. He feels she must be happy that Amber is gone and thinks he wouldnít have been in this predicament if it werenít for her. She thinks it
shows that he isnít ready for marriage and isnít going to apologize to him. She admits trying to talk to Amber. He wants to make this clear. She talked to his fiancť behind his back to talk her into not marrying him? He canít believe this. She points out that the pictures proved he isnít ready. He thinks they just prove how far she will go. She didnít tell him to kiss Amanda, he isnít ready to settle down. He hollers at his mother when Stephanie walks in and tells him not to talk to his mother that way. She is only looking out for him, so there is no reason to hash it out. Now, they have to concentrate on getting Amber back there and the two of them married. Rick is sure Amber would never have kissed Deacon if Brooke didnít show her the pictures. Brooke asks how much more proof he needs, Amber left town with Deacon. He is sure it is because she was upset and depressed, not because of Deacon. Brooke wonders what he is worried about then. He feels Amber is only
human and thinks he dumped her and played right into Deaconís hand and he will know just how to play it. Brookeís comment, poor little innocent Amber. Stephanie throws her two cents in, all this and not one thread of remorse. Brooke thinks all Amber will do is look out for her own best interests. Rick asks her to leave if that is all she is going to do is slam his fiancť. She hopes his being angry with her doesnít cloud his judgment. He says she has already clouded his judgment. She ruin possibly the best thing that has ever happened to him.

In Las Vegas, Amber and Deacon discuss Daryl. She canít believe he didnít stand up to him. He tells her that Daryl is a fifth degree black belt. She says standing up to him is the only way to get rid of a bully she says. He didnít want to be overcome by anger so he didnít do anything about it. He just hopes he never sees that man again. She now wants to go home, they laugh, he won the bet and has plans. They laugh. Well, guess who walks in, Daryl. He nods at the bartender, who obviously tipped him off that Deacon was there. He introduces himself. Deacon wants to know how him found them. A little bird told him, Daryl says. Deacon is sure he must owe the little bird some money. Yes, he does. Deacon says he isnít bailing him out this time. Daryl threatens him, calling him boy. He thinks Deacon won the money, but finds out it was Amber. He grabs hold of Deacon but Deacon wonít let him do
this. Amber wants a couple of minutes with Daryl. Deacon doesnít like the idea, but she insists. They go over to the bar and leave Deacon behind. Amber asks Daryl to do her a favor and leave them alone. He asks what is in it for him. She is sure they can work things out. He asks how much she won. She tells him he isnít touching her money. He looks her over, what is he touching? She thinks he would like that and he thinks she would too. No, no, no, that is not what she wants. She wants him to go over and apologize to Deacon. Apologize? And she will let him walk out of there in one piece. This makes him laugh. He thinks that is cute, she will let him. He thinks she is threatening him. She claims not to usually be a violent person, but she has had a very bad week, so he shouldnít mess with her. He is sorry for her troubles, but he doesnít think she knows who she is talking to. He is a fifth degree black belt in karate. So she has heard, but do they have a deal or not? He says no, they do not. She says that is too bad. Yeah, it is, isnít it. She sees a knife on the bar someone was using to cut up some food. She takes it, gets up and goes behind Daryl and cuts off his pony tail. He whips
around at her. She tells him to get out of there now, or the next thing she
cuts off, he wonít be able to grow back. She throws the hair at him and walks away. He jumps off his stool and goes after her. Deacon grabs him and shoves him back toward the bar. Daryl comes back at him and Deacon gets him in a head lock and tells him not to ever go near his family or he will find out what happens next. He shoves Daryl away toward a table. Daryl tells Deacon the two of them (Deacon and Amber) are perfect for each other and runs out of the casino. Deacon looks relieved that he left. Amber asks if he is okay. Yeah, he is fine, but what was she thinking? She said she told Daryl not to mess with her. He reminds her that Daryl could have snapped her in two. But
he didnít, she quips. Yeah, but if he wasnít there. She say but he was there and she was counting on it. He stops and looks at her. He accuses her of setting him up. She claims not to know what he is talking about. He thinks she knew Daryl would come after her and he would follow. She says he would do what he had to do? She is proud of him for standing up to Daryl and thinks by the look on his face, he wonít be coming back. Deacon does think Daryl looked pretty scared. She thinks he looked like he was going to pee his pants. He didnít think about it, he reacted. She thinks he just had enough. No, he
thinks he had someone to fight for. She thinks there always was someone to fight for, the little boy that hid in the closet. He was worth fighting for. He says nobody ever put themselves in the line for him before, not until she did. Tears swell in his eyes as he hugs her. She wants to go. He goes to pay the bill.

At Deaconís, the private investigator's beeper goes off. He says they have something. Stephanie is relieved, she also tells Rick he is going to have to explain the kiss. He will help her understand it was stupid and meaningless. Brooke says no, it wasnít. Rick retorts, no, it wasnít because he proved something to himself, he realized it would be a waste to chase other women when he had everything he needed right in front of him and when they find Amber, he is going to bring her home and marry her. And no one or nothing is ever going to come between them again. He looks at the private investigator as he listens on the phone.

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