The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/9/01



The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 4/9/01

By Linda C  

Deacon plans on keeping Amber in Las Vegas. He bets he had a worse life growing up than she did. She disagrees. He bets her that if her life was more pitiful, they will leave. Amber tells him about her mother, Tawny but decides Deacon did have the worse of the two of them having to live with an abusive stepfather and a mother who danced topless for a living.

When Rick arrives at the Lair, Alex tells him that Deacon and Amber aren't there and wonders if he thought Amber was just going to wait around for him. Rick tells her she can leave and then calls in a private investigator to find Amber.

Taylor prays that Ridge found the picture little Steffy drew and it will lead him to them. Meanwhile, with Ridge's hands around her neck, Morgan manages to get out of this one by saying she found the picture after Taylor had stopped at her house on the way out of town. She hopes he believes her. She thinks it is terrible the way Taylor walked out on him. Ridge checks on Phoebe and apologizes to Morgan. They get back to work. He is sure Morgan is hiding something from him and is determined to find out just what that is. Morgan, on the other hand, thinks she has Ridge fooled.

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