The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 3/8/01



B&B Update Thursday 3/8/01

By Linda C  

The show starts with Amber thinking back when she and Rick were at Insomnia and Amanda asked if Eric was Rick's little brother and couldn't answer. Deacon is playing pool in the background. He tells her it is her shot, which she replies, no thanks. He asks if she is going to leave him there with his stick in his hand. She gives him a dirty look. He wonders if she lost her sense of humor. Yes, that's it. He thinks Rick must be going through the same thing in San Francisco with all those female co-eds, and mini skirts. It must be hell. She asks if she looks worried because she is not. He wants to shoot pool. She tells him if she is going to keep giving him lessons, she wants to be paid. He bets her five bucks she can't sink the seven. Once she does, she quips it is so good to be queen. She hears, hello Amber and turns to find Brooke standing behind her. She tells Amber not to stop on her account since she is having so much fun. Brooke tells her to go ahead and play. Amber puts down her cue stick, no, she didn't really feel like playing anyway. Brooke asks if he is Deacon? Yes, he is, shakes her hand, hello Rick's mom. Amber presumes Brooke is there to see Eric. He is upstairs asleep. Brooke quips, alone? Amber stammers, no, well, yes, but they have a monitor in the bar. Deacon offers to fix Brooke something. No, thanks. He then asks what is her game. She looks confused. He says, pool. Amber doesn't think she is there to shoot pool. He says she can suit herself. Brooke says actually she wants to have a talk with Amber. Amber, all happy, says she was meaning to get together with her too. Amber loved Brooke's wedding and asks for some advice on her wedding that is coming up so fast. Brooke has one suggestion, postpone the wedding indefinitely. Amber's smile turns quickly to a frown and Deacon looks over in disbelief. Brooke doesn't think Amber is surprised. Amber isn't, Rick told her Brooke wanted them to wait to get married. But, did he tell her why? It isn't too hard to guess, Brooke doesn't like her and never has. Brooke can't trust a woman who tricked her teenage son into getting married. What if somebody did that to little Eric? Okay, so she has every right to hate her, so does Rick, but he doesn't. He loves her. Brooke says so he says, but she knows as well as Amber that Rick has no experience with relationships. Amber quips, so, if Rick slept with 100 other women, she would believe him? Sexual experiences is not what Brooke is talking about, she means, caring and fondness along with real genuine love. He thought he was in love with Kimberly, remember? Amber says he learned from that mistake, he grew up. He is 20, but mature and he knows what really matters. It isn't fraternities, and parties, it is finding someone who you loves and loves you back and the sooner you find that, the luckier you are. So, he is lucky to have her? He is lucky to be passing his carefree days at college? Stop putting words in her mouth, she really didn't think this was what Rick wanted and he really had to prove it to her. How did he do that? Amber thinks Brooke already knows. Brooke wants to hear it from her, how did he prove that he loves her. Deacon looks at Amber too. Amber says he didn't give up. He forced her to move into the guest house, he proposed, he broke up her wedding. Brooke insists he did that for the baby because he didn't want CJ to get custody. Amber doesn't want to hear it. CJ isn't the issue anymore and Rick is still there. Brooke thinks he feels obligated. Amber doesn't think that is true, she has given him plenty of opportunities to back out. Brooke says she knew full well what he would say. Amber denies it. Brooke thinks Amber is the master of manipulation. Amber thinks Brooke just doesn't understand it, she doesn't want him in that way because it just wouldn't work out. She knows Brooke just thinks she is some trailer trash little ho. There is one thing Brooke can't deny, Amber loves little Eric and wants something solid for him and for herself and if there was one little inclination that Rick wasn't 100% committed to them, she would leave. She would be out of there and Brooke would never hear from her again. Brooke wonders if she means that. Yes, but there is no way Brooke is going to be able to prove Rick doesn't lover her, because he does, says Amber.

Brooke/s wheels start to turn. If she can prove that Rick isn't committed, Amber will leave? Amber doesn't think it really matters and throws it in Brooke's face that if she was one of those debutants that Rick is hanging out with, Brooke would be picking out china patterns, but that doesn't really make any sense, because Brooke wasn't one of those girls. Brooke states it is not Amber's background, it is her behavior that is the problem. She can't be trusted. Amber says she is sorry but she has changed. Then tosses in, isn't that the same thing she has been telling Stephanie? Brooke doesn't want her to dare compare herself to her. She made her mistakes out of love, not out of greed. Amber says it wasn't greed. Brooke doesn't want to hear her pathetic little excuses. She claims Amber is taking advantage of Rick. Deacon jumps in, that is enough. Brooke isn't finished. He says yes, she is. Amber says she can handle this, which Brooke retorts, oh, you think you can handle me? No gold digging little slut is going to take advantage of her son. Deacon steps in between and tells them it is enough. Amber tells him to stop it. He tells her to be quiet and gets into Brooke's face. He knows she doesn't want Rick to marry Amber, he doesn't either, but when in his bar, she better show Amber respect, understand me? Brooke says, fine, she'll just have to leave his bar. Amber tries to stop her, she is sorry, they can talk about this. Brooke hurries out the door as Deacon pulls Amber back. He tells her not to beg. She tells him to shut up. She sits at the bar with her head in her hands. Deacon walks over and calmly says, it is your shot. She tells him to just leave her alone and walks away. It isn't his fault. No, it is her own, everyone forgave her except Brooke and she is going to see, once she makes Rick happy, Brooke will change her mind. He asks why she cares, it is obvious Brooke hates her. If Rick doesn‘t care what she says, what does it matter? That is the problem, he does care what she thinks, she says. He says that's too bad and goes back to playing pool. Amber plops down on the couch. Outside, Brooke repeats in her head the words Amber spoke about her leaving if Rick didn't want her and never being heard from again. She then dials the phone and asks for Rick's room. Charlie answers. Brooke asks if he likes Amber. He has nothing against her, but thinks this should be the best time of Rick's life. He is missing out. He is sorry, knows Amber is going to be her daughter in law. She says she feels the same way and enlists his help in changing Rick's mind. She is on her way, don't say anything to Rick, she doesn't want Amber to find out yet, she will explain everything when she gets there. She appreciates him helping. Whatever she needs, he is a good friend and Charlie would do anything for him. She hangs up, walk by the bar and looks in at Amber on the sofa, then says, Mrs. Rick Forrester, no, not again, not ever again.

Steph stops by to see Thorne and finds Bridgett there. She is going out tonight and Thorne said she could wear something from the new line. She pulls out a skimpy black dress, oh yeah. Thorne jumps up and takes it, oh no. Her mother would kill both of them, keep looking. Steph wonders where Brooke is. He doesn't know but will have her call when he sees her. Bridgett wonders if everything is all right. Steph assures her it is and how impressed she was with the photo album. Bridgett is so happy, Brooke worked very hard on it. Steph is getting together later on with Amber to work on the wedding plans and wanted Brooke in on it. Bridgett looks at Thorne a bit confused. Steph asks what? Thorne says it is a nice idea but. Steph says she should quit while she is ahead? Bridgett says it is not Steph, it is Amber, Brooke is not happy with her right now. She thinks Rick can do better. Steph seems surprised. Bridgett finds her dress and out the door she goes. Steph is surprised at what Thorne said about Brooke, she thought Brooke gave the kids her blessing. He says they kind of put her on the spot, but she isn't comfortable with Rick making this lifetime commitment. Steph throws in, to Amber. He agrees, that is part of it but thinks she can't blame Brooke after what Amber pulled, how could she ever trust her again? Steph thinks that is the pot calling the kettle black. He says it is not like her and Brooke, he is not 20 years old. What does that have to do with it, she was 20 when she married Thorne's father. He adds, that was a different time, mother. She thinks Rick may be old fashioned. Thorne thinks he may be in over his head. He hopes Brooke can talk some sense into him and Steph hopes she stays out of it. They have enough going on, they don't need Brooke involved.

The tennis club talks about them all winning. They all want something to eat and suggest going out for Chinese food. Rick wants to stay behind. Charlie guesses he wants to call Amber. No, he says, but he did promise her a t-shirt from the gift store. The others try to get him to go, but he insists on staying. They leave too early in the morning to stop then. With all the fuss, the girls decide they are going to go get some rest before finals, they can do something later. They leave. Charlie whacks Rick off the head and asks if he is happy now, then goes to his room. Charlie calls and orders fries and a side of ranch. Rick is going to the store, asks Charlie if he wants anything, to which he says, don't bother. Rick thinks Charlie could have gotten the girls to go out with him. Charlie says, that isn't it, Rick is whipped. Rick asks why because he wants to buy his fiance a t-shirt? Charlie says kids their age don't have fiances, they have dates. Rick says she won't be his fiance much longer, they are getting married. Charlie says he can get that later, when he is thirty. What is he going to do when he looks back on all the fun he missed? Rick says Charlie can get someone else to go barhopping. He says Charlie is hopeless and he doesn‘t have time to explain, see you later, he leaves.