The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 3/7/01



B&B Update Wednesday 3/7/01

By Linda

Stephanie stops by to see Ridge. She wonders what he is doing in Morgan's office. Someone has to get the work done. Steph asks if Morgan is still sick? He doesn't care. He is worried about Taylor. Steph thinks she is doing this to protect him. He thinks it is because he pushed her away and she needed to handle this in her own time and he should have backed off. She thinks Taylor understands that he is grieving their child too. He doesn't thinks so. She wants him to tell Taylor what he just told her. He did that, begged her to come home but she hung up on him. Steph invites the kids to spend the night with her and Eric. She invites Ridge to dinner but he wants to work, they are way behind schedule. She thinks he is going to run himself ragged and is worried about him. He claims he can take care of himself and what family he has left. Steph leaves with a worried look upon her face.

Taylor searches to find some kind of defense for when Morgan comes back down. She will act as though she is still tied up and take her by surprise. She decides to make noise to attract her then sits down and puts the ropes on to make it look like she is still tied up.

Meanwhile, Morgan looks at Tim in bed with disgust. Yuck, she had to. She needs help and he is the only person she can trust. She lays in the bed next to him and caresses what hair he has left. She asks how he slept, wonderful, her too. She feels so safe in his arms. Did he mean what he said last night? What was that? He would do anything for her. Absolutely. She kisses him, then pulls away saying she has to go check on the baby. Morgan comes blasting through the door in the basement. She brought Taylor something. Opens a bag with her back turned to Taylor as she gets off the chair and comes up behind her. Morgan turns quickly and Taylor sits back down. She asks how she is going to reach the food from all the way over there. Please move it where she can reach it. Morgan places the food at Taylor's feet, then says she has to go to work. Taylor worries about her leaving the baby alone. Morgan says, right, she is leaving a 2 year old alone. Of course she has someone to watch her. Taylor asks her to open the water for her. Morgan says she is a bigger baby than she thought. She bends down in front of Taylor to open the water and Taylor attacks her, hitting her in the back with a pipe. Morgan falls to the floor as Taylor pulls off her ropes. Morgan springs back up and grabs Taylor and drags her back into the room and slams her head into a shelf. They go to the floor with Morgan on top. Taylor almost overtakes her but Morgan kicks her down and runs out and slams the door and locks it as Taylor cries out for Steffy. When she gets upstairs, she doesn't see Tim. She calls out for him. He says, what? He notices her frightened look and thinks she is worried he is going to run out on her. She admits, she is afraid that if he finds out the truth about her, he is going to take off. He would never do that. He will call and cancel all his appointments for today. She can't believe he would do that for her. For her, anything. She says he can stay there all day long while she goes to the office. He was hoping. She says he is a life saver. She leaves her phone number for work and her cell phone. She grabs her stuff and flies out the door turning to tell him not to go down the basement. He has a quizzical look on his face as she leaves. Taylor sits trying to figure out a way to get out, she is not going to give up, has to keep trying for Steffy's sake. She remembers Morgan saying someone would be there with Steffy. She has to keep trying. She bangs some more on the pipes. Tim is upstairs with Steffy on his back, asks her if she heard anything. She says giddy up. He then plays hand puppets with her and then hears the banging again. He gets stuff to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and hears the banging again. What is that? He phones Morgan, then heads toward the basement door and listens.

Thorne admires the picture of Amber and Rick. Brooke isn't happy, thinks Rick should think of other things, like having fun instead of getting married. He won't have any time for fun then. Thorne thinks it is Rick's choice. She thinks it is more of an obligation to a child that isn't even his. She has to find a way to protect him from himself. She calls Rick, leaves a message, just called to see how the tennis tournament is going. Call when he has a chance. She hangs up. Thorne asks if she told Rick how she feels about Amber. She says she tried. He knows how he feels about his mother interfering with his life. She tells him he better not be comparing her to his mother. He grins. He compares the two. Both trying to split up their children because they don't like their choices. She thinks there is no comparison, Amber was Rick's only girlfriend and he doesn't know what is out there and she has to show him before he makes the worst mistake of his life. Phone rings, it is Rick, just won his first match. He is having the best time. That is exactly what she wanted to hear. She thinks Charlie is a good influence on him, makes him relax and have fun. He can't have fun, keeps thinking of Amber being stuck with Deacon. She wants him to put Amber out of his mind. He can't do that. He has to go. They hang up after saying I love you. She is upset that he can't have any fun worrying about Amber.

As Ridge sits at his desk having flashbacks about a tormented Taylor, asking why she won't let him help her, Morgan comes through the door. She has a pleased look on her face and he sits with his face in his hands. He picks up the phone and calls Taylor's cell phone, not seeing Morgan in the doorway. Tim comes down to answer the phone with Steffy in his arms, but it stops ringing. He figures Morgan forgot her phone and the call just went to voice mail and decides they should go do something else and puts the phone back on the table. Ridge leaves a message to Taylor, he knows she doesn't really want to talk to him and that is okay, but could she please call the kids at his mother's tonight. He hopes she is doing well. He loves her. Hangs up the phone. Morgan lets it be known, she is there. Hi, is he working in there. He holds up one of her designs, he is not happy with it. She tells him to throw it out. She thinks it is not her design he is upset about, it is Taylor. She tries to say she knows where Taylor's head is right now and doesn't blame her for taking some time out and in the end he will be glad she did. He doesn't want to talk about this. She agrees to talk about work and hands him some ideas she had at home. He pulls them out of the bag and comments on them. The phone rings, it is Tim thinking something may be wrong with her plumbing again. She is livid on the other end, tells him no, loud enough to make Ridge look up. She calms down and he goes back to looking over the collection. She then says, Tim, honey, which makes Ridge look back up at her. He has done enough for her and she doesn't know how she can ever repay him. He can. She will talk to him later. She hangs up the phone. Ridge ask who is Tim. She says no one he needs to know about. She thinks to herself, she doesn't know how she is going to do it, must get Taylor under control. It is her last chance to get close to Ridge.

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