The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 3/6/01



B&B Update Tuesday 3/6/01

By Linda C

Taylor continues to scream and bang on the pipes. Tim wants to go look but Morgan insists it is nothing to worry about. She will handle it. Suggests he listens to music and she will be right back. She drags Taylor away from the pipes yelling that she told her to be quiet. Taylor wants to see Steffy. Morgan tells her that Stacey is upstairs sleeping. Taylor begs to see her, she is her mommy. She wants to get out of there. It is so hot. Morgan asks if she thought that little stunt was going to get her out of there. She wants her to shut up. Taylor says it is a matter of time before someone figures out what is going on. If she lets her take her daughter and go home, she will try to help her. She will have her put in a hospital. Morgan thinks she just wants to put her away and she is not going to let her do it, she is not a maniac. She will bring Taylor some water is she is a good girl but if she bangs on the pipes one more time, she will be very sorry. She is the one in charge here. She storms out. Tim thinks Morgan fixed the problem. He hands her a glass of wine, which she guzzles down. He looks at her with amazement then offers, she is still upset and has every right to be. Her feelings are normal. She is assured he doesn't think she is crazy. He reminds her that he doesn't like that word. She remembers how he used to fine them a quarter every time they'd say it. He feels his patients aren't crazy. They are suffering. They can't cope without help and that is why he is there. He wants to help her. She says he doesn't know how much that means to her, just talking to him is making her feel better already. He understands, she moved back here to face the Forresters again after the abortion and now the loss of another child. He wonders, haven't they caused her enough pain already? She claims they think she brought it on herself. He doesn't condone her getting pregnant by a married man, but she wasn't trying to ruin his marriage. No, she says, she just wanted to have a child. He says the one she would have had years ago if she wasn't forced to have an abortion. He thinks they are the ones who should be suffering, not her. She thanks him so much. They look into each other's eyes. She removes his glasses and kisses him. He reciprocates. He asks her what she is doing. She thought the way he was looking at her, the way he understands. He thinks she is very vulnerable right now. She claims it is him. He is the kind of man she has been searching for her entire life. She asks if he has a girlfriend. No, he has never been popular with the woman. She asks, never? He says there was one woman, in Genoa City, Wisconsin. She wasn't really his girlfriend. She was just, so young, and restless. And after that? He shakes his head, no. She points out that it is so hard being alone in the world, isn't it? She hasn't been involved with anyone in a long time either. He notes, except for Ridge. She claims he didn't care about her the way Tim does and knows she shouldn't say this, but she is very attracted to him. He is surprised, she is a very talented, and gorgeous woman. She needs a man she can trust, a man who would do anything for her, anything. He says he would. She kisses him passionately. He asks if his breath is okay. She says it is wonderful. He says it is winter green. She wants him to relax. He says it has been a very long time. She thinks that he needs this as much as she does then. Yes, he does. He plunges on top of her. Taylor struggles some more then sees something she can use to cut the ropes. She bounces her chair to get there and starts rubbing the ropes, hoping to finish before Morgan comes back. The ropes begin to fray and finally break. She says, hold on Steffy, mommy's coming, she is going to get them out of there. Meanwhile, Tim is too rough and Morgan stops him. He says he is sorry. She tells him not to stop, she calls out his name. He says hold on and tries to straighten his wig, as she chuckles behind his back. She tells him he doesn't need it, take it off, she wants to see the real him, please. He removes his toupee. She thinks that is so much better. He doesn't need that. He doesn't have to pretend with her, she likes him the way he is. No one ever said that to him before. She claims it is true, he is the kindest person she ever met. He is her knight in shining armor and he better never forget it. They go back to kissing on the sofa. She then looks away with a smug look on her face. She has him hooked.

Thorne notices Bridget and how she is dressed up to have a snack. Leather pants, that is a new look for her, he wouldn't let her mother see her. She says everyone is wearing leather these days. He inquires about her new boyfriend. She wonders if anyone in this family can keep a secret. He says no. She asks if he is going to tell her mother. He knows she will find out sooner or later. She says her mother won't be home tonight, she is spending the night up at Big Bear with Stephanie and she is sure she will have more on her mind when she gets home than a pair of black leather pants. She struts up the stairs as he grins, then chuckles. Just then, Brooke walks in the door. He asks what she is doing home. What happened, what is wrong. She hugs him. He wants to know where Steph is. She explains that she wanted to spend time with his father. Steph did ask her to leave but, she forgot something and went back in. He asks if Steph hurt her? No, they had a break through. She found the photo album she made her and she was so moved, she embraced her. She said no one ever gave her anything so beautiful. They looked through the book and talked about the pictures and Steph finally let her into her life. She can't wait to tell the kids. She wants to catch Rick before he goes. He tells her that he went to see Amber first. That doesn't make her happy. She hopes Amber didn't try talking him out of the trip, he was so excited about it. He can't understand why she would think that. Rick is going to have fun. Exactly, he is enjoying his life again and is on the tennis team. Amber always comes first. She is living with another guy. Thorne reminds her that Amber is not involved with Deacon. Brooke doesn't think she should be involved with Rick either. He questions her thoughts about them getting married. She isn't sure this is going to be good for any of them, although she knows he cares about the baby, they all do. He didn't know she was so concerned about this. She is, she has been worried about Amber for years. She got past her before. He can't understand her sudden animosity. She claims that after talking to Stephanie, she realized she hasn't protected her children the way she should have. He says the way his mom has. She says Stephanie never let her guard down until she proved herself. She earned her trust and respects her for sticking to her guns. He feels Rick is committed to Amber. She thinks for right now, after college, they will see, but for right now, he has to see what is out there. She picks up the picture of Rick, Amber and the baby. Thorne agrees, it is too soon for Rick to marry Amber, but they have to remember he is doing this for the baby too. She won't interfere with Rick and the baby's relationship, but he doesn't have to marry Amber. Thorne points out that Rick wants to give the baby a family. She feels they will always be the baby's family, Amber is his mother now. Brooke says they can't change that, they just have to deal with it. It doesn't mean she can control her son's life. Thorne doesn't think she is trying to do that. She thinks he is right, Amber is only thinking about her own future, not Rick's. She would be nothing without him. He wonders if she doesn't think Amber loves Rick. She is uncertain, maybe it is, but Rick is only a 20 year old man with his whole life ahead of him. Thorne thinks he knows what he is getting into, he has done this before. She says because she wasn't there to stop it, but this time, she is going to get Amber Moore out of her son's life.

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