The Bold & The Beautiful Monday 3/5/01



B&B Update Monday 3/5/01 

By Linda C  

The show starts off with Eric and Ridge looking over a new outfit on a model. They both have problems with the bodes. It is too tight and not long enough in the back. Eric says they can't do anything until Morgan gets there. She should have been there an hour ago. Maybe they should give her a call. Ridge wants to give her a few more minutes first. Eric tells the models to take a break. Ridge looks over at a picture of Taylor and the kids as Thorne comes in. He sees how down Ridge is an approaches him. He confirms that Ridge hasn't heard from Taylor and not to worry. Ridge is worried, she just packed up and left but she should have called at least. It doesn't make any sense. Thorne asks if he is sure he doesn't know. Ridge thinks she may have gone of to some retreat to get some grief counseling. He called her father but he hasn't heard from her. This is very unlike her, he thought for sure at the very least, she would have called the kids. Eric wonders if he explained this to the kids. He wouldn't know what to say. Thorne assures him Taylor will be back. Ridge wonders how long he is supposed to wait around. What if something is wrong. In her state of mind, she could be lost, hurt or worse. He has a bad feeling about this, but can't explain it. This whole thing just doesn't seem right.

Morgan makes Taylor tie her own feet together and then ties her hands behind her on a chair. Taylor wants to know where Steffy is. Upstairs sleeping. She can't believe Morgan left her alone. Morgan wishes she never fired Norita, she is late for a meeting. Taylor cries out not to leave Steffy alone. Morgan will do whatever she wants. Taylor thinks she is out of her mind and knew she had problems, but how could she take their child away and let them think she died. Is it just because she couldn't have a child of her own. Morgan quips, she had a beautiful little boy until he was taken away. Taylor claims to be the victim here, she and her daughter were kidnapped and now she is held hostage. Morgan asks if she would like to be gagged, either that or shut up. Taylor just wants to get her daughter and go home. Morgan hasn't hurt anyone yet and all will be okay. Morgan wants Taylor to shut up, she is in control now, not Taylor. She walks out as Taylor screams for her not to go and to open the door. As Morgan gets upstairs, the phone rings. It is Eric, who leaves a message telling her they are waiting for her. She doesn't know what to do. She can't do this all on her own. She can't be upstairs with the baby and with Taylor and now she has to be in work. She can't handle this alone, who can she trust. She calls Dr. Tim. He is feeding his dog as the phone rings. He is glad she called, he was just thinking about her. It is nice to run into old friends. She really needs to talk to him. He asks if she is all right. No, she isn't and doesn't want to explain over the phone. He agrees to come over once she tells him she is having trouble coping. He doesn't know how much this means to her. She gives an evil look toward the basement door. Taylor screams out for Morgan. Get down there and get her out, now. She starts calling out for Steffy. Mommy's right here. Morgan talks to herself. Why did Taylor have to come over? She is not going to let her ruin things for her this time. Dr. Reid arrives, got there as fast as he could. He is dressed nice. Taylor thinks how she can stop Morgan. She notices something that just might work. Upstairs, Morgan and Dr. Reid go on about her sleeping with Taylor's husband to get pregnant. He thinks this had to be therapeutic to her because of her forced abortion. She tells him that it didn't matter to her how she got pregnant, she was going to be a good mother and she felt this was a blessing. She just wanted Ridge and Taylor to understand and accept the baby. She went to talk to Taylor and explain but things got out of control and physical and Taylor pushed her over the balcony. He can't believe it, she pushed her? Morgan with tears in her eyes, nods, the turns away from him with a look of wonder if she is convincing enough. He comes over to her and puts his hand on her shoulder. He can't believe anyone could be so cruel, after what Stephanie did? Don't these people have any shame, to rob her of her children, how disgusting. She cries, her beautiful baby boy. He tells her it is okay. She says she is sorry, knew this was going to happen. She is so lost. He says she isn't alone, he is there for her. She can depend on him. She smiles and squeezes his hand. A banging sound is heard. He asks what that is, it sounds like it is coming from downstairs. Dr. Reid says something is wrong down there and he is going to see what it is. Morgan has a panicky look on her face.

Amber and Rick talk at the Insomnia. He tells her he has a tennis tournament and has to be away for a few days. She can't believe he is talking about tennis instead of their relationship. She thought he had something important to tell her. He claims tennis is going to take up a lot of his time and he wanted her to know about that. She wants to know about their relationship. How does he feel about her. He thinks she knows that already. He is committed to this relationship and they are going to get married after all the sacrifices he made. She asks if that is all this is, sacrifice? She is hoping this isn't a sacrifice. That isn't what he meant. She feels this is a big step for her and a great privilege. He feels the same way. She wants them to be a family. He agrees. She feels this means a lot to her. He claims to feel the same. She wants to know if he is sure, because they tried that before and it failed. They have to both be 100% committed. He asks if he did something to make her doubt him. No, he hasn't. She knows he wouldn't do anything to hurt her or the baby. They have to face reality. He is twenty years old. People his age are out partying and playing the field, but here he is planning to marry her. The only woman he has ever been with and his former babysitter. He has never thought of her that way. She is nothing like him, she doesn't know the stock market or play tennis. He doesn't care. She says that is a part of him she hasn't seen before. He is sure there are parts of her he hasn't seen before either and may not understand them. They don't have to like all the same things. All that matters is that they love each other and he loves her. She wonders if love is enough. He thinks she is starting to sound like his parents. She wants to know what they said. He tells her they don't want him to jump into anything too fast. She knew it, they don't want him to marry her. Everything is falling apart. He assures her it is not, they are fine. In a few months, they will get Eric back and get married. Everything will work out the way they planned it. Charlie comes over with Amanda and Jennifer ready to kick some Berkeley butt? Amanda wonders if they are interrupting? Rick quickly says no, he and Amber were just talking about something. Amanda quips, Amber, oh, I remember you. And who is this little angel. She bends down to Eric. Amber looks at Rick, sadly. This is Eric, she says. Amanda thinks he is adorable. She asks Rick if it is his little brother. Rick stutters, well, ah, he is. Charlie cuts in, whoever he is, he is a handsome little devil. Brenda comments on his beautiful eyes. Charlie thinks they are just like his mother's. Amanda says, oh, he is yours. Amber, yes. She looks over at Rick. Charlie points out it is past his bedtime and Amber agrees, but Rick hasn't finished their talk yet. Charlie claims they have to go, catch their flight tonight and they need their Ace all raring to go. Amber is caught off guard, they are leaving tonight? They are all going? Amanda confirms it, the girls are on the doubles team. Rick doesn't have his stuff. They say they will stop on the way to the airport. Amber tells him to go on, he doesn't want to let the team down. Rick tells them to wait in the van he won't be long. He tells Amber he will be back the day after the match. He tells Eric he is going to miss him and then tells Amber he loves her and kisses her good bye. She says she loves him too. He says he will call.

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