The Bold & The Beautiful Friday 3/30/01



B&B Update Friday 3/30/01

By Linda

Morgan insists Ridge needs her. He tells her to put her clothes back on. She looks at him seductively, and offers to get him a drink. He thinks she just wants to take advantage of him. She claims Taylor is the one taking advantage of him, walking out on him like that. It isn't fair and he deserves better. His children deserve a mother and he deserves a woman who understands him. She hands him the drink. She claims he is a passionate man, about his life, about his work, the way he loves and he deserves a passionate woman. She takes his hand and places in on her chest. He asks what she is doing. She asks if he can feel her heart racing. That is what it does whenever he enters a room. He demands she put her clothes on but she tells him not to be so modest, he has seen plenty of models before. She might inspire him, the kids are asleep and it is adult time. Just the two of them, how long has it been since he made love? His wife has left him and she isn't coming back. He looks as though he is going to give in and kiss her. She is all touchy feely to him as his back is turned to her. She tells him he has to face it, Taylor has only called once and didn't mention coming back home. He feels that doesn't mean she won't. Well, losing a child can do horrible things to a person, she knows. Not to Taylor, he quips.

She feels Taylor is only human and everyone has a breaking point. He thinks she is wrong. She reminds him of what he told her about the day Taylor left, she didn't even kiss him good bye. That is because she blames him for what happened to Steffy. He wishes he wasn't in such a hurry to get to that island. She tells him to stop, he can't keep living in the past, he has to move on or he will get dragged under just like Taylor. He can't do that to himself, he has to think of the children. She can help him move on. She massages his shoulders and tells him he needs to relax. He wants her to stop. She wants him to stop thinking this is a bump in the road for him and Taylor, his wife has no intentions of coming back. He doesn't want her telling him what his wife's intentions are. She thinks if Taylor gave a damn, she would be there but she's not and Morgan is. He doesn't think she should be and asks her to leave. She says she isn't going anywhere, his wife may have abandoned him, but she is not going to. He needs to be connected to someone who knows who he is and what he wants. They fell in love and conceived a child and if it weren't for his mother, they would have been a family. She knows he can't survive this alone. Apart, they are both suffering, together, they can face any adversity, they just need to become one. As he lies on the sofa, she lays on top of him while she speaks. He tells her no, he wants her to get her clothes on and go home. He tells her he is serious.

Taylor shows Steffy the cable she is connected to and tells her Mommy can't go anywhere and asks if she would go find her phone in Morgan's room. Steffy shakes her head, no and continues to color in her coloring books. Tim comes down the stairs and asks how everything is going down there. Taylor and Steffy smile at one another but don't answer. Steffy nods her head, yes and Taylor grows a bigger smile. Taylor tells him he doesn't have to check on them so much. He wants to make sure they are comfortable. She would be more comfortable if she were not attached, it is not like she can go anywhere, he has killer dogs surrounding the place. Morgan doesn't want her leaving the living room. She says Morgan is sick, he's said it himself. He dismisses himself to feed the dogs. Taylor tells Steffy, this is it, if she finds the phone, they get to go home. Taylor draws a picture to help Steffy understand how to call her daddy. Press the green smiley, then the red and tell Daddy they are at Morgan's and he should call the police. Steffy goes up the stairs to Morgan's room to find the phone. Taylor starts to get impatient waiting, worrying Tim will be back soon. She calls up to Steffy to hurry. Steffy goes into Morgan's room and sees the phone on the nightstand. Tim comes in and asks what is going on, where's Steffy? Steffy picks up the phone as Tim drills Taylor, where is Steffy. She claims she is in the bathroom. He wonders if she can handle herself in there. Taylor says she can. He thinks Steffy is handling things quite well and sits down on the sofa to read the paper. Steffy starts down the stairs. Taylor puts up her hand for her to stop. Steffy stays on the step as Taylor asks Tim for some water. Taylor goes toward the steps and shows Steffy the red and green buttons again and sends her back up the stairs to call Daddy.

Rick flashes back about seeing Deacon and Amber kissing. He can't believe it. His thoughts are interrupted when Amber comes in and calls his name. She thanks him for meeting her there. He looks at her with disgust. She asks why he is looking at her like that, is he angry. Is that why he called off the wedding. She can't understand it, a couple of days ago he wanted to get married. He claims it takes two to make a commitment. She doesn't understand what he means. It doesn't make any sense to her. In a few months they could have had Eric back and been a family like they planned. He says plans change for a reason. She wants an explanation, he never gave her one. After all she has gone through? He isn't the only one who has gone through sacrifices, she has been going through hell. He looks at her with disbelief. She could have fooled him. She asks what he said. Nothing, he doesn't want to get into it right now. She needs to know, she can't shrug it off, maybe he found something better, something that could fulfill him better than she and Eric ever could. He thinks she should know how much their family meant to him. She wonders why he is giving up. She doesn't want to lose him or their family. She loves him so much. Deacon comes in and spots the two of them at the table, now holding hands.

Steffy pushes the buttons on the phone as Ridge is telling Morgan he isn't going to do this, he just wants her to leave. He lost his daughter and his wife walked out on him. He is this close to falling apart and the last thing he needs is her telling him what he needs. He doesn't want his help. She says she is sorry, maybe she came on too strong, but if he ever needs her, all he has to do is call. She puts on her dress as the phone rings. Ridge answers. Steffy says Daddy. He asks what she said. She repeats, Daddy. He asks who it is. She says Steffy. He repeats, Steffy, is this really you? Morgan's face looks of horror.

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