The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 3/29/01



B&B Update Thursday 3/29/01

By Linda C

The girls get back from the Lair all giggles, can't believe he let them in. One asks Bridget if that was her first kiss. Her response, maybe. Did he French her? She smirks, they laugh loudly, oh my God! She tells them not to wake her mom. He is so cute and she never thought he would be interested. She thanks it to her fake ID. One girl says he won't be able to find her. Well, if it was a one night thing, that is okay. The girl figures she won't want the picture then. Bridget flies around her bed, a picture? The girl shows her a picture of them in each other‘s arms. Bridget hides it when Brooke comes into the room wondering what is going on. She thought she was studying at a Lisa‘s house. Is that true? No. Brooke sends Julie and Betsy home so she can talk to Bridget. First off, Brooke doesn't like being lied to, second, those leather pants will be going back to the store tomorrow and she would like to know where Bridgett and those pants were this evening. Bridget says the night was no big deal. Brooke says now that she has lied to her, she isn't going to be able to trust her and will have to check up on her. Is that what she wants. No. She wants the truth, where was she tonight? They went out to a bar but they weren't drinking at all. Betsy heard about this place and they wanted to check it out. Betsy? Well, they all did, but it was a nice place. It wasn't like they were hanging out with bikers or felons. They played a little pool and came home. Brooke tells her why she is concerned. When Rick was her age, he got mixed up with a very bad influence, Amber and now Deacon. She claims she is not Rick. Brooke knows but going to a bar dressed like that, showing her sexuality, men are going to be attracted to her for all the wrong reasons and take advantage of her. No one took advantage of her, Bridgett quips. Brooke is happy to hear that. Good night, as Brooke leaves, she glances back at Bridgett. Bridgett gets out the picture of her with Deacon, my mystery man, she grins.

Tim accuses Taylor of manipulating him when she says Morgan threatened to harm Steffy. She says Morgan is leading him around by the. He says enough, he thinks Morgan can be cured and that is why he is there. She says Morgan is over there in her little fishnet hose trying to seduce Ridge. He thinks she is only trying to get him jealous. He is sure Morgan is getting over this obsession. Taylor is sure she is only getting deeper. She threatened Steffy. He doesn't think Morgan has it in her to hurt that little girl. She is trying to find a way to have Ridge and will do anything to get him, Taylor pleas. She tells him how Morgan made her call Ridge and tell him she left him. She is sure Ridge is vulnerable since he now thinks he lost his wife and child. She asks if he treated Morgan in New York, did she tell him about Ridge. He says not by name. She says Morgan has been hanging on to this dream for years that she would some day have Ridge and to get him, she will get rid of her. Tim doesn't think she will hurt either Taylor or Steffy or she would have done it by now. No, if she was going to let them go she would have by now, she quips, Morgan is trying to come up with a plan to blame this all on Tim. He doesn't want to hear it, he knows Morgan is getting better. She is learning to trust and if he betrays her now all the work will be undone. If there is anything else he can do to make Taylor comfortable let him know, otherwise, they are done. She has one more request. She wants to hear the messages on her phone. She noticed when Morgan was holding it that they were there. He resists but she cries she may never see him again. He asks where the phone is. It is in the drawer. He gets to phone and lets her listen. She is tormented by hearing him say he loves her and the children miss her so much. It feels so strange not having her there, he wanted her to know he was thinking about her. Tim tells her she will be home before she knows it, he promises. Steffy's voice comes over the monitor, Mommy. Taylor hears Tim and Steffy talking, he tells her not to touch the phone. It dawns on Taylor that Steffy can get the phone and that is how they can get out of there.

Morgan arrives at Ridge's with sandwiches. Remember they were going to keep working? He says not tonight and closes the door on her. She comes in, he still has to eat. He wants her to leave it there. She asks what is the matter, the police won't help. He says Taylor is fine, she called. She says he must be relieved, when will she be back. He says she isn't coming back. Morgan grins. She puts on the act. She understands how he must feel, knowing that he loves Taylor and she doesn't feel the same way. He says family means everything to Taylor. She thinks that may be why it hit Taylor so hard losing Steffy. Maybe time away is all she needs? No, he says, it wasn't helping, he could hear it in her voice. She tells him he can't go on like this, he has to start focusing on himself and the kids. He says they are fine. She thinks he is trying so hard to work and raise two children, it is too much. He is going to get run down and who will be there for Phoebe and Thomas. Kathryn is a lot of help but she can't take care of a house hold. She is there for him, she will find him help with the children. He says he knows why she is doing this, she doesn't think Taylor is ever coming back to him, does she? Morgan says if anyone knows what Taylor is going through, it is her. He says that is not what he asked. Okay, no she doesn't think Taylor is coming back to him. She is sure that isn't the answer he wanted to hear and doesn't want to believe her. He wouldn't have a couple of months ago, they had promised each other when they renewed their vows that they would get through anything. She tells him he has to think about the future and wants to help him every way she can. She gets him another drink. Consider it her repaying a debt. He gave her hope when she had none. She was almost dead and he brought her back to life and she tricked him. She regrets that because that brought all this distance between them and she wants to reach out to him and hopes he will let her do that. He doesn't want to have this conversation. She starts to open her dress. He wants her to stop. She tells him he needs someone who will be there for him, always and there she is. She drops her dress to the floor and says here I am. .

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