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B&B Update Tuesday 3/27/01

By Linda C

Tim realizes Taylor has hidden her fork and didn't eat her food. He threatens to send her to the basement. She just wants to go home. She begs him to help her get out of there before it is too late. She tells him that Morgan is over working on trying to get Ridge. Taylor tries to get the ankle lock off while Tim is off getting her something to eat that she won't need utensils. When he comes back and offers her a sandwich on a plate, she shoves it back at him. He realizes she is angry, but she has to worry about her health. Taylor finds out Tim used to take care of Morgan when she had her breakdown years ago and he is a psychologist. He thinks with intensive treatment, Morgan's wounds could be healed. Taylor wonders if he is willing to be her life on that. He tells her that Morgan didn't come after her, she came to Morgan and she really wants to let her go but she is afraid to go to prison. She is damaged and disturbed, but there is still hope. They go back and forth about Morgan and her psychological state of mind. Taylor says the woman is crazy, she kidnapped her child and let her think she was dead. Tim wants to know how that made Taylor feel. Like she was going out of her mind. He says that is exactly how Morgan felt when she lost her child. It is the sickness, not Morgan that is doing this. Of all people she should understand, as a psychiatrist and a mother. They talk and she seems like she will help him to help Morgan. If he could get her to agree to go to a psychiatric hospital, she will not press charges. Tim can't trust her. She says without her there, Morgan doesn't need him, she is using him. He understand how some people could think that way. She knows he is a decent man and has a good heart. A few nights of shallow sex is not worth it, there is still time to save himself. He agrees, but saving her and Steffy but also by throwing Morgan to the wolves and he won't do that to someone who is depending on him. She says she needs him. He says he is going to get her out of there but not of Morgan's expense. She tries to say, there is a baby involved, but he says time is up and heads upstairs.

Over at Ridge's, Thomas draws a picture. Morgan asks to see. It is a picture of Morgan and Ridge. She asks if she can keep it and he says yes. He stretches and yawns. Morgan offers to take him up to bed but Ridge will do it. After they leave, Morgan looks at the picture and says that is what it could have been for the two of them and maybe it still can. When Ridge comes back, he says the medicine knocked Thomas right out. Morgan puts on the act, Taylor will probably come home now that she knows Thomas is sick. He says he hasn't heard from her and thinks something is up, she should have called to talk to her kids. Morgan claims she didn't want to talk to anyone when she lost their child. He quips, Taylor didn't abandon her kids, something else is going on. She apologizes for bringing it up and offers to get something for them to eat. He says he could probably eat something, they aren't going to get anything done tonight anyway. He is waiting for Lieutenant Baker. She gasps, why did he call the police in on this. Lt. Baker is a friend of the family's. He has to know Taylor is all right. She thinks that may make things worse, hasn't she made it clear she doesn't want to be found. He says Taylor hasn't made anything clear, she is made at him, not the kids. Something doesn't feel right. Taylor should know what this is doing to the kids, losing a sister and now their mother disappears, she wouldn't do that to them. The doorbell rings, it is the Lt.. Ridge introduces them and Morgan heads out to get them something to eat.

Bridgett and her friends have fake IDs and she boasts how she lied to her mother about going to a friends house to study. The girl will be home so she will cover for her.

Amber and Deacon go to the Lair. She doesn't want to be there, she wants to be with her son. He thinks she needs the time out. He orders her a drink. She isn't in the mood for partying. He says it is not partying, it is taking stock in her life and everything she has going for her, he son, her health, and friends. She asks what friends, which he responds, what is he chopped liver. They toast to better days. He tries to get her to play pool. He wants her to get out of this funk. It isn't funk, her boyfriend just dumped her. He is sure this would have happened sooner or later and better now before they got married. She doesn't want to hear it. She walks away as Bridget and her friends come in and are asked for IDs. Deacon chases Amber down. He is sorry. She thinks his is ecstatic. This is what he wanted all along, for Rick to dump her. Actually, he was hoping she would have dumped Rick. This way she wouldn't be the one whose hurt. If it wasn't for him wanting this four months, she would have been with Rick and this wouldn't have happened. He wonders if she is saying this is his fault. She says if it wasn't for him, they would have been married already. He thinks this would have happened anyway, Rick is a kid, it was bound to happen. He tried to warn her. She asks if that is an I told you so? He says yeah. She gets up and storms off. The girls are trying to get in and are being asked all kinds of questions. Two of them get them right, but Bridget gets stumped when asked her sign. Her ID says she was born in July. Deacon happens by and one of the other girls asks if he remembers them. He does. Their friend is trying to get in, could he help. Deacon goes over and takes the ID and reads the name, calling her Janet. She starts to say something about astrology and realizes who he is.

Tim brings Steffy down to see her mother. Taylor holds her on her lap and tells her she loves her. The dogs start barking. Tim says Morgan is home. She comes in all flustered, Ridge called the police, a Lt? Taylor fills in, Baker? Morgan tells her to shut up, she can't think. He tells her not to panic, they won't look there for Taylor. Morgan is sure they will, if foul play is suspected, she will be the first suspect. They will get a search warrant and Taylor's car is in her garage. Taylor tells Steffy that daddy is looking for Mommy and they will get to go home soon. Morgan gets upset and runs up the stairs. Tim turns to Taylor and asks why she always does that, tries to push her. He goes upstairs after her and Taylor repeats to Steffy about them going home soon. Guess where daddy is? He is looking for Mommy and they are going to go home.

The Lt. asks who Ridge has called. He says everyone he could think of. No one has heard from her at all. The Lt doesn't think they would tell Ridge. Ridge is sure they would, they are all worried, and Taylor hasn't used her credit cards or accessed their account. This could mean two things, she doesn't want to be found or there is foul play involved. Ridge doesn't think she would stay away from her kids, they are her life. She left because she was angry with him and blamed him for Steffy's death. Lt. Baker thinks she may be trying to punish him. Ridge thinks there is no way she would do this to Phoebe and Thomas, there is something wrong here. They have to find her. The Lt. agrees to contact missing persons and get the ball rolling. Ridge thanks him and he leaves.

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