The Bold & The Beautiful Monday 3/26/01



B&B Update Monday 3/26/01 

By Linda C  

Rick tells Amber it is better this way and asks if she agrees. She doesn't and can't understand why he would call off the wedding. He asks if she still wants to marry him. She does, but thinks he doesn't sound like he wants to marry her, that is why he called her. He tells her not to lay in on him. She says he isn't being straight. He can't believe his ears, she is the one not being straight. She thinks she isn't good enough for him. He has never felt that way, he loved her. She starts to mention his involvement with Amanda but changes her mind and asks why he doesn't want to get married. She figures he wants to have a life and be with other women and she doesn't want to hold him back. He is stunned when she mentions he must have someone else. Brooke listens in the background as Rick asks why Amber would think there was someone else. He is cutting her loose, giving her the freedom he is sure she wants. He isn't doing this for himself. She doesn't want freedom, she wants him. He is sorry, he doesn't believe that. She can't believe he said that, all she has lived for is him and Eric. Maybe they aren't enough for him. He can't believe she would think that he would want more. She says not in any words. He asks if she is now reading his mind, is that her new excuse for doing what she is doing. What she is doing is sitting over there living in hell with Deacon, biding her time until they get their son back. He flashbacks seeing her kissing Deacon. She says she hates it, she only thinks of him. She knows they have been under a lot of pressure and maybe that has made him act in certain ways. She begs him not to give up on them. He wants to discuss this right now. Is there anything she wants to say to him. She tells him she loves him. He asks, anything else. No. Is there anything he wants to say to her. He quickly says this isn't working he is getting off the phone. She pleads with him, wait. What about little Eric? He says, she means little Deacon, doesn't she? She can't believe he just said that. He says good bye and hangs up. She sobs and tosses the pictures. Brookes hugs Rick, both with tears in their eyes. Rick wants to leave, but Brooke and Thorne don't think he should go anywhere right now. Thorne understands if he doesn't want to talk to them, maybe a friend or their father. He blurts out that Amber and Deacon were kissing at the bar when he went over there. He had no idea, not even a hint. He thought Amber was over there suffering, looking out for their child. He was worried about her, he guesses he has nothing to worry about does he. Brooke cries.

Amber holds the baby and cries as Deacon comes in. Hey, what is going on? She explains her call from Rick. The wedding is off. He is sorry. She knows he isn't, but that is okay, thanks for saying it. He offers her a drink. She wants to be alone. Is she sure? The only thins she wants is Rick, but she better get used to it, he isn't around anymore. Now she and Eric are on their own. He comes close and kisses his son on the head and she asks him to leave, which he does.

Morgan offers Taylor dinner, chicken or spaghetti, as she sits chained to the fireplace and sits on the floor. She wants to see first, and walks toward Morgan who is holding out two TV dinners. She gets pulled back by the chain and reaches out and swats the dinners from the bottom and food flies all over the place. Morgan falls back on the sofa in awe. Morgan tells her she can starve for all she cares. Taylor promises Morgan will pay for this. Morgan asks if Taylor ever stopped to think she is doing this because she forced her to. The ways she sees it, Taylor asked for this. What, her child kidnapped and having her think she was dead? Morgan says her daughter is upstairs with Tim, safe, and what does she have after Taylor and Stephanie got through with her, death, agony and more death. This is justice. Taylor says she is sorry, she knows Morgan suffered. Morgan doesn't believe her. Taylor points out they were friends and she never got closer to anyone like she did her, she loved her like a sister. Morgan says that was until she wanted to undo the damage Stephanie did all those years ago. Taylor doesn't think she should blame her because of the way she tricked Ridge into sleeping with her. Morgan says best friends understand one another and she wanted Ridge's baby and would have had it if it wasn't for Stephanie. She feels Taylor should have given her that sacrifice and understanding. Taylor knows, she messed up. Morgan thinks she messed up by thinking Taylor could have been friends with her. Taylor wishes she could fix things. Morgan can't understand how she thinks she could do that. Taylor sits on the floor, she doesn't know either, maybe how they became friends in the first place? By trusting each other. Taylor promises if she lets her and Steffy go, she won't turn her into the police. Morgan thinks Taylor has less respect for her than she thought. Taylor understands why she did what she did. Morgan understands, Taylor wants her behind bars. Taylor wants to know what she is going to do with her. Morgan says she may just leave the door opened on her way out. She has a hot date. She unbuttons her blouse a bit. Taylor figures she is going over to Ridge and says it will never work, he won't go for it. Morgan claims he will, he is lonely over Taylor. She struts out the door as Taylor screams that she better not go near him. Come back here. The dogs bark.

Brooke calls Amber. Amber asks how it feels to break up a family, oh, she forgot, Brooke has a lot of experience in that. Brooke tells her she knows exactly what is going on there and Amber got exactly what she deserved. What, for loving her son and giving him a child? Brooke reminds her that the child is Deacon's. Amber says Rick loves him and he loves Rick almost as much as she does. Brooke retorts, Amber doesn't know what love is, she goes for whoever is around and the deeper the pockets, the better. Amber claims Rick is the only man she ever wanted and she would have made him the best wife she could ever ask for. He would have been so proud of her because she would have done anything for him. He won't find anyone who loves him as much. Brooke quips, she will get over him and probably already has. Amber asks why she is so cruel to her since their lives were so much alike. Brooke says maybe that is why she doesn't trust her, but when she was her age, love was sacred and nothing would have stood between her and her man. Amber doesn't understand what she is talking about. Brooke tells her to save her breath. Rick has other interests now and so does Amber. She orders Amber to leave Rick alone. As of today, the relationship is over. She hangs up. Amber cries as she coddles the baby in her arms.

Shot goes to Rick crying.

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