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B&B Update Friday 3/23/01

By Linda

Rick watches as Amber and Deacon continue with their passionate kiss. Deacon tells Amber that is what he was talking about. She asks him not to do that again while she is vulnerable and hurt. He is there saying the things she wishes Rick was saying. That is his point, he is off playing tennis with his friends. Where is she on his priorities, on the bottom of Rick's list. With him, she and his son will be at the top, and he wants her to know, he is not putting her on and is not asking for a commitment. He is not a loser and someone trying to put a scam on her. He wants to be a good father to his son and the kind of man she can depend on. She says there is someone out there for him, but it can't be her. He knows she has feelings, it will take time, she should ask herself what kind of man she wants, someone she doesn't feel she can ever satisfy or someone who knows her and came from the same side of the tracks and shares a child with her. There is nothing in this world he wouldn't do to make her happy. With his feelings hurt, Rick goes back into the hall and thinks how he has been taken. He thought she was suffering over there and he was making all kinds of sacrifices to find out it isn't that way at all. Amber picks up the pictures and looks at them again. It is so unlike him after all he has been saying to her. She has hardly seen him since he got back. That doesn't surprised Deacon, he expected it. He invites her out to dinner, but she turns him down. She is in love with one man and one man only. She doesn't care about the pictures, there has to be some explanation, and she and Rick will be getting married. Later, she sits with the baby on the sofa asking him what she should do, she has always told Rick she would trust him but after the pictures? She then convinces herself that she owes him an explanation. She reaches for the phone to call him, but changes her mind. She thinks he hasn't called because he is feeling bad and doesn't know how she will react. She pleads for him to call her.

Taylor waits for Morgan and Tim to come back, hoping God protects her child from them. She hears a noise and heads towards the door. It opens a bit and she tries to see who it there. Morgan reaches in and shoves her to the ground. They have good news, they are letting her out of there. After she is upstairs, they tell Taylor she better not try to escape, she won't make it out of there alive. She thought they said she was going to go home. No, not yet, informs Tim. Taylor can't understand why they want to keep them, Ridge must be worried about her. Morgan throws in, why wouldn't he be worried, seeing she left without saying where she would be or when she would be back. Taylor was mourning the death of her daughter. Morgan thinks she should be thanking her because Steffy didn't die. Taylor tell Morgan she is so sick. Tim asks them not to argue in front of the child. Please understand, they are trying to make the most humane choices, Taylor will stay there in the living room. Morgan ads, where there are windows and doors, imagine the possibilities, but don't, she walks over and grabs hold of the cable and tells Taylor her space will be about ten feet from the fireplace to about here, and this will make sure she doesn't go any further. She holds up the ring which will hold her prisoner. Taylor can't believe it, ten feet! She is going to be chained up? No, says Tim, they are allowing her to get out of that horrible room downstairs and spend time with her daughter. Taylor worries how that will effect Steffy seeing her mother tied up like some animal. Morgan doesn't think it will bother her if she doesn't make a big deal of it. Taylor snaps her head off, she doesn't know the first thing about what scares a child and she can't believe she ever encouraged her to have one, she would have destroyed it. Morgan goes at her but Tim stops her, this is not good. He orders Taylor to send Steffy to her room, she wouldn't want her to see what he has to show her. Taylor wants to know what he is going to do. He promises, he won't hurt her, but trust him, it wouldn't be good for the child. Taylor sends Steffy upstairs promising to see her later. He tells Morgan to open the door and introduces Taylor to his two pets, Phyllis and Spike. Kids, say hello to Taylor. The dogs bark loudly as Taylor shows her fear. He says that is enough and they stop. Morgan then squats down to pet them telling Taylor they are very friendly to her. Tim tells her not to tease. He then tells Taylor they are trying to do the right thing. She wants them to let her go. He will, but not right now, for now they want her to be comfortable in the living room. Morgan ads, chained to the fireplace. He says with all the needs of home minus the phone and any object which could be used as a weapon. Taylor thinks they may as well put her back down in the basement. Morgan doesn't hesitate to agree. Tim points out that she wouldn't want to be separated from her daughter again. Let him attach her by the ankle. He warns her that if she should try to escape, the place is walled and gated and the dogs have only been given her scent so she will be attacked. He holds up an item of clothing. The dogs will always be at that front door waiting for her. He wants her ankle. She screams that he is letting Morgan control him, don't do it. He grabs her and she struggles. The dogs start barking and Morgan comes over to help him tie her up. They wrestle her to the ground and Morgan puts the ankle bracelet on as Tim holds her arms. Then Morgan taunts her, go ahead and try to escape, try it.

Brooke is home when Rick arrives. She is so glad to see him. He walks right by her. She can sense something is wrong. He admits, something is wrong. He asks if she thinks he is a fool? No, why would he say that. He brings up all she has said about Amber and his life and all she has done to him. She asks what is going on. Just say he is seeing things differently. There is nothing wrong with that. Is he feeling guilty about something? Why should he. She doesn't know, but if he is, it is time to act on them. She points out all he has given up for Amber. He is a very special man. She doesn't know any man who would do the things he did. Maybe he is seeing things differently because he is questioning his commitment. No, he says, this isn't about him or his commitment to Amber, he loves her and always will. It is about something very different from that. She quips, every time something is bothering him, it leads to the same thing and he needs to realize it is over. He didn't think it would be like this. She tells him to call Amber and end it. He agrees.

Later, Amber tries to think of what life was like before Rick. She may have had some days of joy, but nothing like the days with him. She flashes back of all the good times and remembers how he made her laugh and be herself and all the things she has become in this world is because of him. She could never love anyone but him. The phone rings. It is Rick. She was hoping he would call. She was, huh? Yes, she was, is there anything he wants to tell her. Like what? How was the party? Is there anything she would like to tell him? No, what is he talking about? There is someone here who misses him. He wants to talk about the wedding plans. Put them on hold, no, he thinks they should call off the wedding.

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