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B&B Update Thursday 3/22/01

By Linda C

Morgan comes down the stairs asking what is going on. Tim wants to explain but Morgan doesn't want to hear it. He insists Steffy belongs with her mother. She says she is Steffy's mother and orders Taylor back into the room. Tim reaches out for Steffy, telling Taylor she will be okay. He takes her upstairs as Morgan tells Taylor if she makes one move, she will take her daughter so far away, she will never see her again. Taylor quips, Tim won't let Morgan do that. Morgan doesn't think she should gamble with her daughter's life like that. Tim comes back and Morgan asks for his help getting Taylor back into the room. Taylor tells him not to do it, they have to stand together. Morgan pushes him toward Taylor who tells him they have to depend on one another. Morgan says she depends on him to help her, she can't do this without him. Taylor begs him to stand up to her and not let her involve him is something so illegal. Morgan keeps calling him baby, and asking pitifully for his help, they talked about this before, they have to keep Taylor locked up. Taylor screams that Morgan doesn't care about him, she is using him. Morgan assures him that if Taylor gets out they will go to jail forever, since she is a Forrester and they are very powerful people. If she gets out, their lives are over forever. He says she is right.

Taylor takes off around Morgan toward the stairs. Tim grabs her and they put her back into the room as she screams. Morgan locks the door. Once they get upstairs, Morgan asks if he is out of his mind. What did he think he was doing? There is no way they can ever let her out of there now. He thinks there is a way. She would like to know how. He asks if she has noticed anything at the front door? She calls his dogs disgusting. Those are his dogs and he has raised them since they were puppies and they are guard dogs. She quips they didn't even sniff her when she came in. He quickly ads that they are trained to stop anyone he doesn't okay their scent. She asks if the thinks it is better Taylor gets eaten by dogs than stays in the basement? He says they dogs will not bother her unless she tries to leave the house. She doesn't want Taylor having the run of her house. He says it would only be that room. He picked up some stuff at the hardware store and his is what he made. He shows her a cable attached to the fireplace and on the other end, he will attach it to her ankle. A 10 foot radius will be all she will have. Morgan doesn't want her out and about screaming at her all day let alone if someone comes to the door, Taylor will scream for help.

Tim says they would have to get by the locked gate and the two dogs before they could get into the house. She rejects his plan. It is her house and her problem, so she will call all the shots. She doesn't need his help? He is trying to be a man, a man who will protect her, isn't that what she wants? She appreciates all he has done for her but Taylor is a threat to them. She is in a fallout shelter, there is enough food for a month or a year if she has to keep her there, she will be fine. He asks if she is saying she is prepared to leave her down there indefinitely? She doesn't want to but until they decide what to do with her. He wants her treated like a human being and that means bring her upstairs. She is afraid Taylor will get her hands on a phone or weapon. He assures her he moved all those things and it is the right thing to do. She doesn't deserve to be treated like an animal and if she shows her some compassion, she may change her mind about going to the police. Morgan isn't sure of that.

Tim wants her to show Taylor she has a heart and let her see that her daughter is taken care of. Show her what he knows about her, that she is a sensitive, caring person and Taylor may treat her with the same compassion. She gives in, they will do things his way but she hopes she doesn't live to regret it. .

Rick admires Bridgett's new look, leather pants and knit top, better than the dorky school colors she is always wearing. She claims not to have worn those clothes since she was a freshman. He sarcastically remarks that she is all grown up, which she retorts, yes, she is. He asks who is the guy? Who? The guy she has the hots for. She claims he doesn't know her name or she, his. He asks how old he is? She never asked. He wants her to be careful. She laughs, with her big brother watching, she can do anything. She asks about him and Amber and if the wedding plans are still on. Yes, but mom isn't too happy. He tells her if she is going to talk trash about Amber, he doesn't want to hear it. She brings up Amanda, she hangs out with her little sister and hears things. He is determined to be with Amber, she is the only woman he loves and is on the way over there now. He feels his relationship with Amber is better than any trophies. Someday she will have someone special and know what it is all about. He leaves to go to Amber's as Bridget looks off and says she already has. .

Eric asks Brooke how Amber reacted. She says Amber thinks it is trick photography. She is immature and she told her to back away and let Rick live the life of a college student, not a husband with a baby. Brooke is sure Amber got the message. Eric thinks Rick may go and apologize to Amber and make up. Brooke wants to intervene just in case but he stops her saying it is up to Rick now to do what he wants. .

Deacon tells Amber to toss the pictures. She can't believe they are real. He looks them over and says they look real to him. She can't believe he hurt her. He says maybe he didn't do it to hurt her, she probably wasn't on his mind. They are engaged, maybe Brooke is right, she is holding Rick back. But, she can't understand, he has told her over and over that he loves her. He doesn't doubt Rick loves her but he isn't sure he is ready for marriage. She asks if he thinks she is being selfish and only thinking of herself and Eric? He tells her he doesn't ever want to hear her get down on herself again. Think of how far she has come and all she has done for her son and her cousin. If Rick can't see that, forget him, it wouldn't matter if he had a PHD. She can't, he is the only guy she ever wanted. He asks if Rick seamed different when he came back, was he as loving and attentive? She feels he was a bit distant. He thinks those pictures are the reason why and Rick is a different person now and won't be able to go back. He tries to convince her that after seeing the pictures, there is no way she is going to be able to trust Rick again. He doesn't want to be the profit of doom. She wonders if she did something wrong. He thinks she did everything right. She gave Rick loyalty and love and he wasn't ready to take it. She says it seemed like he was. He told her he was. Deacon is sure part of him was. Rick isn't a bad guy, but look at the world he comes from. It is not the life where one goes to college and gets a wife and kid and settles down. He is a Forrester, some day he is going to take over his family's business and be surrounded by beautiful women and all that media attention. She says but both his brothers have solid marriages. But what did they do to get there. From what he heard, Ridge has had so many women he can't remember them all and that may be good because he got it all out of his system and he could settle down. She says that is just great. What is she supposed to do, wait until Rick has had his fill of college co-eds and models? He wants her to look around and see what a wonderful life she has. Look, she has the wonderful little boy who will make her happy and give her many reasons to smile. She has someone else too. She has someone who generally cares about her. Someone who had his share of women and is looking for something true. He will be with her through thick and thin, through happiness and heartache. She can count on him and she will never find him in the arms of another woman. Because, he is hers. He leans in and they kiss as Rick comes to the door and looks on in shock.

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