The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 3/21/01



B&B Update Wednesday 3/21/01

By Linda

Tim is at the door with Steffy to see Taylor still. Taylor assumes he is going to let her out now but he wants to wait. He doesn't want to get Morgan in trouble. She needs help. Taylor agrees, and the best way to do that is to let her go now. She asks his name and he tells her, Tim. She tells him she doesn't know hoe Morgan dragged him into this but she will make sure nothing happens to him. He agrees, tells her to back up. He opens the door and lets Steffy go to her mother. He then closes the door and locks the two of them in there. As Taylor holds Steffy, she knocks on the door. Taylor wonders where Tim is, he has to let them out before Morgan gets back. She tells Steffy everything is going to be all right, soon she will be seeing her father, brother and sister. Everything will be all right as soon as the man comes back and opens the door.

Morgan is loosening up and asking Ridge to do it to. He tells her to do that at home. She isn't sure this is going to work out, she should go home. He says they have too much work to do. She wonders what Taylor would say if she walked in. He wishes she would. They have to finish all their work and he can't go in and leave his kids. She claims to feel bad about this. She came into town to finish her contract, not realizing Taylor was leaving. He wants to get back to work, wonders what she did. She doesn't think it is too good. He likes the designs and offers suggestions as Morgan gets close. She claims she worries about him being alone and trying to take care of his kids. She will understand if he blames her. She realizes he does. She claims she just wanted a child, never meant to hurt him and would change everything if she could. She cries as he tries to get her to calm down. She says she can't, he is mad at her. He says it is done and behind them and wants her to concentrate on their work. She can't because he hates her. He says he doesn't hate her or blame her. She can't help it, that is the way she feels. He hugs her and tells her it will be all right. Really? Yeah. She means with him, he seems so lonely. They kiss passionately as he places her on the couch and they continue. She then hears him say, they are good, real good. She opens her eyes and realizes it was a fantasy. He is penciling in on her designs talking to her as she looks stunned. Kathryn interrupts, Phoebe has had a nightmare and wants Ridge. He will be right there. Ridge wants to pick this up in the morning, he has to take care of his kids. It is okay she has a lot she could do tonight. Ridge stands on the balcony holding Phoebe and talking about mommy. He doesn't know where she is right now, but they miss her and love her and want her to come home.

Rick comes in with his trophy in hand. Steph comes down the stairs, ah, the conquering hero. She gives him a big hug. She wishes she and Eric were there. He hopes they come next time along with Amber and little Eric. She is surprised to hear that, thinking Amber would be a distraction. She thought the idea of him going off was so he could have some fun and be with his friends. He had a good time, he likes his friends, but hanging out with his family is as good as it gets. He realized while he was away, after doing something, that he knows his parents think Amber and Eric are a burden to him, but they're not. They are the joy of his life. Who cares if Eric isn't his biological son or Amber doesn't know a thing about tennis. It doesn't matter. What matters is, she loves him for who he is not what he can do. And he loves her the same way. Nothing makes him happier than knowing they will be a family again some day. She tells him not to worry about his mom and dad, when they really understand how committed he is, they will come around.

Amber flips through the pile of pictures as Brooke rubs it in, she should move on with her life as Rick is moving on with his. Save them all the heart ache and leave Rick. Amber wants to talk to Rick, she thinks Amanda has been after him for weeks and it may not be what Rick wants. She accuses Brooke of not wanting her and Rick together because she thinks Amber is trash. Brooke claims it has nothing to do with that, she is just looking out for her son's future. Amber asks what about her future and their son's future. Brooke remarks that Eric is not Rick's son, right Deacon? He says not to drag him into this. Brooke claims she doesn't want to fight, she wants the same thing Amber wants, Rick to be happy and they need to let him grow. She wants Amber to call off the engagement let him live his life. Amber is sure he is living his life and wants to get married. He made a commitment. They get into a heated argument about Amber saying she would back off if she thought Rick wanted out. And she is sure Rick has changed his mind and sooner or later he will tell her. Amber screams at her to stop it. Brooke tells her that she is the only one who can stop it and should break it off with Rick before he does and she is humiliated. Amber is sure that Brooke would love that, but Brooke says that isn't true. She doesn't want to see anyone hurt, it is better than Rick abandoning little Eric. It they got married, it wouldn't last and what would happen to the baby then, he has already been through so many changes in his life. If she won't end the relationship for Rick, at least do it for Eric. Amber is tormented over a decision, but refuses to give up. She loves Rick. Brooke says Amber has stolen Rick's youth, his freedom and now wants to steal his future and that is not going to happen. She shows the pictures to Amber again and says Rick has broken his agreement with her already and she better walk out of this relationship with dignity or she won't be left with any. She storms out leaving Amber in tears as Deacon looks on.

As Taylor talks to Steffy, Tim comes back. She was worried he wasn't coming back. He had to run some errands first. He takes the lock off the door. She comes out and thanks him for saving their lives, he won't regret it. They hear a noise and Morgan is standing at the top of the stairs and says oh, yes, he will.

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