The Bold & The Beautiful Friday 3/2/01



B&B Update Friday 3/2/01

By Linda

The show starts off at Big Bear. Stephanie, in her robe sits in a rocking chair drinking her coffee. Brooke comes out of her bedroom dressed in a skimpy nightgown. Steph inquires about the project Brooke was working on. Brooke is done and will show Steph after they talk. Steph wants Brooke to put something else on more appropriate for a girly night. Brooke always wears what she has on to bed and asks if it really offends her which Steph agree. It makes her think back about Eric, Ridge and Thorne. Brooke wants to discuss it, she really had feelings for them and now Steph has Eric back and she should move on and forget the past. Steph can't understand why it is so difficult for her to put something else on. Why be so stubborn, she only asked her to do one thing. It is her birthday and she should have some say. It is always Brooke, why can't it be her for one day. Brooke agrees to put her jacket on over her nightgown when Steph decides she is just going to go home and begs her to stay. Steph says okay, she will stay, Brooke can go. Brooke waited too many years to bury the hatchet with her and doesn't want to go. Steph doesn't feel it is working, it just isn't working. Brooke agrees to go. Steph calls out to her wondering if she has gone. Talks to herself, what was she thinking, they are never going to get along. She notices the gift Brooke left for her and wonders what it is. She opens the card. Dear Stephanie, Happy Birthday, it has been an honor for me to share it with you. On this occasion, I wanted to pay tribute to you. I wanted so much to be a part of it. Love, Brooke. She opens the gift. It is a photo album with the name Stephanie Douglas Forrester on the cover. She opens it to find her pictures with captions under each with Stephanie's age. She is overwhelmed. She says, Brooke, what have you done? She is amazed, can't figure where Brooke got all the pictures. There are pictures of her, her parents, her wedding to Eric, other family photos and childhood friends. She thinks it is just fabulous. One picture has Taylor, Ridge and the kids. She runs her fingers over Steffy's picture. Brooke comes in, not to worry, she is leaving, just wants to grab something. Steph shows her the album, looking for this? Brooke hopes she likes it. It is beautiful, Steph says, thank you. Brooke says so is Steph, happy birthday. She wonders where Brooke got all the pictures. Some from Eric, some from Thorne. Steph asks about the earlier ones. She contacted Steph's family in Chicago, they were wonderful. Steph is sure this took a long time. Brooke says she was afraid to contact her family and was going to ask Thorne to do it but she did it herself. She wanted this to be a tribute to her. They start looking through the book and Steph asks about different pictures, can't believe she tracked down one of Steph's high school friends. It must have taken forever. Brooke feels it was well worth it and show her one of her favorites. A picture of the two of them together at Brooke and Thorne's wedding with the caption under, a new beginning. She thinks Steph is her inspiration. When they come together, anything is possible. Steph thinks it is pretty incredible and the nicest gift she has ever gotten in her life. Tears rolling down her eyes, she hugs Brooke and thanks her again.

Amber searches for her purse. Deacon says it is on the sofa. He jokes about her outfit, mid school girl look. She just wants to look nice. He thinks she always looks nice and wonders why she is so nervous, maybe she thinks Rick has bad news. Deacon thinks she is in a costume. She claims woman dress for dates. He thinks only when they are insecure. She wonders why he is trying to tick her off. He claims she is the one that told him about the college club and Cathy co-ed, Amanda. Amber doesn't think Rick is into her type. Rick may think she is perfect, but Deacon wouldn't go after that type, that much perfection is always and act. Amber asks what makes him think she is perfect. He doesn't think she is, at least not for him. Amber appreciates what he is trying to do, but she doesn't need a pep talk. She and Rick will be fine. He has been a jerk lately saying how she and Rick are different. They are sole mates. They have been through so much together and will get through this too. He says, whatever she says. He looks her over, buttons a button on her sweater and tells her to lose the gum. She thinks he can be a great guy when he wants to be. He wants her to remember that when she figures out that Rick isn't meant for her. She doesn't want him to hold his breath. He puts out his hand and she places the gum in it. She leaves with the baby. He picks up a picture of Amber and the baby and says he doesn't think, somehow, that things are going to work out with Amber and Rick.

Eric is amazes that Rick made the tennis team. He didn't know Rick was trying out. He doesn't want to make a big deal of it in case he didn't make it. He has a tournament tomorrow. Eric points out that this is what he and his mother were talking about. He has all this ahead of him and wants him to be sure his decision to marry Amber is thought through. He isn't trying to run his life, just wants him to be sure he is doing what is right for him. He has been a wonderful father for little Eric, but he is with Deacon now. Rick says he has him for 4 months and is giving him back. Eric says he is giving him to Amber. Rick will have him too, they are engaged. Eric just wants him to think about his future. He is young and has so much potential. He has accomplished so much in college and deserves.

Rick comes into the Insomnia as Amber sits with the baby. Here is daddy, she says. He picks up the baby. He is sorry to be late, he misses the baby. She ordered him a coffee. She asks how he is, he is fine, she is too now that they are together. She is curious to what he wanted to tell her. She looks nervous, what is wrong. He says nothing, and doesn't want her to get upset, she isn't going to like what he has to tell her. She wants to know what it is.

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