The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 3/20/01



B&B Update Tuesday 3/20/01

By Linda C

Brooke insists Amber open the envelope with the pictures in it, but Amber doesn't want to see them or play Brooke's game. Brooke claims it is not a game, Amber should see reason and what her son is going through. Amber knows where she and Rick stand, they just talked. Brooke feels Amber should have nothing to fear then in opening the envelope. She insists she just take a look. Amber takes the envelope back but doesn't open it. Deacon comes out and gets a bottle of water and sits at the bar listening in. She warns Brooke not to get nasty, she knows she just doesn't like her and is trying to upset her. Brooke says it is not about her, it is about Rick. Amber is sure nothing will change the feelings between them. Brooke asks if she really knows who Rick is. Amber claims her fiance and the father of her child. Brooke says that is what Amber wants him to be and it is a decision Rick is rethinking. Amber doesn't believe her. She tells her to open the envelope and see for herself. Amber looks and sees the picture of Rick and Amanda in bed and can't believe it. She accuses Brooke of altering the picture. Brooke wants her to face the truth. Rick isn't committed to her anymore. He wants to be a college guy, no engagements, no attachments. Amber is sure Rick would talk to her, not cheat on her if they were having problems. Brooke picks up the picture and reminds Amber that Rick is in bed with Amanda. Amber says that doesn't mean they went any further. Brooke is sure Rick is popular and the girls fall all over him and if Amber cared about him at all, she would take herself out of the picture and give Rick his freedom.

Amanda waits for Rick at the MVP party. Jen asks if she is sure Rick is coming. Amanda says Rick said he would try to make it and she is sure he is coming. Jen thinks Amanda has a crush and there is nothing wrong with that, but she should keep in mind that Rick has a fiance and a kid. Amanda knows. They want to get started and Rick isn't there yet. The coach starts off with a trophy to Amanda who is the heart of the team and the ladies singles and doubles champion and she is to hand out the trophies. She thanks her doubles partner, Jennifer, who also gets a trophy. Then the other members on the team get acknowledgement. Rick comes through the door and she sees him. Her eyes light up as she announces him as the MVP and kisses him on the cheek. He holds up the trophy as everyone applauds. Rick and Amanda have a little heart to heart. He wonders about the kiss, it was just a kiss, right? He says she is a really sweet girl and he likes spending time with her. She does too and would like to get to know each other, but this isn't the place. He agrees. She wants to go somewhere. He says he likes her and if he were single right now, he would be doing back flips, but he is in love and Amber and Eric mean the world to him. He tries to apologize about the other night. She says it is water under the bridge and if Amber is who he wants, she is happy for him. Rick is sure he and Amber will be happy for a long time.

Stephanie and Ridge talk about Taylor and the kids. He doesn't know whether to be angry or scared to death since he hasn't heard from Taylor and has no clue where she went. He mentions Morgan is coming over. Steph thinks she should stay. No, he wants her to go and leave the door open because Morgan should be there any moment.

Taylor screams out for Tim to help her as she wonders what they are doing to her baby. Upstairs, Morgan says to herself, she is taking a big chance on Tim. He promised to help her and it better be true. He tells her she looks great. She is going out, trusting him with the baby and her life. She has to go to see Ridge and finish some work they need. He wanted to talk to her first. Morgan says it would have to wait. He wants to let Taylor see her baby so she will calm down. Morgan says no, if she gets out, she will go straight to the police and he wouldn't want her to go to jail, would he? No. Then stay out of the basement. After she leaves, Tim plays with Steffy and says to himself, this is not right, Morgan, to keep this child away from her mother. Taylor paces wondering how to get out when Tim calls out to her. She thanks him for coming back. He says someone wants to see her and lets Steffy look in. Taylor reaches out to her baby and thanks him telling him that Morgan never lets her see her baby. She begs him to get them out of there. He promises he will and she thanks him.

Morgan slips in through the door and whispers in Ridge‘s ear, which scares the life out of him. She asks if he has heard from Taylor. No, he hasn't. She wonders how Taylor would feel if she knew she was there. He says she wouldn't like it. She offers to go. He wants her to stay right there, they have lots of work to do. She says to herself, that is right, Ridge, I am going to stay right here where I belong.

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