The Bold & The Beautiful Monday 3/19/01



B&B Update Monday 3/19/01 

By Linda C  

Taylor continues to scream, she and her daughter are kidnapped and her daughter is upstairs. Tim and Morgan stand frozen looking at her trying to get through the small opening in the door. She begs Tim to call the police. Morgan pushes the door shut and locks it on her. Tim begs her to let Taylor go. She can't, Taylor saw everything and will have her put away for life. He says this is criminal behavior and he won't have anything to do with it. She has to let them go home. He tries to open the door, but she pins him against it and tells him Taylor isn't going anywhere and neither is he. Taylor cries, who is that man, please God, don't let anyone hurt her baby. Upstairs, Tim clearly states he is going back down to let them out of the basement. No, Morgan begs him to be quiet, he will wake Stacey. He says her name is Steffy. She says not anymore. He has had it, he is leaving. She wants to explain. He says there is nothing to explain. She committed a crime and made him an accessory. He thought she cared about him. She begs him, please, she never meant to hurt anybody, especially him. She knows she did something real bad, but he can't leave her there, he has to help her. She doesn't know how this happened, everything just spun out of control. He tells her to stop it. She wishes she could. He says she just has to open the door and let Taylor go home. She knows she won't go home, but right to the police. Everyone thinks the child is dead, no one was supposed to find her. No one is hurt. She had to do something. He wants her to undo it. No, she can't, he heard Taylor, she wants her put away for the rest of her life. She fakes a cry and asks if that would be how he would treat someone who is sick. No, no, he says, that is not what she needs. She says she needs him and his help. He told her he would do anything for her. He says not this, he had no idea. She says she feels terrible, what she has done is so evil. Would he want her in jail. She kisses his ear and neck and tells him she is the first real lover he ever had and she thought they had something special. She seduces him and he tells her to stop. She claims she needs him more than anyone in her life, please don't let her down.

Rick brags to little Eric that he won. He uses tennis terms that Amber doesn't understand. She is so lost. She is just glad he had a good time. He says he did, more than ever. She wonders if he missed them. He says he did, but he had back to back matches during the day. She asks about at night, did he miss them then? Yes, he assures her. He thought she was okay with this. She is, she just missed him. He missed her too. She wasn't so sure because he was quiet on the way home. She wonders if he slept last night. He says they had a little party, just a few beers. She knows they have to have some fun but she doesn't want them to get side tracked or lose sight of what they want. He assures her he isn't losing sight of anything, he loves her and Eric. His phone rings. It is Amanda wanting him to go to a party. He doesn't think he can make it. She mentions the trophy, the MVP award. Amber tells him to go and have a good time, Deacon will be home soon anyway. He says okay, he will call her first thing tomorrow and leaves. Deacon comes out from the back room. They look at one another. She tells him not to say it, she knows he was eavesdropping. He said it was nice hearing Rick blab about his tennis games. She thinks it is great that Rick enjoyed himself. He asks why she isn't going to the party, oh, that's right, she wasn't invited. She wants him to stop playing on her insecurities. He blames Rick for that. He is pulling away from her and the baby. He thinks Rick is all talk. He tried so hard to get the baby back from him and now he is off somewhere, face it, she is not number one anymore.

Eric, Brooke and Thorne discuss Rick and how happy he was in his time away. Brooke says he was so happy out of his element and she has pictures. She shocks Eric with pictures of Amanda and Rick kissing on his bed. Eric wonders where she got the them. Brooke tells him Charlie took them. He wonders what is going on, Rick was so interested in Amber before he left. She thinks this would be good for Rick. The relationship with him and Amber is not good for Rick. She is thrilled for him and if he wants to make these changes in his life, they should help him. Eric agrees.

Brooke arrives at Deacon's with the pictures. Inside Amber yells back to Deacon, see, she told him he would come back. She is not happy to see Brooke standing there. She comes in, so this is where you've been living? Deacon comes out of the back, gee Brooke, thanks, we like it. Amber tells her that if she is looking for Rick, he just left. Brooke is there to see her for a talk, woman to woman. Amber asks Deacon for a little privacy, Brooke doesn't mind if he stays. Amber does, so Deacon excuses himself, will check on napping baby. He stays within earshot. Brooke badgers Amber about Rick going to the victory party. Amber insists, she told him to go. Brooke is sure he didn't need much encouragement. He was very excited about it. It was one of the most important events in his life. For the first time in years, he was able to have fun with his friends, no pressures, or anxieties. They squabble a bit and Amber insists Rick had missed his friends but he is committed to her and the baby. Brooke wonders what if he changed his mind? Amber is sure he hasn't. Well, what if he did? She reminds Amber about her statement earlier about leaving if she was sure Rick wasn't 100% committed. She hands Amber the envelope with the pictures and tells her to open it.

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