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B&B Update Wednesday 3/14/01

By Linda

The kids are packed and ready to go. Instead of taking the ride to the flight along with everyone else, Charlie will take a cab. On the way he will stop and get the pictures that are being developed from the night before. He warns Brooke that he is not a professional photographer. A lot is riding on this quips Brooke. Charlie is quick to say Amanda and Rick were really going at it. He leaves as Amanda comes out of the hotel room and greets Mrs. Forrester. Brooke asks her how her night was. One word answers that, wonderful. Brooke is obviously pleased to hear it. On the plane, Charlie announces Rick. Everyone cheers. As Rick sits down, Charlie brings the photos to Brooke and heads to his seat next to Rick. Brooke is thrilled to see Rick enjoying himself with his friends. He is so carefree and things will never be the same between him and Amber. Thorne reminds her that she hasnít seen the pictures yet. She will and so will Amber, she quips. Charlie looks at Rick, who asks, what? Nothing happened last night, they made out a little bit, but mostly talked. He is sure nothing is going to happen between Amanda and him. He canít believe Rick is still stuck on Amber. Rick quips, he is going to marry Amber, they are engaged. Charlie thinks it sounds more like an obligation. Amanda comes over and asks Charlie to switch for a while. He quickly obliges. She sits down as Brooke watches from across the aisle and opens the flap to the photo envelope. Amber asks Rick if he is okay. He is, why? Because, she says, he is Rick Forrester and doesnít like cheating on his girlfriend. He thinks they had too much to drink. She wonders if that is all it was. He wants to go back to being teammates, can she live with that? After last night, no. He gets nervous. She then says of course she can handle it, the question is, can Amber? She is sure he will tell her, he has a hyper active conscience. Nothing happened, but it would have been nice. He thinks nothing has changed, they are still close. She is now sure the kiss did mean something to him. He smiles, teammates are supposed to be close arenít they? It was the perfect way to celebrate. Yes, she says, perfect. Brooke flips through the photos, smiling as she sees Rick and Amanda kissing on the bed. She hears Amberís voice in her head about leaving if she thought Rick was not committed. She says to herself, bye, bye Amber. Amanda comes over and sits with Brooke who puts the photos into her purse. Amanda says it is so good seeing Rick enjoying himself. Brooke says that has to do with Amanda. Amanda reveals, she really doesnít like the idea of Rick getting married. Brooke agrees, and tells her not to give up, she is sure Rick likes her. Amanda is asked to return to her seat, they are about to descend. She and Brooke smile at one another and she returns to her seat.

Taylor looks a total mess still in that basement. She wonders what is going on upstairs, it is so quiet. How long will Morgan keep her there? Tim sits with Steffy as she writes on paper. He is worried because she still isnít eating. Morgan assures him she wonít starve. He thinks she seems troubled. He reminds her that she told him they would talk when she came home last night. She smiles, she had something else on her mind, didnít she? Banging can be heard from the basement. Morgan looks worried as Tim comments on the noise. He asks her to trust him, he told her before that he would do anything for her and meant it. What is that noise in the basement? There is nothing she has to hide from him. She tells him to sit down, he wouldnít want to be standing when she tells him what she has to tell him. She claims that she isnít the type of girl that sleeps with any man, she has to really trust him. He swears he will never betray that trust. She needs to believe that. Her secrets are safe with him. She reminds him of how she lost her two children and never told him how Steffy came into her life. She doesn't think this is a good idea. He tells her to think of it as though she is talking to her therapist. Okay, it is about how she got Steffy. He comes to the conclusion that Steffy is not her natural child and she didnít adopt her. He thinks further, she purchased her on the black market? No, she didnít buy her either, that girl is not her daughter and her name is not Stacey. Tim looks confused. So, that little girl isnít her daughter? This doesnít make any sense. She reminds him that the Forresters robbed her of something so precious. He agrees with her. He remembers their sessions and how deprived Morgan felt. She explains that after Taylor knocked her off the balcony, she thought she would go insane if she didnít do something. She touches Steffyís face, she took what should have been hers. Steffy. She took her from her mother and father to collect on a debt. He hugs her, she has to tell him what she did so he can help her with this burden. She is in a lot of trouble, she will have to show it to him, it is in the basement. They head down the stairs into the basement. This is a big problem and one she can only trust with one person in this world, him. He assumes it is a body from the way she is talking. She assures him she didnít kill anyone, yet. Then, he says, it canít be that bad, where is it? Behind this door. Ah, like a hidden treasure? No, like a nightmare! This is her secret. Steffyís mother is in there. She unlocks the door as Taylor pushes it open screaming to be let out of there, now. Morgan and Tim jump back. He looks scared out of his wits as Taylor screams at the top of her lungs, let me out of here, let me out!

Deacon flips on Amber, no, she isnít making a welcome home sign for Rick on his $5,000 table. He has to be out of his mind. She says to Eric, K, see, that is the last letter in his daddyís name. Deacon is quick to say, N is the last letter in his daddyís name and he should never forget that. She reaches to take the baby out of Deaconís arms and off to the airport they will go. He doesnít think this is a good idea, she knows he isnít getting off that plane alone. She assures him she is going to be there when Rick gets off that flight. He is going to be with all his school buddies. He reminds her the last time she busted in on that gang, it wasnít too pleasant. Amber rolls up the welcome home sign and tells Deacon there is someone out there for him too. He knows. She points out she meant out there, not in here. He offers to go with her and stay in the car just in case things donít go the way she thinks. She reminds him that Rick went to a tennis match, not an orgy. Nothing has changed. She twirls around, how does she look? He is sure no one on that plane will look like she does, he can tell her that much. She is so excited. He says it has only been a couple of days. She knows, but it feels like months since sheís seen Rick. He will be there if she should need him. She tells him not to wait by the phone, but he is sweet. She is sure she and Rick will be just fine. She says bye and walks off as he quietly says bye.

Amber waits at the airport when the flight lands and everyone comes in. There is a big rally as everyone is greeted. She hands the baby a small flag to wave for daddy, which he does. She holds up the banner and tries to get Rickís attention but to no avail. Brooke and Thorne make their way through the crowd with Brooke giving Amber a degrading look. Amanda comes by and kisses Rick on the cheek then pats it with a big smile as Amber watches on. Rick finally sees Amber and Eric and comes over. He takes the baby and says he got MVP of the tournament, wait until they see his trophy. Amber asks what is an MVP? Brooke puts her two cents in, Most Valuable Player, she is so proud of him. Brooke invites Rick to dinner with the family, but Amber already has plans for them and he opts to go along with her. He thanks them for all their support. As they walk away, Amber looks back with a dirty look of her own for Brooke. Brooke tells Thorne the end is definitely near. She pulls the photos from her purse, no, the end is here.

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