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B&B Update Tuesday 3/13/01

By Linda C

Brooke stands in her hotel room replaying Amber's words about leaving if she were sure Rick was not committed to their relationship. She heads out to the living room where Thorne is seated after calling room service. They get into the discussion about Rick finally having a good time and acting like a college student and having fun with his friends. One in particular, Amanda. Besides, Amber is out with Deacon for dinner. Thorne doesn't think that should be an issue since Rick doesn't seem to mind. Brooke feels differently, she thinks Rick is hiding how he really feels. He is just obligated to Amber because of the baby so Amber has him by a leash. She is going to prove it to Amber so she will back away. She informs him about giving Charlie her camera to take pictures of Rick and Amanda. Thorne doesn't look pleased. She quips, she knows there is a child involved, but he has a father who has feelings for Amber, so why doesn't she marry him instead of Rick? She is going to prove Rick isn't ready for marriage. He has no experience and she doesn't want him involved with Amber. Now she is depending on Amanda, Rick and a camera.

The kids razzed Rick until he kissed Amanda. Charlie sits with the camera ready. Amanda says that wasn't so bad and notices Rick's heart is pounding. Jennifer asks Charlie what is wrong with the camera. He claims it doesn't work. She tells him he has to turn it on first. Some of them go out for more beer and leave just the four of them alone. A spin of the bottle and Charlie and Jen get 7 minutes in heaven in the bedroom. Amanda tells Rick they need to talk. He looks so worried and strung out. He is confused, Amber is out with Deacon tonight, the father of her child, well, her cousin's baby. Amanda can't understand why he is moping after just winning a tournament. He claims Amber is the woman he is going to marry. She asks, want to or going to. He says want to. She says he can talk to Amber when he gets back home but in the meantime, they are going to party or she is going to kick his butt. She hands him a beer and asks if he is feeling guilty about that kiss. No, he isn't. She thinks he should, that was the sweetest kiss she has ever shared with anyone. Later, Rick and Amanda get 7 minutes in heaven in the bedroom. Charlie eggs her on, he knows she likes Rick and wants her to go for it. She will see. She leaves the door open a little bit because she knows how uncomfortable he feels. He says he feels safe with her. Maybe she doesn't want him to feel safe. Outside the room, Charlie takes a break from kissing Jennifer to look in on Rick and Amanda. Jen asks what he is doing? He is going to take a few pictures of Rick, he is going to save his buddy from Amber. The phone rings. It is Amber calling from the dinner table. Charlie says Rick is in the bathroom. She leaves a message, she loves Rick, please tell him. He will. He hangs up. Amanda pets Rick's cheek, still feel safe? Yes, he does. They sit on the bed and sip some beer. He tells her he likes her, she is a good friend. She claims friends sometimes get closer. He knows her better than that. She wouldn't want a guy who cheated on his fiance. Hmm, does she wear a ring? No, he tried to get her to. Okay, no ring, what about a wedding date? No. Well, what kind of fiance is that, no ring, no date and she is out with someone else for dinner. He says it is complicated. She asks if he wants her to simplify it. Yes. She kisses him. It was good, no baggage, no commitments, no demands. She boasts how much freedom they have being in college. Tells him not to complicate the only time in his life that is made to be simple or he will regret it. She kisses him again. And again, and he finally gives in as Charlie takes pictures from the doorway.

Amber asks if Deacon realizes what he just said. Deacon does. She can't believe he told her that he loves her. He doesn't say anything like that if is isn't true. She doesn't thinks he knows her well enough, all they talk about is Rick. He thinks Rick is probably the only guy who ever treated Amber decent. He admits he likes Rick. He knows he has been rude, but feels he has improved. She agrees. Now she is headed in the right direction, he proposes a toast. She denies saying they are not moving in any direction, she is devoted to Rick and he is to her. Deacon is afraid what it will do to her if Rick lets her down. She says he would never let her down. He doesn't want her to get hurt, he can't help it. If they were really serious about getting married, they would have done it by now. No, she says she is determined. He thinks she may be, but Rick isn't. She is just waiting for him to give them little Eric. He asks if Eric is the only reason they are going to tie the know? No, she says. He asks, then why wait? He is only looking out for her, doesn't want her to be hurt or disappointed. She never thought she would say this but he can be really sweet sometimes, she really likes him. After this is all over, they can remain friends. Maybe some day he can even be friends with Rick. But between her and him, they can only be friends, she has already given her heart to Rick. In a sense, it is like they are already married. She has always felt that she wasn't worthy of the good in her life, but Rick taught her that she is worthy. She is worthy of his love and loyalty and she knows that is true and she doesn't worry about it. Even though they are miles away, their hearts are in the same place and he would never betray her.

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