The Bold & The Beautiful Monday 3/12/01



B&B Update Monday 3/12/01 

By Linda C  

Thorne is so glad they cam up to San Francisco. Rick won his match. Such determination, they both agree. He thinks that is the same way Rick feels about Amber. She thinks he is having so much fun and should be instead of thinking of marriage and she is sure this trip is going to change that. Thorne goes off to take a shower as Brooke answers the door. It is Charlie, tells Brooke about Amber being so much on Rick's mind. He is so stubborn. Brooke wants him to do whatever it takes to get Amanda and Rick together. This is the only thing Amber is going to respond to. Meanwhile, Rick tries to get a hold of Amber to no avail. Amanda comes into the room. Asks if all is all right. Yes, where is Charlie. Off to get some beer. Rick knows the coach will be upset if he finds beer in their room. She asks if he is willing to take some risks. He claims she is going to be his downfall. She hopes so.

Eric sits at his table as he sees Amber come in and wait to be seated. She asks for the reservation from Rick Forrester. Right this way, she is led to her seat. When she gets to the table, her smile drops when she sees Deacon instead. Her note said to meet Rick. He claims Rick asked him to come too. He pulls out her seat. She wonders why Rick would want him there. He ordered a great bottle of wine and opens it. He asks if she really likes this place. Yes, she does, it is special for her and Rick. She wants to know what Rick said on the phone. He claims, just to meet him there. She wants to know why he would be leaving early from his tennis match. He never said. She wonders what is going on. He smirks. Eric calls Brooke, this business with Amber had better stop. Amber is out with Deacon dressed to kill and their son is putting his life on hold for her. Brooke is thrilled, and not to worry, on her end, Rick will not be moping around. She tells him to call Rick. She is so happy that Rick is going to have his life back. She then tells Thorne about Eric's call about Amber and Deacon being out to dinner. She feels Amber is just using Rick as a pawn because of the baby. He wonders what she is up to. He will see. She wants him to experience life and be free of Amber.

Amber is furious to find out that Rick isn't coming and never called. He just wanted to do something nice for her. She needed a night out. He jokes with her about him being dressed like a dork on Rodeo Drive.

Rick stares at the phone. Amanda asks if that is going to make it ring and assumes he is really hung up on this girl. The phone rings. Amanda wonders who that is. It is Eric. Rick asks him to stop off at the Lair because he keeps calling and there is no answer. He tells Rick about her having dinner with Deacon and having a good time, a very good time and he hopes Rick is too. Rick is visibly upset. Eric pays his bill and leaves as Deacon talks Amber into a glass of champagne. Deacon tries to tip the man. Amber tells him you don't tip everyone. She remembers when she first came there, she was as awkward as he was. She couldn't believe all the silverware. He laughs that they do that so people can take some home with them and still have extra. No, she says. He tells her not to be so serious. She tells him he has to stop doing things for her. She is interested in Rick. Deacon thinks Brooke is right, Amber may be standing in Rick's way. She gets up angry saying she needed to hear that. He gets up and says he is sorry, please stay. She stays, but not looking very happy about it. He wasn't trying to make her jealous because Rick is in his hotel room with a bunch of woman. She wouldn't have to be that way with him, but he is going to assume Rick really loves her and she is the most important person in Rick's life. If she was with Deacon, he would make her feel that way. But if she is sure that Rick feels that way about her, God bless them both. But if she wonders how much she means to him, he is the wrong guy, he is too young, inexperienced and they have nothing in common, or he doesn't love her as much as Deacon does.

All the college friends move the table to play spin the bottle. They do shots, truth or dare, and other little plays on each other. Jennifer spins, it points to Rick, she says he has to hold a card to his mouth sucking it in and Amanda has to suck it from his mouth to hers. If they drop it, he has to give her a long sexy kiss. They drop it. Charlie reaches for the camera as Rick and Amanda look at each other smiling.

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