The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 3/1/01



B&B Update Thursday 3/1/01

By Linda C  

Stephanie and Brooke look for wood to build a fire. Neither of them has done this before. Steph makes a snide remark. Brooke reminds her about what Dr. Nunez said, be pleasant. Steph can't believe she agreed to do this, especially on her birthday, which Brooke replies, happy birthday and she didn't forget. Steph feels if that is the case, she should be able to decide how they gather the wood and she chooses the grocery store. Brooke finds it the perfect opportunity to work together and get things done. She finds what she thinks is the perfect log and asks Steph to hold it as she chops. As it is her birthday, Steph decides it should be she that chops the log. Brooke complies but after Steph acts as though she might hit Brooke with the axe by accident, Brooke decides Steph is right, the store sounds like a perfect idea. After Brooke heads to the door, Steph lays the axe right into the log first shot. Brooke looks at her impressed. Later, Steph comments on the nice fire. Brooke says Steph was right about the kindling. Steph claims to know a few things. Brooke thought she knew everything. Steph tells her to be pleasant. Brooke is serious, Steph seems like the kind of woman who can handle anything. Steph says she hasn't handled everything, like losing her husband. Wouldn't she feel the same if the tables were turned? Brooke feels she will never forgive her for that and doesn't want to argue. Steph just wants to talk, like the doctor said. She is trying to understand. They were vulnerable at the time because she and Eric were having problems. Brooke claims she didn't think Steph loved Eric anymore at that time. Steph doesn't like the way Brooke handles things, like the way she approaches men, everything has to be seduced and she doesn't find that honest. Brooke says it is not honesty, it is style. The pizza man knocks, $15, pepperoni and sausage. Steph wanted vegetarian, she doesn't even like pepperoni and sausage. He just delivers them, doesn't take the orders. She wants him to go get the right pizza. He can't believe she wants him to drive all the way back up there. She walks away, isn't going to pay for the wrong pizza. Brooke takes over, hi, my friend and I are really hungry, you don't want us to starve do you? Pretty please with a cherry on top. He will be well rewarded. He agrees, will be right back. Steph asks what reward does she think he is expecting. Brooke quips, he is going to get a $20 tip. Steph doesn't think that is what he is hoping for. Brooke says that is all he is going to get and they are going to get the pizza. It is all in the style. Steph has a disgusted look on her face. Later, they eat the pizza. Brooke offers Steph the last piece, but she claims to be full. She can't believe Brooke isn't 20 pounds heavier. Brooke blames that on her over active metabolism. Steph blurts, over active hormones. Brooke got the pizza, didn't she? Steph gives her that one. Brooke says it's not that she is out to seduce every man she meets, it is just the way she is. She does send out the vibes. Brooke thinks Steph sends out vibes too, of power, strength, integrity and she appreciates that and only wishes Steph would appreciate her for the way she is. She is going to bed. Steph is sarcastic, just like that, she is now alone with the dirty dishes. Brooke claims she will do them in the morning. Steph tells her to go to bed, she will do them. Brooke has a project to do in the bedroom and will be finished before Steph comes out of her room in the morning. Steph isn't surprised by the project in the bedroom. Brooke knows she is just looking for an argument and isn't going to give her one, so let's just do the dishes, okay? The dishes are done, now Steph wants Brooke to pick up her clothes saying she is sloppy. Brooke claims not to be sloppy, maybe messy. Steph points out all their opposites. They have nothing in common. Brooke says they have family in common. Steph quips, she has her family and Brooke has her family and she is glad she came up there because is just proves her right. All they do is drive each other crazy, so good night, go work on her project. If she was so interested in working things out like she told Dr. Nunez, why would she bring work from the office? It's not work, it's, never mind. Good night. She goes in her room. Steph then says, so heart felt. She can't believe she agreed to this. It is the most miserable birthday of her life. Meanwhile, Brooke is in the other room preparing the gift for Steph and thinks this will change things between them forever.

Sally tells Eric that his secretary wasn't at her desk and asks if he would like her to man the phones for him. She smiles, sure, why not. He asks what she is doing there. She is there to see Steph. Tells her about Steph and Brooke which she replies, chilling thought. She actually stopped by with her deepest sympathy for the loss of their grandchild. He accepts. She has been there before and realizes it has been almost a year since her daughter died. He says one doesn't get over it do they. She says no, it is a tragic loss that stays with you the rest of your life. She doesn't want to go on about her loss when he is going on with a tragic loss of his own. She knows how close Stephanie was with the child and asks how she is holding up. He says not good, but better than Ridge and Taylor. That is understandable why she went up to Big Bear to get away from it all, but with Brooke. He says they went there to settle their differences. She doesn't believe Steph and Brooke will be able to get along together. He feels his family needs it right now. They may need it, but when a queen bee has a battle, the prey won't get out alive.

Deacon is proud of himself, he got his son to eat a whole piece of pizza. She tells him that the baby calls Rick daddy and he shouldn't confuse him. He isn't trying to confuse the kid, just set a. He stops mid-sentence. He isn't going to do this with her right now, he is getting ready for the annual Lair pool tournament. She points out that he just got the table, annual pool tournament? He paid $5,000 for this thing. She says he should have invested in stocks. He bought it for her. She isn't interested anymore, he wasted his money. He asks what she is doing. She is looking over a stock report. He asks what a stock is. She has no idea what she is looking at. He asks her a few stock questions. At first, she doesn't think he knows what he is talking about, but her has answers. He decides to play her a game of pool. She doesn't want to play. He brings up a trophy she won years ago. She asks how he knew. He saw a picture Becky had of her holding the trophy up over her head. She looked like something else. Now, she reads the stock reports. He thinks something happened when she went to see Rick and asks if she wants to talk about it. Amber lies, nothing happened when she went to see Rick. He wonders who she thinks she is kidding, she has been squandering around like something is bothering her all day. He resins his cue stick and shoots as she goes on about being worried because he has her on a leash for another 3 months while Rick is home. He is missing her. He laughs, what do they say, absent makes the heart grow fonder, or is it, out of sight, out of mind, no, maybe it is the first one. Must be the first one, he is sure they are really good together. Hands her the cue stick. She claims Rick had a meeting at his house. He asks if is was a family thing. No, an investment club. His friends from school talking about stocks and investments. He knows a bit about that stuff. She wishes she knew more. He asks who was there. One of Rick's friends and his girlfriend. Who else? Some Cathy Co-ed, probably a cheerleader. He says, but she does know her stocks, doesn't she. Even speaks the language Rick speaks, stocks. She is motivated and can learn too. He quips she is doing this for Rick, what has she done for herself lately. He has a hypothetical question. What will Rick be doing while she is home all day. She will have a maid and Rick will be getting his degree, she isn't so dumb after all. She hits a ball in and tells him he is toast. He asks, isn't Rick going to be in school 6 years. So, he will know the difference between a stock and a bond, but what about all those cute little school girls sitting near him in class, the ones that speak the same language Rick does. She claims he doesn't want those girls, he loves her, it was just a little school meeting. He is sure she isn't telling him everything. Well, maybe she has never seen him relate to other college kids like that. She hits the 8 ball in. Signed, sealed, and delivered. He says that was good. The phone rings. It is Rick wondering what she is doing right now. She was going to say shooting pool, but changed her mind and said she was doing nothing. He asks her to meet him at the Insomnia to talk about their relationship. Sure, she will meet him. Hangs up. Turns to Deacon and tells him. He says that could be good. She says maybe, or it could be horrible.