The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 2/28/01



B&B Update Wednesday 2/28/01

By Linda C

Morgan manages to get away from Taylor. As Taylor gets to her feet, asking Morgan to give her Steffy so she can go home. Morgan says Steffy is not her baby anymore, she belongs to Morgan, then pushes Taylor onto a bed that rests near the far wall. Taylor gets up and Morgan pushes her again and is knocked unconscious. When she wakes up, she is tied up and begs Morgan to bring her the child. She says no, that isn't an option, this is not a debate, so save her breath. She promises not to ever hurt Steffy, but she will not let her out. She starts to leave as Taylor begs her to untie her and not leave her like that. Morgan agrees as long as Taylor doesn't try anything and remembers she has her beautiful little daughter and that wouldn't be smart. She unties her.

Brooke and Stephanie talk with Dr. Nunez. He wants each to say what they want out of this meeting. Brooke wants them to get closer and get rid of all the anger that has built up over the years. Stephanie admits she wouldn't be there if it weren't for her husband asking her to. He feels that makes for a very short session, especially if she isn't committed to the relationship. Brooke says Stephanie is. Stephanie clearly tells Brooke not to put words in her mouth. Brooke asks if she doesn't want to get rid of the bitterness. Stephanie says they don't need therapy, they can just stay away from each other. Brooke thinks that they need to clear this up for the family. They will be at many functions together and this will cause friction. Stephanie says all that Brooke has done to her over the years has made it very hard to have warm fuzzy feelings for her. The doctor agrees, the bad feelings is what has kept them apart all of these years. Brooke rolls her eyes and asks what they should do. Stephanie suggests they stay out of each other's hair. Brooke thinks that will just make 4th of July and family picnics so much fun. He feels instead of separating, he thinks they should avoid all the outside pressures. He recommends they get away together to sort out their differences. He suggests Big Bear, but Stephanie says there are many bad memories there for the two of them. He thinks it is the best place to get away. He gives them rules, they have to support each other and depend on one another and suggests they go now before they think about it too much. Brooke is willing to try. He wants them back in a week. Stephanie feels she will outlast Brooke, who says she has to go home and pack. Stephanie tells her they are roughing it. They go to Big Bear. Stephanie arrives first, then Brooke with her bags in hand. She had to pick up a few things. She says it is cold. Stephanie asks, sarcastically if she would like her to make a fire for her. Brooke claims to know how herself. Stephanie talks about all the fun girly things they can do. They can needlepoint. She will hold the yarn and Brooke can needle. Brooke comes to the conclusion, Stephanie doesn't want to be there with her and this isn't going to work. Stephanie says she is sorry to hear her say that but okay and gets up to leave. Here's your hat, what's your hurry. Brooke says she isn't getting off that easy, she will do whatever Stephanie wants to do, she is there to make her happy. Not getting off to a good start here.

Ridge sits sipping coffee when Sally shows up. He wonders what she is doing there. She says her son owns the place, remember. He recalls, Macy used to own it. She says it has almost been a year since she lost her daughter and at the time, she thought she could not go on living and wanted to die, but she has gone on and so will he. He isn't in the mood for conversation. She isn't either, due to the subject but she reminds him he has to talk about it to get through it. He will do that with his wife. She will tell him and he can pass it on. He can't, his wife left town, possibly to grief counseling. She says a lot of help can come from him as soon as he realizes how much it hurts a mother to lose a child. He claims it is just as painful for a father. She says it is, it really is and she understands exactly what he is feeling and she gives her condolences. It is not how nature has intended this to happen. We are supposed to outlive out children. But, when a mother carries the child for 9 months, she has a connection and when she gives birth it is like no other pain, it is the pain of separation. He asks what he can do. She tells him to tell her that he understands what she is going through and says that no matter what he is going through, it is 100 times the pain he is going through for Taylor. Once alone, he tries Taylor's cell phone. Morgan answers it, hello. Ridge says Taylor, sweetheart, it is me, just hear me out. I want you to come back. This is not way to solve our problems. I need you sweetheart, and the kids need you, please come back. I love you Taylor. Morgan hangs up, then says to herself, you'll get by without her Ridge, now you have me.

Morgan tries to feed Steffy, but she refuses to eat. She tells her she has to eat something. She wants her mommy. Morgan says her mommy is right there and shoves the plate at her. Steffy shoves it back and it goes to the floor. The doorbell rings. It is Dr. Reid. She panics, this exactly what she doesn't need. She opens the door. He wonders if she is okay. She is fine, she says. He asks what she was doing when he called. She says working on pipes in the basement. He is pleased to help. His father was a plumber. He heads toward the basement and she pulls him back telling him he can't go down there. He says he can, it is something he is good at. She claims to have taken care of it and is busy feeding Steffy. He says he is good with children. She knows. She drags him to the door. It is obvious to him she is trying to get rid of him. She pats his face and tells him that if it ever happens again, she will call him. He makes her promise, he understands what she is going through being a single parent. She appreciates a friend like him. He does too. He leaves. She closes the door and looks at Steffy, who has her head down sulking. She wonders what she is doing, look at her life. Taylor bangs on the door screaming out for her daughter. Morgan is frantic cleaning up Steffy's mess. She wonders what she is going to do with Taylor, how could she have let this happen. She needs to get control of her life, she is losing it. Taylor wonders how long Morgan will leave her down there and searches for a way out. She knew Steffy was alive, what if Morgan hurts her. She didn't know Morgan was so delusional.

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