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B&B Update Tuesday 2/27/01

By Linda C

Taylor carries Steffy down the stairs with Morgan on her trail. She tells Steffy she missed her and asks if Steffy missed her too, which she replies, yes. Taylor asks if Morgan took good care of her, she says, yes. She gave her a doll. Taylor says that was sweet of her, then asks if Steffy is ready to go home. Yes, but she wants her doll. Taylor asks where it is. Steffy says, upstairs. She tells Steffy to go upstairs and get it real fast. Steffy leaves and Morgan tries to talk to Taylor, but she stops her in her tracks as she pulls out her cell phone. Morgan eyes a statue as Taylor phones Ridge.

Stephanie tells Eric that Brooke is waiting in the psychiatrists office waiting for her. He wonders why Stephanie isn't there. She can't believe he wants her to go. She went to her wedding and walked her down the aisle, but if she thinks she is going to some touchy feely meeting, she is crazy. She has nothing to hide from a psychiatrist or anyone else. He asks what she has to lose. She doesn't appreciate being pressured. He knows Brooke wants what is best and thinks a psychiatrists can help. She says she is not ready, and he would like to know when she will be. She doesn't know if she ever will. He thinks after what happened at the wedding, Brooke has hopes. She thinks it may have been a mistake her going to the wedding. He doesn't think she believes that because their whole family came together at that moment and he will never forget that day and doesn't think she will either. Brooke is building on that and he is sure the psychiatrist isn't going to take sides. He asks that she do this for their family.

Brooke meets with Dr. Nunez. He asks how Thorne and the children are and gives his condolences for the loss of Ridge and Taylor's child. He asks what he can do for them, she and Stephanie. He heard she went to the wedding. Yes, that was a breakthrough, but she wants them to be close. He says he has to work with the two of them together. She says Stephanie is on her way, she hopes. He asks if Stephanie has agreed. No, not exactly. He knows how much she wants this. She doesn't think he does. Up until the point she married Thorne, Stephanie hated her but since she showed up at their wedding, that was the crowning moment of her life. They are finally making progress. He says she can't do that on her own, Stephanie has to want it. He is sorry, he can't wait any longer, she mustn't be ready and if she isn't there is nothing Brooke can do about it. Brooke knows she wants to be there for her family but it is her pride, fear, and mistrust that is keeping her away. Dr. Nunez says those are important issues. Yes, and she brings them out in her because Stephanie is afraid she is going to try to control her family. But she really respects Stephanie and hopes to be like her some day. She has learned a lot from her and has used what she learned from her as a role model. She apologizes for wasting his time. He says not to let it get her down, she may change her mind some day. Knock, Knock, it is Stephanie. She asks if Brooke is going somewhere. No, she isn't. Stephanie says hello to the doctor and asks if they should get started. All smile.

Thorne and Ridge talk about Taylor leaving and Ridge is sure she isn't at the cabin because there, she would be found. She hasn't said how long she will be gone. Ridge says she will be gone longer than that, she isn't the woman he married, she wanted to get away from him, as though he was the cause of all of her pain. She never even said good bye to him and he wonders if she will ever come back. The phone rings and Ridge picks it up. It was Taylor but Morgan has hit her over the head and she is out cold on the floor. Steffy comes down stairs and says, you hurt my mama. Morgan tells her that her mommy is resting and she wants her to go upstairs and play with her toys and be very quiet not to wake her up. Steffy goes up the stairs. Morgan checks to make sure Taylor is still alive and frets, what is she going to do. She drags Taylor as Steffy calls for her mommy again. Morgan tells her that she is resting, keep playing with her toys. She starts to drag her to the basement as the phone rings. It is Dr. Reid who asks if she isn't doing anything, his friend has a boat and they can go to the Catalina's. She says she is in the middle of something and has to go. She hangs up on him. He decides she sounds like she needs help. She thinks Taylor might be coming around and says not now, no this is not what she wanted, she should never have come around there. Now she will have to deal with it. She then drags Taylor into the basement. She gets frantic trying to decide what to do, then remembers the realtor told her about a fallout shelter, or did she dream that, no, she told her. She looks around for a key. She slides over a bookshelf and finds a hidden door. Taylor starts to come around as Morgan checks out the room. It is perfect. She drags her in saying it is Taylor's fault, she is the one who showed up at her door. She says, solid walls, no one will hear you. Now, don't go anywhere, she has a daughter to take care of. She storms past Taylor who reaches out and grabs her by the ankle and knocks her to the floor. She tells Morgan to stop right now. Morgan tries to kick free yelling for Taylor to let go of her right now.

Thorne asks if Ridge thought that was Taylor on the phone. He doesn't thinks so. Thorne doesn't want him to blow this all out of proportion. Ridge doesn't think that is possible. Thorne knows things were said that weren't meant out of stress over their loss. Ridge is sure it is more than that, Taylor can't get it through her head that Steffy is gone, she doesn't feel the loss. It is the lack of closure that is killing her. Thorne is sure that can be because Steffy was lost at sea. Ridge says she is mad at him because he didn't let her check on the kids on the boat and when he tries to help her, she looks at him as though he is the enemy. She is a different person now. Thorne says that is natural. How much of this has to do with Morgan. Ridge doesn't think she has anything to do with it. He thinks with their loss, they should have been closer, but he thinks she is through with him and doesn't know how that will change. Thorne tells him to call her, just call her. Call her on her cell phone and tell her to come home. What if she won't. Don't accept it, tell her she has a husband there that needs her. Ridge doesn't want to hear it if she says no. He just hopes wherever she is, she is thinking of them and most of all, he hopes to God she is safe.

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