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B&B Update Monday 2/26/01 

By Linda C  

Brooke and Bridgett talk about dating and knowing each other before getting married. Bridgett says there is no mystery in that. What about just seeing someone and liking them. Brooke claims she never experienced that, even with Thorne they knew each other well before marrying. She would like to know about this someone Bridgett is talking about. Bridgett says she saw him at the Insomnia and then again. Brooke is amazed, she saw him twice. And? Bridgett says, they talked, that is all. He is really hot and doesn't have a girlfriend. No name. Brooke wonders if he will see him again. Bridgett is sure because if he felt the same way she felt, it will happen. Brooke smiles, Bridgett! What makes this boy so special. He isn't a boy. How old? College again. Brooke asks if he is cute. Bridgett says more of the dangerous kind. Brooke, dangerous? Bridgett tells her not to give her that look. Not literally, just has an edge, a rebel. Brooke tells her to be careful. Bridgett asks if she trusts her judgment. Well, she trusted Rick and look who he ended up with. She insists Bridget take her time. Bridgett says she sounds just like Stephanie. Brooke thinks that is a first. They laugh. Bridgett thinks they are more alike than they want to admit. Brooke wishes things would be better between Stephanie and her and has an idea that just might help them along. While alone a bit later, Brooke has a flashback about Stephanie telling her that Bridget came to see her and talked to her, asking her to come to the wedding for the sake of the feeling. Steph admits she came because of the children, they need to know that they are loved by all of them and that had to start then. They need them. Brooke says to herself, that is right, Stephanie, they need both of them.

Eric tells Stephanie that he is sure this is a terrible ordeal for Taylor, but for her to leave like this? Steph defends her, she thinks she is doing the right thing for her children. He can't believe they were so happy before their trip to St. Thomas. Stephanie realizes that was the last time they saw Steffy. Eric hugs her. She feels the death of a baby can really tear a couple apart. She tried to talk to Ridge about Morgan. He can't believe she even brought up her name. She just wants him to be careful while Taylor is gone. He says Ridge hates her and will tear her head off. She thinks all would have been fine if Brooke fired Morgan when she had the chance. He reminds her that they have been through this already, Brooke is doing what is best for the company. She thinks Brooke should be doing what is best for the company. He tells her to let it go, but she can't. If Brooke wants to be a member of this family, she needs to start acting like one. She walks out the door.

Stephanie comes in to visit Brooke just as she is about to call her. Brooke says she needs a favor. Steph is more than willing, if she needs her, she is there, but first, she has to fire Morgan. She says she can't fire her. Steph asks why, because she was hired over their rejections. Brooke says she is a good designer, and she can't let her go until her contract is up. Steph says no, now. Brooke says Morgan isn't a threat anymore. Steph claims she is. Brooke is sure Ridge and Taylor is solid as ever. Steph shakes her head, no, Taylor left town this morning because losing Steffy is more than she can deal with. That is why they need to protect them. Brooke thinks they should let Ridge and Taylor protect their marriage. Steph asks, that means Brooke won't help? Brooke says no. Steph says then they have nothing to discuss. Brooke stops her, yes they do, and she is not going to let her get away with this. She is tired of Steph blaming her for the actions everyone's life in the family. They both have the same goal to have peace in the family, they just have different opinions on how to do it. Brooke suggests they see the doctor she has found, a consultant. He is a friend of Taylor's. Steph can't believe she wants them to go to counseling. Brooke wants her to go to just one session and if she doesn't like it, she doesn't have to go back. She tries to give the appointment card to Stephanie who refuses to take it. Brooke says she will be there. Steph says, good. She walks out the door.

Taylor flashes back into Morgan's house calling out for Steffy. Morgan has a nervous look on her face. Steffy is upstairs playing as Taylor calls out again for her. Morgan asks what Taylor is doing. Taylor heard her. Morgan says Steffy is dead, that was her cat she heard and Taylor is losing it. Taylor insists she heard her voice. Morgan says she is sure Taylor did. She doesn't realize Morgan knows what it is like, but she has lost two children and every night she hears them calling out to her and if she thinks it is going to pass, she is wrong, it is going to haunt her for the rest of her life, welcome to the nut house. Maybe she should call one of her psychiatrist friends to see if they can fit her in. Taylor says she is not the one who needs help. Morgan tells her she is the one hearing voices. Taylor thinks Morgan has no conscience. She is happy that she lost her child. Morgan gets sarcastic, this is where Taylor expects her to make her touching little speech, just like she did for her when she was in the hospital after losing her son, the one about the tragedy of a young loss. Well, she doesn't believe her. Taylor claims she never did anything to her except be her friend. Morgan says until she pushed her off the balcony which caused her miscarriage. Taylor insists that was an accident. Morgan says, just like Steffy's death was, does that make her feel better? Less angry? Taylor says no, no she is not. Morgan tells her to get out. Steffy calls out Mommy, Mommy. Taylor realizes she has been doing just what Morgan has, blaming people who aren't even responsible, just because she needed someplace to put her anger. And it took seeing Morgan to realize that. This is what she has become. She almost gave up her life and her family. Morgan taunts, so now is she going to run back to her perfect life and family. Taylor says they may not be perfect, but they need each other. Morgan says, Auntie Em, Auntie Em, there is no place like home. Get out, she doesn't care what she does or where she does it, just get out, now. Taylor leaves. Morgan sits on her sofa with a sigh of relief. Taylor then comes back in and says no, she can't leave. Meanwhile, Steffy is trying to open the door to get out of the room upstairs. Taylor says whether Morgan knows it or not, she just helped her and now she wants to help Morgan, who says she doesn't want Taylor's help. Taylor says she understands what Morgan is going through, she is lonely. Morgan wants to wipe that look off Taylor's face. Taylor says Morgan's life could be so much better. Morgan claims her life is fine and she is in a relationship Taylor would kill for. Taylor asks why she is so angry. Morgan says because Taylor is so irritating, what will it take to get her out of there? Taylor tells her to see a therapist. She claims to be seeing one, one who has real credentials not like Taylor and her mail order diploma. Taylor wants to know his name. She won't give in, just says the guy knows her life and there are a lot of things that have brought her peace and healing. Taylor promises to pray for her because she doesn't believe her. Morgan tells her to take her phony compassion and get out. Taylor says fine, and leaves for the second time. Just as she heads out the door, she hears Steffy call her again. She stops and turn to look at Morgan. Morgan shutters in her shoes. She calls out, Steffy, where are you. Morgan tells her she is hearing things. She grabs Morgan, where is her baby. She hears her call again and flies up the stairs with Morgan right behind her screaming, no, she is my baby now. Taylor goes door to door until she finds Steffy. Steffy puts her arms out to hug her mommy. (Now this little girl can act, she has tears running down her cheeks.) Morgan stands angrily in the doorway as she ponders what to do next.

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