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B&B Update Friday 2/23/01

By Linda

Taylor stops by the bed as Ridge lay sleeping. She has her bags packed. She makes noise in the room which awakens Ridge. He asks what she is doing. She has no choice. He feels she does. She feels she is hanging by a thread. He offers her anything she wants. She doesn't want to hurt him anymore, that is why she has to go. What about the children? She thinks they will be okay, she is not sane, she told Phoebe her sister was coming back. That just isn't going to happen. He worries that she is leaving her husband and children. She claims she is not leaving them, she just needs time away. He knows she blames him for what happened and pleads for her to open up and tell him what she is thinking. She readily claims that if she did that, he wouldn't want her there. She dashes out with her bags. She tells Kathryn she will be leaving for a few days and would like talk to the kids. Stephanie comes to the door. She thought Taylor was going to call, although she realizes this is a difficult time for her. She notices the bags and tells her that running away is not going to help. She looks up and sees Ridge standing on the balcony, then asks Taylor what happened. Taylor wants them to understand, she just has to get away. Stephanie asks where she is going. She claims not to know, and won't tell them because she is afraid Ridge will show up there. She asks Stephanie to help them take care of the kids. She agrees, then tells Taylor whatever she needs, she will help her. Phoebe calls out Mommy. Taylor hugs the two children as Ridge helplessly looks on. Thomas asks why she is crying. She says she has been a little bit sad like they have and she has to go away fro a few days. She doesn't want to go, but she has to and daddy and Grandma will take care of them. She will be back really soon. She tells them that she loves them and sends them off with Kathryn to get some breakfast. She then tells Ridge she is doing this for the children, she is not fit to be a mother right now. He wants his family back. She says he can't have that right now, not without Steffy. He hugs her as she cries. She takes her bags and leaves. He tells Stephanie that he held Taylor in his arms and is was like she wasn't even there. She says Taylor will be back soon, the children are her lifeline, but she can understand Taylor is filled with anger and grief. He thinks it is all directed toward him. She says Taylor told her yesterday that she knows he isn't to blame. He feels he lost his daughter and now his wife. She says he is not losing his wife. He says he lost her when he lost Steffy and he doesn't know when she will be back again. She wants to talk about Morgan. He doesn't want to hear about her. Stephanie says she was over there the other day and Morgan has a picture of him on her mantle. He wants her to drop it, end of subject.

Morgan tries to get Steffy to eat but she won't. She offers her fresh squeezed juice her mommy made special for her. Steffy says she is not her mommy. Morgan says she is her mommy. Steffy tosses the cup forward and it spills all over Morgan's clothes. Tim knocks on the door with a quiche in hand. He asks if this is a bad time. No, but she thinks no matter what, she will probably wear it. Tim asks if she is having problems. Morgan says apparently, Stacey doesn't like her Mommy's cooking. Steffy says, she is not her mommy. And apparently they are having a bit of an identity crisis too. She tells Steffy to go to her room and play with her toys. Steffy says no. She then tells her to play with the toys down there then. He thinks she should try some quiche. She turns her back to him and acts like she is losing it. He asks what is wrong. She claims she hired a nanny before and Stacey was fine before then, now she has trouble with her and blames the nanny for being a sick woman that put all these ideas in Stacey's head. Tim asks if she fired her, which she answers, yes, but now she has no one to watch her while she is in work. She is afraid to hire anybody and was afraid to leave her with a stranger to begin with. She reaches forward and hugs him, begging him to help her. She apologizes, he must think she is a lunatic. He admires her for having a full time career and raising a child successfully. If he didn't have an appointment this morning, he would watch Stacey for her. He asks where the father is. She says he is involved with someone else. He thinks the man is a fool. If it were him he would. She asks what? He thinks he has said too much already. He has to go. She thanks him. He leaves. She says, Dr. Tim might just come in handy some day. . Taylor drives down the road saying how she misses her family already and pleads that God will help them understand, she just can't stay. As she is driving, she notices Morgan's car and realizes she is living just a mile from her.

As Morgan plays with Steffy on the bed up stairs, the doorbell rings. She tells Steffy to stay right there. She assumes it is Dr. Tim at the door and claims, give them an inch, they take a mile, but one hug is all he is going to get. She opens the door to find Taylor standing there. She gasps when she opens the door. Taylor say she wants to talk to her. Morgan says now isn't a good time. Taylor says too bad and walks right in. She asks where the picture of Ridge is that was on her mantel. Morgan says she moved it. Taylor says under her pillow, no doubt. Morgan is sure whatever she has to say, Stephanie probably has already said it. Taylor says she is leaving town and warns Morgan to stay away from Ridge. They are not separating, she just needs a little time away after losing her daughter. Morgan can't understand why she is telling her all this. She isn't after Ridge. Taylor says if that was so she wouldn't have moved so close to them. She hopes she will understand. They are not divorcing, she is just taking some time away. They love each other and are going to survive this. Steffy hears them talking and walks toward the door of the bedroom. Taylor tells Morgan if she thinks she has a chance, go right ahead, Ridge wants nothing to do with her after all she has done to them. She totally disgusts him. Morgan doesn't thinks so. Taylor says he wouldn't have anything to do with her ever again, ever and she walks out the door. Steffy calls out, mommy. Taylor turns around and comes back into the house. Again, Steffy calls out, Mommy. Taylor turns and glares at a guilt ridden Morgan.

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