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B&B Update Thursday 2/22/01

By Linda C  

Upstairs, Stephanie and Taylor discuss Phoebe and Thomas. Taylor thinks they look at her as though they are afraid of her. She is no use to anyone. Steph wants to take the kids for a few days so she can rest. Taylor doesn't want that. She goes on to say she has dreams of trying to save her and not being able to reach her. Steph tries to comfort her, telling her Steffy is safe in God's hands and her husband and children now need her. Taylor thinks all she is doing is hurting them. Steph tries to understand, she thinks Taylor is strong. Taylor apologizes for not being able to stand right up and take this. Steph says Ridge can feel she blames him. She is sorry, she knows Ridge is hurt and she can't keep up with her family, but she is sick of hearing people give her words of wisdom. She feels that Steffy is still alive, but Steph tells her that is not true. Taylor thinks she is going to ruin her marriage and can't take it anymore. She wants to go. Steph asks if she is saying she is going to run away. Steph tells her that running away is the worst thing she can do. Leaving her family is the worst thing she can do, it will ruin her marriage. Taylor wants to do it to save her marriage. She is falling apart. Everywhere she looks, she sees the twins. She can't even look into little Phoebe's face without seeing her sister. They bought this house because of the twins and every time Phoebe sees her look at her she sees her falling apart. She asks Stephanie how does she think that makes Phoebe feel? She probably thinks all of this is her fault. Steph points out, all the more reason she shouldn't leave her. She has seen what this does to a child and she is not going to let it happen to Phoebe. Steph says she needs the kids more than they need her, they are her strength. Steph says Morgan is back, what does Taylor think she will do if Taylor is gone. Taylor wonders what she should care about what Morgan does. Steph says Morgan has a photograph of Ridge on the mantel at her house. Taylor feels if Ridge falls for another of Morgan's tricks, they don't have anything to fight for anyway. She can't deal with anything right now, she asks Steph to leave. She needs to be alone. She says she will call Steph. Stephanie leaves.

Downstairs, Ridge meets Taylor's doctor at the door. He needs to talk to her. She offers to refer him to someone else because she is treating his wife. He is just worried about Taylor. He needs her advice. What can he do to help her? All Taylor wants is her daughter and he can't help her. Steffy is gone and nothing is going to bring her back. He feels that more and more, Taylor doesn't even want to be near him. The doctor tells him that we each have our own way of dealing with pain. Each of them are coming at this at different perspectives. He asks what Taylor's perspective is, but realizes she can't discuss what they have talked about. She says Taylor isn't acting like herself. Even if she accepts the truth, she won't be able to handle the pain. He wants Taylor to let him help her so she can start healing. She says that they would be working on Taylor's pain and not his. She is not the only one who lost a child. He wants to be strong. She asks what would happen if he gave in to his grief. He feels they can't all be down at the same time. She thinks maybe Taylor needs to know he is not as strong as he makes them think. Later, Ridge is alone when Taylor comes into the room. She can't find the kids. He says Kathryn took them to the park, they are all right, but he isn't and asks if they can talk. He tells her about his talk with her doctor. She thinks that was sweet of him. He didn't do it to be sweet. He says he is sorry, her realized he has been pressuring her. She asks if the doctor told him to say that. No, but he did realize, it isn't just her. She asks what he means. He says he doesn't want to let go either. She was such a little miracle and every time he imagines life without her he'd rather just go crazy so he focuses on Taylor, Thomas and Phoebe and whatever will help him feeling this. She hugs him, what are we going to do. He doesn't know, but maybe they should just go back to St. Thomas because she keeps saying there is no closure. Maybe if they go back to the same place she. She doesn't think that will change anything. He knows it won't change anything, but they have to find some way to accept this. She pulls away, there he goes pressuring her again. He isn't going to act like she is the only one there with a problem. She doesn't' like the word problem. He asks how they are supposed to move on. She asks if that is all he is worried about, moving on? He wants thing to get better, is that a crime. He doesn't want to forget about her, but their kids need them together for them. She thinks she knows what they need more than he does. He says, maybe so. She says she is sorry. He says he is there for her. She knows. Why is she fighting him. She thinks he wants her to handle it the way he can and she can't do that so she wants him to just leave her alone about it. He tells her she is not alone in this, that is his point. She thinks she should be, she is only hurting him. Look at her. He holds her and tells her he needs her. She cries but pulls away. She can't stay. She dashes off as he calls out her name.

Morgan is talking on the phone as Steffy cries. She tells Megan to tell Brooke she will be working at home. She doesn't want to give anyone the terrible cold she has. She tells Megan that the noise is something on TV she is watching about parenting. She gets off the phone. She hollers at Steffy to stop it, she is driving her crazy. There is a knock at the door. It is Dr. Reid. He thought it was her he saw in her car. What a coincidence. He asks if he can come in. She lets him in and asks how he found her. He wasn't looking for her. He spotted her in her car and followed her. He sees Steffy. He says hello. Steffy says she wants her mommy. He surmises she is babysitting. She claims Stacey is her daughter and asks if he sees the resemblance. He didn't know she was married. She says she isn't. He asks about the father. She says he is out of the picture, at least for now. He is sorry to hear that and realizes it must be rough for her. She says it isn't exactly what she wanted but she is doing fine. She goes over to comfort Steffy as the Doctor looks on. She says she doesn't thinks this is a very good time right now. He picks up Steffy as Morgan tells him she isn't very good with strangers. Steffy stops crying. He says to Steffy that she just needed a little attention. She points to her finger and says, look, ouch. He says, oh dear, let me look at it. Morgan looks on smiling. He says to Steffy, it is all better now, isn't it. Later, they come downstairs without Steffy. Morgan thinks he is great with kids. He loves kids and remembers how important they were to her, when she wanted a child. She would rather forget about then. He knows, but only brought it up because he is impressed. Look at how far she has come. She says it wasn't easy. He thinks this is the reason she should be very proud of herself. She thanks him. He thinks Steffy is a beautiful child and Morgan is doing her best. Morgan claims Stacey is her salvation and he should have seen what her life was like before she came into it. She felt empty and cheated. He thinks she used her emotions in a positive way, good parenting shows itself in the child and as a single parent, she has done a great job. She suddenly tells him she thinks it is time for him to go, she is really tired. She grabs his coat. He offers to whip her up something to eat. She tosses his coat to him and says, maybe some other time. She will give him a call. He says that will be great. He walks out the door saying, he hasn't seen her in a while. She closes the door as he is speaking. He then says, it was nice to see her again. He walks away. Inside, she shakes her head in frustration.

Stephanie is on the phone with Eric, telling him about Taylor wanting to leave town. They agree, Taylor and Ridge need each other more than ever right now.

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