The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 2/21/01



B&B Update Wednesday 2/21/01

By Linda C

Brooke, Stephanie, Eric and Thorne continue with dinner. Eric had no idea Brooke was going to have the dinner catered. She knows they don't think she knows how to cook, but she wanted to relax. They discuss Ridge and Taylor and that Taylor is seeing a counselor. They will be there for the two of them whenever they are ready. Brooke wishes there was something they could do to help. Stephanie suggests firing Morgan, but Brooke says they have been over that, they can't, she has a contract. Steph thinks it is a threat having her around. She also thinks Morgan is acting awful cocky, even though she has just lost a child, she is walking around too confident. She has a history of mental illness and there is no telling what she will do. Brooke thinks firing her would only aspirate the problem and then she will sue them. Steph wonders if that is all she is worried about, what about the family. Brooke says she can hit them with a million dollar law suit. Steph says to let her, but she wants her gone and now, before it is too late.

Taylor sits and stares at Steffy's empty bed as she holds a stuffed animal in her hands. Ridge comes in to talk to her. He thinks they should move some of Steffy's stuff. She refuses to move anything. He knows how difficult this is. She doesn't want anyone to touch anything of Steffy's. This stuff all belongs to her, it is Steffy's room. He knows all of the stuff is very important to her, it is to him too. He thinks Phoebe is already so confused. He worries if they leave the room that way. Phoebe comes to the door, daddy. Ridge picks her up and puts her into bed. Give mommy a kiss goodnight. She does, then says she misses Steffy. Taylor says she knows, they all do. They tell her that Steffy is with the angels now and they will take care of her. Steffy wants to know when she will see her again. Taylor tells her soon, when Steffy comes back. Ridge looks at Taylor a bit concerned. Phoebe says she loves Taylor. They tell Phoebe they love her too. Ridge asks her why she told Phoebe that Steffy might come back. She says it is possible. He says it is not. It is not good to let Phoebe think her sister is coming back and they all have to accept that. She feels the Steffy is still there. He says she is gone. She wants him to stop saying that, she can feel it, she is alive. He thinks she is tired and they should go to bed. She wants to stay right there and lies in Steffy's bed. He begs her to come with him, but she won't budge. He leaves the room, stopping in the doorway and looks back as Taylor lies.

Morgan tells Stacey it is time to go to bed. Steffy says, no, Steffy. Morgan corrects her, it is Stacey. Steffy says she wants to go home. Morgan insists this is her new home and is sure she finds it confusing moving to a new place. She is sure Steffy will love this home as much as her old one. She lures her up to her bedroom by telling her there are so many of her toys up there. She presents her with a doll and tells her they should take her up and put her to bed. Mommy will stay with her until she falls asleep. She is sure they are going to have a wonderful life together. Norita watches the two of them from a doorway. She hears Morgan tells Steffy she can wear her jewelry if she promises to go upstairs and go to sleep. Norita puts a look of concern on her face. Steffy refuses to go to bed. Morgan flusters. She gets up and walks around, spotting Norita and viciously asking her what she is doing there. She told her to go home. Norita thinks Steffy is scared, but Morgan insists she is having a hard time adjusting to the new home but will be fine. Norita says she isn't happy, says this isn't her home and Morgan isn't her mother, why? Morgan claims to have just adopted Stacey. Norita asks about her mother, she worries about Stacey. Morgan tells her not to worry, she is her mother and she will worry about Stacey. Norita says when Morgan goes to work, she asks where her parents are, what should she say. Morgan flips out on her. Don't tell her anything, that is her responsibility. Stay out of it. Norita says the girl asks so many questions. Morgan thinks Norita asks too many questions and she doesn't like it at all. Norita claims to only want to help. Morgan says she has to put her daughter to bed. Norita offers to do it. Morgan says no, she will do it and they will discuss this when she comes downstairs. As Morgan carries her up, Steffy cries out for her mommy and Norita stares up with a worried look. She goes over to the mantel and looks at Ridge's picture, then looks around the house. She picks up some mail sitting on the table when Morgan comes down and blasts her. She needs to have a talk. She is being too nosy and she is tired of the way she looks at her. Norita thinks the little girl needs to know. Morgan will help her, she wants her to leave and never come back. She better forget about her and everything else she saw there, forget she ever worked there. She knows nothing at all and remember she knows where Norita lives and about her family, husband and kids. If she wants them to be safe, she better never open her mouth. If she causes her any trouble, she will regret it. Norita rushes out. Morgan says nobody is going to mess with her family. Upstairs, Steffy is asking, Mommy, Daddy, where are you?

Over at The Lair, Bridget is excited that Deacon remembered her. One of the girls asks if that is him, he is a man. Bridget says, isn't he gorgeous. They all agree. Deacon approaches and Bridget gets all butterflies in her stomach. The girls tell her to act like she didn't see him. Deacon passes by and Bridget doesn't know what to say to get his attention. One of the girls yells out to the guy in the leather jacket. One of her friends thinks they know him. He comes over and bends over the back of Bridget's chair and asks if that is right. She says she bumped into him at the Insomnia and he spilled coffee on her. He first acts like he doesn't remember but then gives in. He asks if they are out late for a school night. They say they are out to dinner and invites him. He thinks he is old enough to be their father and he is like the guys their parents warn them about all wrapped up in one. He goes to leave and one of the girls asks if he is taken. He says he is, taken by the strawberry blonde sitting across from the table. Bridget smiles.

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