The Bold & The Beautiful Tuesday 2/20/01



B&B Update Tuesday 2/20/01

By Linda C

Bridget thanks Stephanie for going to Thorne and Brooke's wedding, she feels this brought the family together. Stephanie gives Bridget credit for coming over to talk to her and knowing exactly what she wanted. She is glad it made Bridget happy, that makes her happy. Steph asks how she is doing in school. She says he made the honor roll. Steph accounts that to her not dating. She says her mother probably wouldn't let her date until college. Steph asks if she has her eye on someone. Bridget asks if she believes in love at first site. Is it possible to see someone and instantly connect? Steph asks if she connected. Bridget thinks is sound stupid. Steph says it is normal for her age, even straight A students have hormones. She tells her not to go by looks alone, he needs to have character and a girl has to have standards. What is she looking for. She doesn't know. Steph says, none of us do. Make sure he appreciates her. Brooke, Thorne and Eric come in. Brooke wonders what they are talking about. Bridget says that Steph was giving her pointers on dating. Brooke asks who she is dating? Ah, no one, just in case she does. Eric asks what advise she gave her. Bridget says to find someone just like him. Well, he can't argue with that. She tells them to have fun, she is going out with the girls. They all say at the same time, don't be late. They all laugh. Brooke asks Steph, so she was giving her daughter advice about men? Steph says better coming from her than Brooke. Thorne hops in, let's not start the evening like that. Brooke goes off to help him get some drinks as Eric looks at Steph. Thorne serves the drinks. Eric thanks them for inviting them. She says she thinks so much about Steph walking her down the aisle. Steph says time will tell if she did the right thing. Brooke wants to toast. Steph doesn't think this is the time to celebrate. Brooke mentions about Taylor and Ridge. She feels that is what the dinner is all about, being a family and pulling together during hard times. They survived years of animosity and over came it and she is sure they can get through anything. They are stronger than ever as a family and that is reason to celebrate. Thorne says, here, here. Stephanie toasts as well. Later, Eric wonders what is bothering Stephanie. She admits to going over Morgan's house. He thought they weren't going to discuss Morgan. She says he asked if something was wrong, she is going to tell him. Morgan had a picture of Ridge on her mantel. Thorne wants to sit and have dinner. Steph apologizes. Thorne wants to smoke the peace pipe. Steph hopes there is something stronger that tobacco in it. Thorne and Eric laugh. Brooke comes over glad to see they are enjoying themselves. Thorne wants a picture of Stephanie and Brooke together with his instant camera. He tells them to smile. They both do, but Steph drops the smile as soon as the flash goes off. Another picture. Steph isn't smiling. Brooke lays a kiss on her cheek as Thorne takes the picture. Brooke and Thorne go to get the dinner and Steph tries to get Eric out the door. He refuses to leave. Steph says Brook is a terrible cook. Eric shows Steph the picture of Brooke kissing her on the cheek and the shocked look on Steph's face. He never thought he would see the day.

At the Lair, Deacon tells one of the waitresses to take a break. She says she has a table screaming for beers. So, he says, and tells the bartender to give him a drink on him. She wonders what is going on, ever since Amber has been there, he has changed for the good. She thinks he has it bad. He goes on about the baby and Amber, how she is his world and there is nothing she wouldn't do for him. He loves to watch the two of them together. It is beautiful. She says, a regular greeting card. She wants him to admit, he is totally into this girl.

Morgan and Megan are sitting, sipping on drinks. Morgan thanks her for having drinks with her. Megan is always up for happy hour. Morgan says she hasn't many friends in LA, especially at Forrester. Megan thinks she seems happy. Morgan is. Megan toasts to Morgan's new found happiness. Morgan says you don't find happiness, you create it. Megan guesses she met a man. No. She knows it isn't a raise. Morgan says the Forresters don't even want to acknowledge the contract she has. She got tired of waiting for good things to happen to her and took the reins and turned her life around. Megan is glad to see someone's life is going as planned. She asks Morgan if she heard about Ridge and Taylor. Morgan says yes, it is so sad. Megan tells her that Taylor is so devastated. Morgan says the whole family is. Megan hopes Ridge and Taylor can survive this, the loss of a child breaks up a lot of marriages. Morgan says he didn't know that. At the bar sits Dr. Tim Reid. (He used to be on Y&R as a psychiatrist.) He notices a beautiful blonde sitting nearby and approaches her. He guesses she is a virgin. She says, excuse me. He corrects himself, he meant to say Virgo. He offers to by her a drink. She tells him in his dreams and gets up and walks away. He notices Morgan and says, no way, it can't be. Megan notices him staring over and tells Morgan not to look. She then says here he comes. He says, Morgan, long time no see, how long has it been? It was about 10 years ago, she was 17 or 18. Yes, she remembers. She introduces Megan. He laughs, how funny, Morgan and Megan. Megan says, hysterical. He asks if she is a designer too. No, she says. He looks back at Morgan and says he heard she was working for Forrester, that must be amazing. He is working in LA now too, small clinic with standard counseling. Morgan says it is fascinating but she will have to catch up another time, she is busy with Megan. He gives her his card and offers them to have dinner together some time, on him. He walks away and they girls laugh, then Morgan looks serious. Bridget and two other girls arrive at The Lair. She goes on about Deacon, how one look at him and her knees went weak. She tells them that she is older. One girl asks if she is going to look for him, put an ad in the paper. He may be the guy of her dreams. Bridget giggles. Morgan watches as Dr. Reid flirts with another woman at the bar. Megan asks what that was about. Morgan tells her not to ask. Okay, she won't. She was having fun, but has to go, she has a long day tomorrow, tells Morgan not to get into any trouble. Morgan looks at the business card Tim gave her and reads, Dr. Tim Reid. She has a few silent thoughts. Bridget and the girls still go on about her mystery man. She knows she shouldn't get all worked up about someone she doesn't know. They compare him to Brad Pitt, but Bridget thinks he is more like Nicholas Cage, rough and strong. She looks up and happens to see Deacon, she says the mystery man is here. He spots her and smiles. She gives a nervous smile back at him.

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