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B&B Update Monday 2/19/01 

By Linda C  

Things get a bit uncomfortable with the group at Rick and Amber's. Rick announces that this is his work group from school and introduces everyone, Amanda, Jennifer, and Charlie. Amanda stands up to shake hands with Amber but Amber doesn't shake, but says hi. Rick offers to put their group meeting off until another time, but Amber insists, she can amuse herself, she has a book, tells them to go right ahead. She stands back near the window and tells them they won't even know she is there. Rick's back is turned to her and he gives a look like the cat that caught the canary. They sit and go back to work on their stock reports as Amber looks on watching Rick operate. She looks out of place. Charlie makes a few suggestions, which Rick knocks down for a few reasons he points out. Amanda agrees, Rick knows his stuff. Amber joins in, he sure does, remember when Forrester was raided? Jennifer is surprised, Forrester was audited by the IRS? Rick asks Amber what she is talking about. She says about the time they were raided because of illegal aliens. The girls laugh. Rick says Amber meant the INS. Then one of the girls talk about a market cap. Amber says the only time she would wear a cap to a store is if she has a really bad hair day. Again, they laugh. Amber asks what they are laughing about. Rick explains the market cap. Amber is like, oh, that market cap. Rick tells the girls that Amber is a singer. Jennifer says she could never do entertainment. Amanda says her dad did well. They go back and forth about Forrester and their stocks. Amber says to herself, what are they talking about, it is like they are speaking a different language or something. She realizes Rick is really enjoying himself. Maybe she and Rick are too different and she is holding him back. Maybe Deacon is right. She says she is going to go. Rick says he just got there. She claims they are too busy, she walks out. Rick comes after her, sorry if he embarrassed her. She doesn't know anything about stocks and isn't embarrassed, is he? He claims she doesn't embarrass him. She knows he was enjoying his time with his friends. He says he hardly knows the girls. She claims to know nothing about what they were talking about. He tells her there is no reason to be jealous. She isn't, but concerned, is it going to be enough for him to have her and the baby. He has two years to go and will want to go to graduate school. He thinks there is time to talk about that. She wants him to think about it. She kisses his cheek and leaves.

Taylor sits looking at a picture of the twins kissing. Ridge comes in and tells her he is home and missed her. She remains silent. He asks if she visited with the doctor today and what did she say. She tells him she suggested that she gets away for a while. She doesn't know what she wants to do, she just can't shake this feeling that Steffy is still alive, even if she knows she is gone. Ridge says she is still there spiritually. She cries out that nobody understands. What is wrong with her. He holds her. She insists, there is no body, she needs her daughter back. He wishes he could bring her back. She notices he has his briefcase and wonders why he had to bring them home to work on them there. He admits, they are not his sketches, they are Morgan's. She looks livid. Morgan is still working at Forrester? Yes, he tells her how she wants to work out her contract or will sue. He hopes there is a way around it, but in the meantime. She asks if he is working with her. No, he isn't. Taylor says then she knows about Steffy and is glad about it and came back to rub her face in it because she lost her child. Ridge is sure she just came back for work. She isn't an issue to them, they have to heal and wonders what he can do for her. Nothing, she just wants to get away. He suggests she go see her dad. She thinks there is nothing good that can come out of this, it is horrible. Their hopes and dreams of the future is dashed to pieces. She wonders why this is happening to them.

Morgan asks how Stephanie found her. She tells her the escrow papers and wants her to leave. There is no place for her. Morgan insists she woks there and is going to live there. Stephanie tells her she will never have Ridge. A noise is heard from upstairs. Stephanie asks what that was. Upstairs, the nanny tries to quiet Steffy, who is playing on the bed with toys. Steffy says, mama. The nanny tells her, no baby. Morgan tries to get rid of her and she suspects someone is there and Morgan is trying to hide something. Morgan says it is her house keeper and heads up the stairs, telling Stephanie to stay there. She goes up and whispers to Norita about being quiet. Stephanie, downstairs, doesn't plan on leaving until she finds out what is going on. She closes the door, muttering that Morgan is up to something, she didn't come back for her job. She notices a picture of Ridge on the mantle and picks it up. Morgan tells Norita to keep her quiet, put her down for a nap or something, but keep her quiet. She asks Steffy if she can be quiet for Mommy? Steffy nods her head, yes. Stephanie thinks Morgan is obsessed with Ridge and thinks Taylor and Ridge have gone through enough. She starts up the stairs as Morgan comes down asking her where she is going. She wants to see the house, if she doesn't mind. Morgan minds. Stephanie thinks she is afraid she will find what Morgan is hiding. She points out that she saw the picture and is sure Morgan is obsessed with Ridge. She denies the accusation. Stephanie wonders if Ridge had something to do with her unexpected return to LA. Morgan doesn't want to discuss that with her. Stephanie warns her not to bother them, they are grieving. Morgan says she isn't going to bother anyone. Stephanie says they are grieving the loss or the child and she is not wanted there. The nanny is listening in the hall. Morgan knows all too well what it is like to grieve the loss of a child, she lost two of them because of her and her precious little family. Stephanie tells her if she goes near Ridge and Taylor, she will live to regret it. She tells Stephanie to leave and she does. Then she says it is okay to come out now and the nanny brings down Steffy and Morgan takes her and hugs her telling her to come to mommy, everything is going to be just fine.

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