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B&B Update Friday 2/16/01

By Linda

Rick and his buddy Charlie discuss Amber and Brookeís feeling toward her. Charlie agrees with Brooke, he is only in college and is missing out on a lot. Rick asks what, hangovers and waking up by the toilet. Charlie points out, Amanda and Jennifer are friends and if that is all he sees when he looks at the two of them, Rick has been out of it too long. Amber has it for Rick and was checking him out at the last investment club meeting. Rick thinks he is messing with him, Amanda doesnít have it for him. Charlie has nothing against Amber, but he knows they have the kid, but in a few years they will be running things around there and wonders if Rick really thinks Amber will fit into that equation? He advises him to play in the water a little before he takes the big dive. He never sees him have any fun. Rick claims he has fun. Charlie tells him to prove it, two of the hottest chicks are coming over, prove it. Rick thinks he is still the king. Charlie looks out the window as he asks, king of what, the trailer park? The girls arrive. Rick tells Amanda she looks great. He lets them in and is all smiles.

Deacon leads Amber into a room at the Lair with her eyes covered. She is surprised to see a pool table, reminds her of when she was younger. She used to play. He knows, and wants to have her a game. She chalks her cue stick and gets ready to shoot, but instead tosses the stick onto the table and tells him she isnít going to play any of his games. He thinks there is nothing he can do right. She says there is. He refuses to give up the baby before four months. She knows he is trying to get her but she warns him, he is very resistible. He knows, he overheard her talking to Rick telling him that being near him makes her ill. She just wants her life back, this is his life. He claims she and the baby are his life. The bar, this job, his friends are a part of his life, she is no part of that. He wants to know what she is a part of. She says Rick. He asks if she has ever taken a tennis or golf lesson, ballet, modern dance. She says no. He wonders if Rick appreciates her as much as he does. He admits her wants her even if that doesnít mean anything to her. He will change if she gives him the chance. She canít understand how he thinks she can ever have feelings for him when he is keeping her captive. He denies that. She says he is keeping the baby and he knows there is no way she will leave him. He canít believe she could be the right lady for Rick but he canít have a snow balls chance in hell with her. He is about this close to her world and she is a million miles away from Rickís. She throws in his face that she and Rick arenít going to wait the four months to get married, they are going to do it right away. She walks out, leaving him looking devastated.

Brooke brings a bolt of material over to Ridge and mentions she called France to find out what happened to the other shipment of fabric. Just then, Stephanie strolls in demanding to know why Ridge is not home with Taylor where he belongs. He claims he would be if she would let him help her. Stephanie is sure Taylor is just grieving. He is too. She feels he should try. He mentions that Morgan is back. Stephanie canít believe it. Brooke says she is working there again. She wants her job back or she is going to sue. Stephanie says she canít work there. They bought out her contract. Ridge informs her that Morgan gave back the check. Stephanie is visibly frustrated. She will handle it, this is one battle she is not going to lose, Morgan is a threat to all of them. She storms out of the office. She looks through to rolodex on Morganís desk and finds an envelope with an escrow account and sees Morgan bought a house. She gets the address and heads out.

Sidney comes over to Taylor. She is an old friend in the business. Taylor says how she gave her career up for her children, although she doesnít regret it. Sidney asks if she wants to talk about it. Taylor does. She hopes their talk made Taylor feel better. She is still angry at the world, but it was good to talk. She is still blaming Ridge but the therapist tells her she has to get over that. Taylor still thinks her daughter is alive and that isnít rational. Sid thinks she should get away to a favorite place to meditate and think, so she can allow herself to let go. Taylor doesnít know if she can, and is sure she doesnít want to because she is too terrified.

The nanny is shocked as she dries Steffyís hair and the dye comes off on the towel. She hears someone coming up the walk outside so she hides the towel under pillows on the sofa. It is Morgan. She rushes to Steffy as the nanny looks at her with suspicion. She picks up Steffy and asks if she had fun with Marita? She looks at Marita and asks what is wrong. She has the towel in hand and Morgan rips it away from her. She hollers at her for giving her a bath. She died her hair, it is hair color. Doesnít she look pretty? Marita says yes, moi bonita. Morgan looks at her sternly, she doesnít think this is going to work out and wonders what she is going to do with her. Marita looks frightened. She tells her to go, go home. Marita is quick to go, but Morgan hears someone coming. She says, oh no, what is she doing there. She orders Marita to go upstairs quietly with the baby, no noise. Marita takes Steffy upstairs. Morgan asks Stephanie what she is doing there. Stephanie wants to know the same about Morgan and accuses her of being up to something. She wants to know what is going on. Marita stands at the top of the stairs with her fingers pressed against Steffyís lips and looks scared.

Later, Rick and Amanda come in from the kitchen with popcorn in a bowl. She says he has a cute little place and wonders if he shares it with anyone. Brenda says yes, he is married and has a kid. Amanda asks, really? Brenda says she was only kidding, of course he lives alone, right Rick? Amanda thought he might have shared it with a brother or something. Rick claims it is just him. She thinks it is pretty convenient, for study groups, she means. He says for other stuff too. She wonders what. He says, TV marathons, meditations. She asks, anything else? Charlie thinks that is enough, they have work to do. He is checking on a company that makes rubber and is diversifying. They are going to make condoms. Amanda would like to know what makes them different from anyone else. He doesnít know yet, he is still researching it. Brenda wants to know how he is doing that. There annual report comes out next week, he tells her to get her mind out of the gutter. Rick wonders if they would be looking for a test market. Brenda throws popcorn at him and tells him to shut up. He says he was joking and they all laugh. The guys go out for something to eat. Amanda is hungry. Brenda wonders if it is for Mexican food or Rick. The girls chat about Rick and if he has a girlfriend. There are rumors, but they are too stupid to believe, says Brenda, but he sure did have his eye on Amanda. They hear a car door, think the guys are there. Amanda fusses over whether she looks okay. Brenda assures her she does. There is a knock. Amanda says she will get it. Turns out to be Amber and she wants to know who Amanda is. She walks in smacking her gum and asks where Rick is. Amanda assumes Amber is Rickís sister. She asks what is going on. They says they are studying. Amanda tells her that her brother is so dreamy. Amber, oh, you thinks so. Amanda asks if he has a girlfriend? Amber asks if Rick didnít tell them. No, and they have been talking all afternoon. Brenda says, she means flirting, but Amanda is quick to say, just talking. In comes Rick and Charlie. Rick opens the door, it is the guy with the big burrito. He stops dead and looks at Amber who has a big bubble hanging out of her mouth. Rick finishes his sentence, arrived. Amber says, hey Rick and smirks. He looks at Charlie and back at Amber.

Reports of trouble in Iraq interrupted the show.

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