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B&B Update Thursday 2/15/01

By Linda C

Bridget enters the Insomnia and orders a coffee. Deacon accidentally spills his espresso on her. She flips out that her pants are ruined. He tries to wipe them off and she blasts him that the rag is dirty. He offers her $100 to cover the cost. She looks up at him and becomes mesmerized by his looks. She smiles. He feels like an idiot. Tells her to take all his money and get a new sweater too. She doesnít want it, just a cup of coffee, will her buy her one? She sits at a table and fixes her makeup. Deacon comes back with the coffee and says he is sorry. He asks if she is waiting for her boyfriend. No, she doesnít have a boyfriend and isnít waiting for anyone. She thinks he looks familiar. He says his picture is hanging in the post office. She frowns, really? No, he was only kidding. She knew what. He is sure she did. He wants to talk about her pants, the coffee stain. She insists, itís nothing. He doesnít want to hear form her lawyer. She laughs, another joke. He is impressed, see, she is working with him on this. He guesses she is from Beverly Hills. She wonders how he knew. He claims it is her manicure and figures her daddy keeps a close watch on her, he knows he would. She isnít that young, how hold is he. Old enough to know better than spill coffee on a pretty little girl. Is she burned. No. She asks if he has a girlfriend and then is quickly embarrassed by her question. He smiles, no, not yet. He leaves as he says he will see her around. She says, I hope so and smiles. Puppy love in the making.

Over at Forrester, Brooke finds Ridge staring at a picture of Steffy. She tries to comfort him when he talks about his little girl and how Taylor is blaming him for her death. She doesnít want him around and he doesnít blame her. Brooke says Taylor needs her more than any other time in her life. He feels he is only making things worse right now and needs to give her some room. She doesnít agree, she needs him there. He tells her how Taylor wanted to go check on the girls but he insisted they were fine. If they checked earlier, they might have been fine. She concludes, Taylor is full of grief and doesnít mean the things she is saying, give her time. He wonders if things will ever be the same between Taylor and him after losing their child. He knows Taylor doesnít want to blame him, but she probably thinks, what if, what if they had another minute or two, they may have been able to save Steffy. Their lives are spinning out of control at lightening speed and he doesnít know what to do about it. Morgan walks in as Brooke is hugging him and he blurts out, what the hell is she doing there? He gives her a very evil stare. She wanted to tell him how sorry she is. He thought she went to New York. She gives her condolences. He says she didnít have to come back to tell her that. Brooke says she came back to work there. He says that wonít work. She says she has a contract. He canít stand to be there listening to this right now. She tells him he shouldnít be there, he should be home with his wife. He tells her she is the reason they went to St. Thomas in the first place, because of what she did to him. He orders her out, then physically pushes her out of the office.

Stephanie stops to see Taylor, carrot cake and cappuccino in hand. She asks where the children are. They are with Kathryn, possibly upstairs. Ridge is at work, she thinks, she doesnít even care, she just needs to be alone. She starts having flashbacks of telling Ridge she wants to check on the girls while they were on the boat. She cries out that they should have checked on Steffy. Stephanie looks on in fear for Taylorís sanity. She tells Stephanie not to try to comfort her because she can say, so donĎt even try. Stephanie says there is nothing anyone can say to comfort her or Ridge either. Taylor thinks they should all just grieve to themselves then. She feels that Steffy is alive. She tries to tell herself that she isnít but she canít. She is just so angry with anyone who tells her Steffy is dead, even though she knows she is. And when people try to comfort her, it makes her want to explode. She thinks Taylor should talk to someone. Taylor agrees, then says to Stephanie, she is really gone? But, why, why can she still feel she is alive. She doesnít feel that emptiness, that hole in her heart, the pain a mother would feel when she lost a child. Her instincts as a mother have never been wrong, why would they be now? Someone knocks at the door. Taylor lights up, Steffy? She opens the door and is handed a vase of fresh flowers. She is stunned. She looks at them for a minute and then smashes the vase to the floor. She falls to her knees and sobs uncontrollably as Stephanie looks on.

Steffy says she wants her mommy. Morgan tells her that she is her mommy now. There is a knock at the door. It is a Spanish speaking nanny. She speaks little English. Morgan introduces her to her daughter, Stacey. Are there any brothers or sisters? No, she is an only child. She needs to stay inside because she has been very sick. The nanny asks if there is medicine. No, she finished her medicine. She tells the nanny to make sure she calls her Stacey, because she has a big imagination and likes to be called Steffy, so make sure she doesnít let her have her way. It is Stacey. The nanny says okay. Morgan leaves as the nanny plays with Steffy. She later gives her a bath and when drying her hair, the dye comes off on the towel. Steffy smiles as the woman feels her hair. The red coming off in her hands as she wonders what is going on.

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