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B&B Update Wednesday 2/14/01

By Linda C

Deacon enters the Insomnia and orders a coffee. He thinks about what Amber said about him. He thinks he is an idiot, Amber will never care about him. He gets his coffees and spots Stephanie sitting alone. He goes over to talk with her. He is sorry about her loss. She offers him a seat and asks how he is doing. It isnít easy to be him but he is working things out. She thinks she knows why he is doing this. He wants to give the baby stability and he wants Amber to help out but she knows that is not going to happen. . Taylor reads a book on grieving. Ridge asks if it helps. She says no. He wants to talk about what is going on inside of them. She tells him to go ahead and talk if he wants. He thinks she is shutting him out. She isnít. He wants her help but she says she canít. He thinks they need each other now, she thinks they need Steffy. He knows there is a black hole inside of them but at least they have their family and have each other and that is what is going to help them get through this. She canít believe he said that. Is he saying they will just put Steffy aside some day, like she was never there. She would be alive if it wasnít for. He asks, for what?

Morgan reads a fairytale to Steffy as they sit on the sofa. It tells a story of a little girls mother and father gone and now she will be taken care of by her fairy godmother and they will have a life full on fun and adventure. She says some of these stories come true and she thinks this one just might. Steffy asks where is mommy and daddy? Morgan frowns.

Deacon would rather not discuss his personal life. Stephanie say Amber isnít going to give him what he wants. He asks how she knows Amber hasnít already? She knows Amber is in love with Rick. He thinks that should bother Stephanie but she denies it. He points out that Rick is a college student and Amber was once his babysitter. Since, they have been married and raised the baby for a year and proved they can do it. He says that is because they are living in her shadow. She is sure they can make it and be happy. He asks if he could be happy with the first lady he has fallen in love with. There are many women on campus and is a healthy 20 year old kid. Stephanie says he loves Amber, nothing is stopping him. He thinks Stephanie should give him a nudge and tell him to play the field unless she wants him shackled to a woman with a kid that isnít even his. He admits Rick isnít a bad guy, it is just that he wants Deaconís baby. She says the woman Deacon is in love with is in love with Rick and she can see right through him. He is surprised by the feelings he has for Amber, isnít he, bingo, she says. She walks away leaving him thinking. He heads back to the table where Stephanie accuses him of falling for Amber. He says maybe he is playing with her. She claims he is using the baby as a hostage to get her. He isnít using the baby, the baby is his and as far as Amber goes, the jury is still out. He wonders how she will think about Amber years from now, she probably wonít fit in with the whole country club set and he is sure if Stephanie thought about it, she would agree and he knows she wants what is best for Rick. He gets up and walks out.

Ridge repeats the question; Steffy would be alive if it wasnít for what? Taylor says nothing, there is no use in talking about it. He hopes she isnít blaming herself, it was his idea to go on the boat. She should have demanded they not go out there due to the fog. He thought it seemed like a safe trip at the time. She says, well, it wasnít. He asks if she is saying she thinks he is responsible for Steffyís death? She doesnít want to discuss this. He thinks she should. She feels destroyed. All kinds of things are going through her. He can relate. She breaks down in tears, she knows he is going through this too. She wishes they didnít go to St. Thomas. She has a bad feeling in the hotel room and then again on the boat. She wanted to check on the kids before the boat swerved. If they had checked on the kids, they would have been able to saver her before she went overboard. Taylor wants to go for a walk but Ridge wants to talk. She needs some time alone. He says she is a shrink and should be able to help herself sort things out. If he could have changed things her would never have left Steffy out of his sight on that boat. She blames herself for going out on the sea at night. He says it is not their fault, people go out all the time and nothing happens. She asks whose fault it was, Steffyís? She walks out in tears. Outside she cries that she misses Steffy.

Morgan tells Steffy that she misses her mommy and daddy too, but they asked her to take care of them. She plays a game with Steffy. Who am I? First guess is Santa. The next, she asks Steffy if she would like to look like Stacey from the storybook? She says yes, then calls for her mama. Morgan turns and looks as she is bent down to get something. She puts a blonde curly wig on Steffy and shows her in the mirror. She asks if Steffy likes it. She giggles and says yes. Morgan says she looks more like Shirley Temple and she doesnít want to look like Shirley Temple, she wants to look like Stacey from the fairytale book. Steffy agrees. Morgan looks for a red wig, but they donít have one. They can always dye it red and maybe her fairy godmother will appear at the window and give her a ride on her crystal wings. She takes Steffy up stairs to make her so pretty she wonít recognize herself, nobody will. Hair all dyed red, Morgan says she will call her Stacey from now on like the girl from the book. Steffy says her name is Steffy and she wants mommy. Morgan tells her there is no need for that, she is her mommy now.

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